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Visible: Verizon’s New Start-Up is Offering Unlimited Data, Talk and Text at Just $40 Per Month

Verizon Wireless’ new start-up – “Visible” – launched earlier this year, is offering an unlimited data, talk and text plan to its customers for as low as $40 per month.

To subscribe for this pocket-friendly, app-based plan, users need to first download the Visible app from the App Store and register for a new account, which, for now, requires an invite code for the early access program, which can be taken from an existing Visible account holder.

The registration process is simple enough, requiring you to fill in some mandatory fields like your First and Last names, Email address, Invite Code, Phone Number, Address, Payment, and Summary to proceed to the next stage of the signing-up process, which again you will find self-explanatory.

On completion of the joining formalities, the company will you send you your new SIM card the following day, which, of course, you need to insert into your phone and you’re good to go.

As of now, the service is restricted to iOS-based phones only, including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X – which, of course, is somewhat disappointing for Android users.

However, Android support is in the works and the company has pledged to make it available sooner, rather than later.

iPhone SE and iPhone 7 series phones may encounter some issues; so, the company recommends you access to check.

Subscribers have the option of choosing a brand new number during the sign-up process, or if they like to continue with their existing numbers, there is a provision for that, too; just keep your existing account number and PIN/passcode handy.

It must be mentioned, though, that certain numbers may not be transferable for reasons not mentioned by the company; however, such numbers are more than likely to be few and far between.

The time it takes for your previous number to port to Visible can be as short as less than an hour or as long as 48 hours – “depending on the phone service company you’re switching from,” says Visible.

It’s important to note that canceling your account with your existing phone service provider prior to the transfer will not let you retain the number; the cancellation will happen automatically once the number has successfully ported to Visible.

While you can sign-up and pay for the $40 package using the Visible app, or by accessing the Visible website, the app is a must download as that is where you’ll be able to manage almost everything related to your account.

As mentioned at the outset, the Visible Early Access Offer is more of a pilot program at this stage and, hence, it’s initially, being made available to a limited number of people only.

The basic purpose is to get their invaluable feedback on issues they encounter, so that the company can work on those areas of improvement, before going ahead with a full-scale launch.

By the way, the plan is only available to people who already have a compatible device, but the company does have plans of selling the hardware in the future.

Oh yes, be sure to get your phone unlocked from your current phone company before making the transition, which basically involves delinking your SIM with the provider’s network so that the SIM can access other networks, as well.

So, do keep the following information within reach before you make that call for a SIM unlock, advises Visible.

  • Your name
  • Account number
  • Phone ID (IMEI)
  • Phone number
  • Your social security number or password
  • Finished contract and/or phone payment plan

As for the network speed, it’s on the slower side at 5 Mbps, which Visible reckons makes a lot of sense, based on its reasoning: why give you extra speed when you don’t really need it, and then charge you for that.

That, of course, is another way of saying that it’s a small compromise to make for unlimited data, talk time and messaging for as cheap as $40 per month, which, to be fair to Visible, won’t really matter much to most people as 5Mbps of speed is good enough for streaming audio and video, browsing the net and social media.

While the company assures there will be no throttling towards the end of the month, data could slow up now and then as a result of network snarls.

A couple of points that may limit users to some extent are: (one) with the Visible service, you can’t use your phone as a hotspot, and (two), the service is limited to the United States only.

Visible CEO Miguel Quiroga said in an interview that the company was extremely satisfied with the interest the service has, so far, generated among customers. He, however, declined to reveal the number of subscriptions secured thus far.

Visible’s marketing head, Minjae Ormes, said that the idea behind the $40 deal was to provide customers with a service that they could activate easily from their phones and “see how it resonates.”

“We are a phone service in the platform that enables everything that you do. The way we launched and the app messaging piece of it. You do everything else on your phone and a lot of time if you ask people your phone is your life,”

Most of you are probably aware that Verizon is not the only company to come up with a budget offer; in fact, it is offering one because of the fact that competition is already in the game, what with T-Mobile’s One Plan, AT&T’s Cricket service and Sprint’s Boost Mobile plan.

“Verizon is not typically first with these kinds of programs,” independent telecommunications analyst Jeff Kagan said in an attempt to explain Verizon’s late entry into the budget race.

“Typically, Verizon joins the industry when a technology is proven to be something that customers want. … Sure, it’s late to the game, but that never hurt Verizon before,” he added.

T-Mobile’s One Plan includes 4 lines for a monthly subscription charge of $40 per line, along with a Netflix subscription; Cricket service by AT&T starts at $25 per month while Sprint’s Boost Mobile service subscription starts at $35 a month.

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