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Top 5 Cities to Live In The World

Which one is the best place to live in? A country’s reputation can influence everything, to whether or not people want to visit or live there. Despite recent security issues, social unrest, and concerns there are places where people can live peacefully. Based on authentic surveys and trustworthy sources, here are top 5 reputable cities in the world to live in, where safety and healthy environment matters.

#1 Vienna, Austria

Veinna, Austria
Veinna, Austria

The elegant capital of Austria, Vienna is world’s best city to live in, The Municipality’s social democratic government has invested a lot in high-quality living, making it affordable among major cities. According to the residents, Vienna is the safest place and have terrific public transport, with the underground working 24 hours at the weekend. High employment and low crime rate Vienna enjoys comprehensive healthcare too.

#2 Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada

With beautiful surroundings, great weather, and stunning scenery, Vancouver seconds the list for being world’s safest and peaceful city in the world. Extremely low crime rate and low unemployment, highly equipped health care system, Canadians are one of the most satisfying nation. If you live in Vancouver or any city in Canada you are lucky indeed!

#3 Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia

A Victorian Capital considered one of the best places in the world for education, healthcare, research, and development. The land is loved by residents for its safety, security, and peacefulness. They can walk free of fear anytime, night or day, on the streets. Melbourne has been ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities, largely due to its extensive public transportation system that covers the city and much of the suburbs.

#4 Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany

The country’s capital have an excellent mix of quality of life with good employment opportunities, a high standard of housing, good personal safety, and tons of recreational activities. It’s the largest city in Germany. A workforce of high skills, less corruption, a high degree of innovation and large capital stock.

#5 Singapore, Singapore


The island nation is one of the richest in the world and has super low crime rates, high education, and high quality of living. Singapore’s economy is heavy in electronics, chemicals, and services and it’s in the top three for transportation and infrastructure. The city is a hub for wealth management, making it a fantastic place for people in a variety of industries.

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