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Yacht Designer George Lucian Unveils Futuristic-Looking Superyacht “MY Roswell”

In the summer of 1947, when the world was still recovering from the aftermath of Hitler’s indiscretions, a USAF (United States Air Force) balloon crashed at the site of a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico, sparking all sorts of conspiracy theories, which is the subject of many discussions, even today.

The US Military passed it off as a regular weather balloon but the Roswell Daily Records’ July 4th headline – “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region” – was screaming a different story, which was covered under the heading “No Details of Flying Disk Are Revealed.”

Thus began a series of conspiracy theories, cover-up allegations, explanations, altered statements, and the likes – all of which was, of course, the kind of ammunition that doomsayers thrive on.

Not only did the Roswell “flying saucer” incident generate continuing interest that has withstood the test of eight decades, it became the source of many an inspiration, including the latest George Lucian-designed futuristic-looking yacht, “MY Roswell.”

“Is this yacht coming from another dimension?” asked the Monaco-based yacht designer at the official unveiling of this otherworldly-looking vessel.

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out where the “MY Roswell” idea germinates from, honestly; so, Mr. Lucian did not really drop a bomb with that rhetoric question, which was, obviously, meant for effect.

He, however, did impress with what he has created – a 65-meter superyacht that is sure to leave you spellbound, and that’s putting it mildly, because it’s one of the sleekest, most-aerodynamic, crazy-in-a-nice-way yachts you have ever had the privilege to see – a masterpiece in design engineering and much, much more.

Honestly, the description does not do total justice to the kind of awe MY Roswell inspires, actually; so, here are a few photographs of the superyacht to stun you with, and, yes, the craft does meet the international benchmark of 30 meters or longer to be included in the superyacht category.





While Lucian’s design stemmed from a desire to build “an iconic, worldwide recognizable yacht inspired from the future,” it must be mentioned that MY Roswell’s design and architecture does not involve any alien technology – if that is what you’re thinking about, now that you’ve had a look at it.

Also, MY Roswell is only a concept superyacht, not built under any commercial or government contract and neither is it a production vessel, yet.

While Lucian did talk about his dreamboat’s hull length, passenger and crew capacity, structural components, and propulsion system, he did not really reveal any detailed specs or features about the craft, which, to be fair to the man, does make sense when you consider that a majority of the details would be customized to suit the buyer.

What we know, for now, is that the 65- meter hull (213 feet) is all-aluminum; and, it is intended to be electrically powered, which will not only make it super quiet and stealthy but, also, environment-friendly – the name of most games, today. Hence, maximum possible deck space has been dedicated to solar panels.

There will, however, be an alternative power source in the form of two diesel-electric engines that are sure to come in handy on longer journeys.
The stealth capability of MY Roswell is not just limited to being quiet; in fact, the vessel’s reflective surfaces, patterns, and acute angles have all been intentionally incorporated into the yacht’s scheme of things to avoid radar detection, or, at least, minimize it as much as possible.

Lucian clarifies, though, that the stealth capabilities of the superboat are meant for the open seas and not designed to avoid detection when berthed at a harbor or any port of call.

“Unlike its radar footprint, its presence in any harbor will for sure be anything else but discrete,” Lucian said.

Some of the other features and amenities of Lucian’s concept superyacht include a swimming pool as wide as MY Roswell’s beam; a lounge and dining area; and a large covered living space on the bow area of the main deck to serve as the main living area on the yacht.


Large glass doors and walls separating the living area from the main salon and the stern deck give the impression of traveling inside a huge open loft.
The upper deck will accommodate a sky lounge, a chopper landing pad and, of course, the yacht’s bridge.

While the concept model is designed to accommodate a dozen guests and as many crew members, these numbers are likely to change according to buyer preferences.

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