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Will the Stumble be her fall in the Fall

They say “Health is Wealth“ which more or less applies to no matter how rich a person is, how powerful he is, how intelligent he is if he is unable to use his resources due to failing health then all is lost. In the case of ordinary mortals it is ok but if one is holding a position of responsibility, say a head of state then the situation can be very different.

World leaders are very particular about their health status and try to keep it hidden not only from their citizens but the world as a whole. And what if the person in question is about to hold the highest and most powerful position in the world that is to say The Presidency of the United States of America.

The latest sensational news to break out relating to the U. S. elections is Hillary Rodham’s Clinton’s health. At a commemoration of the 9/11 15th anniversary, Hillary after the end of events stumbled and had to be helped to her waiting vehicle.

It was later disclosed that Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday and her doctor advised her complete rest for five days, but she went on the campaign trail against the advice and fell or stumbled on Sunday.

This health bulletin has been picked up by the American and world media and the Republicans are having a field day.

With the elections only two months away this is a huge setback for the democratic camp and questions are being raised already. Is Hillary healthy and sound enough to become the president of the United States? Donald Trump is playing the matter up. He has clearly stated that Hillary does not have the physical stamina and mental capacity to be president. Will the U.S Voter accept what he says?

Leading political correspondents are of the opinion, as are many in the U.S.A that the health of the U.S. President Is something the American people have every right to know about, and Hillary should come clean about her health issues.

It goes without saying that the Job of the U.S president is probably the most challenging, most demanding, arduous and most pressurizing task in the world and fitness and physical stamina is mandatory. One must not forget that the president is also the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces with access to the nuclear codes that can trigger Armageddon.

However, if one goes back into the history of past US Presidents, one may have a counter argument favoring Hillary.

The most well know President to have a health problem was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His health issue would probably be the most famous example of a U.S President concealing his illness.

Roosevelt was stricken with polio which humanized his persona. The U.S media was respectful and did not highlight the issue. There were only 2 or 3 photos published of him in a wheelchair by the media. At the time of the Teheran summit in 1943 with Stalin and Churchill, Roosevelt was very ill. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, hypertension, acute bronchitis and longstanding pulmonary disease. His illness was concealed to the media and the American public. Roosevelt, went on to win a fourth term but later died in office of a massive cerebral hemorrhageTop of Form

Similarly, President. Dwight D. Eisenhower had heath issues having a heart attack in 1955, an abdominal operation in 1956 and a stroke in 1957. Although the people accepted and were very kind and considerate, they were concerned that his speech was affected and that he would not be able to communicate for people look to their leaders for wisdom, strength and clarity of speaking.

President, Calvin Coolidge’s suffered from severe depression after the death of his son just a few months into his second term in office. As a result, he lost interest in affairs of state and slept for 11 hrs a day, a fact unknown to the people at the time.

President, Woodrow Wilson, had a disabling stroke in the fall of 1919, while he was on a train trip across the country to mobilize support for his cherished League of Nations.

Although, the general public knew he was ill, but they didn’t know the gravity of the situation. His is devoted wife Edith Wilson, his chief of staff Joseph Tumulty and his personal physician, Cary Grayson, were allowed to see him only.

It is sad that Edith Wilson was already a de facto president as issues were brought in and decisions made.

President John F. Kennedy, the man who averted World War III during the Cuban Missile crisis, suffered from many ailments very well concealed from the public eye. He suffered from Addison’s disease and various other diseases such as colitis, duodenal ulcers, osteoporosis. He was on heavy medication and required injections for back pain and took barbiturates for sleep and tranquilizers for anxiety, as many as eight medications a day.

One must not forget that leaders are also mere mortals susceptible and vulnerable to diseases and disabilities.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Today we live in a different age, the age of digital technology where the media has grown not only fast but also very expensive. News travels in seconds, and since ratings have a lot of bearings in the media competition, everything thing is an open competition.

Will the media and American voter be sympathetic and forgiving to Hillary Clinton for she is vying for the highest office in the land?

It must be noted that Hillary’s failure to admit that she had used a private e-mail server while she held the position of the U.S Secretary of State in Obama’s first term had tarnished her image as being entirely trustworthy and honest soon followed by her trying to conceal her health problems which will not go down well with the American public.

The Trump camp heavily supported by Fox News and Breitbart will have a field day; Hillary is in for some heavy bashing. The C.N.N debate is set for Sep 26th, hardly ten days from now. Will Hillary be able to take the grilling and the flak from the Trump camp? Is she physically fit and mentally strong to take the verbal onslaught directed at her?

Even, if Hillary manages to win the presidency, will she be able to withstand the pressures of office. Will her health permit her to fly on a high-flying bomber over the Korean Penisula to boost the morale of US troop there or in the arid desert regions of Afghanistan?

As far as the health issue is concerned Trump is far ahead of her, he is robust, energetic and vigorous. Although he is two years older than Hillary, the gender issue will spring up from the Trump Camp saying “A man is tougher than a woman, especially for such an august office.

There are many other issues at large state; the democratic camp has a lot of fodder to counter attack. Trump’s denigration of Muslims, his hate mongering towards Mexicans and Hispanics, his disparaging remarks about blacks will all be used against him. So the question remains will Hillary’s health be the issues or other issues take center stage.

There are many other issues at large state; the democratic camp has a lot of fodder to counter attack. Trump’s denigration of Muslims, his hate mongering towards Mexicans and Hispanics, his disparaging remarks about blacks will all be used against him. So the question remains will Hillary’s health be the issues or other issues take center stage.

Does this portend the end of Hillary’s political career as the world sees it? Hillary will be back on her feet in record time but her detractors will watch her like hawks, for any misstep, twitch, signs of fatigue will be a major issue which will be played out of proportion by the Trump camp.

What of Donald Trump himself? No one is questioning his physical fitness as he seems robust hale and hearty but what about his mental capacity, his mental frame of mind, Is he mentally fit to become the President of the United States keeping in mind his past rhetoric, his hate mongering, his xenophobia and racist remarks.

Hillary must be a concerted effort to win back the American people, convince them that her health issue was a minor problem and a temporary setback and her supporters need not be concerned.

She must appear strong, confident, indefatigable in the presidential debates for it will be beamed to a global audience and the world is rooting for Hillary Rodham Clinton. This is probably the toughest U.S elections to date where both candidates are running neck to neck, There are many who are impressed and have Trump’s appeal to “Make America Great Again.” He has caught the attention of the military and war veterans where he has a 19% lead.

US Elections Voting Hillary Clinton
US Elections Voting

Hillary is leading overall in the country by 3 to 5% but her health problem has seen a downslide, and it seems Trump took the initiative in Ohio, a critical state which virtually ensures the candidate the White House.

If there was ever a time to be fighting fit and in a belligerent mood Hillary Clinton should know that now is the time. She must keep her health in check, listen to her doctors and defeat Trump to become the first female President of the United States. Hallelujah.

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