‪‪United Airlines‬‬ Denied Boarding of 2 Girls for inappropriate Clothing

As two girls were wearing leggings, a United Airlines gate agent barred them in the morning from boarding an airplane.

‪‪United Airlines‬‬ Denied Boarding of 2 Girls for inappropriate Clothing

An United Airlines gate agent barred two girls in the morning from boarding an airplane for wearing leggings.

Another girl who had been wearing gray leggings needed to transform before she was permitted to board the flight to Minneapolis from Denver, a witness said.

“She’s forcing them to change or put dresses on over leggings, or they can’t board,” Shannon Watts, who was at a gate at Denver International Airport, said on Twitter. “Since when does @united police women’s clothing?”

United, reacting to tweets in regards to the event tweeted that “United shall possess the right to deny passengers who aren’t correctly clothed via our Contract of Carriage.”

United Airlines spokesman Jonathan Guerin supported the two teenagers are not permitted on the flight.

While traveling an internal policy for workers utilizing the airline journey benefit, he explained expressly prohibits leggings.

Our frequent passengers aren’t going to be refused to board since they’re wearing yoga trousers or leggings,” Guerin said. But when flying as a pass Voyager, we require rules to be followed by passengers, which is among the rules.

Jonathan Guerin, a spokesman for the airline, told Patch that there was a party of three, all of whom were pass travelers, who were getting on a flight from Denver to Minneapolis. Guerin said of the three passengers, two teenage girls were not allowed to board because they were not in compliance with United’s dress code policy for company benefit travel.

The airlines, however, will not define “correctly clothed.”

He explained the airline reminds workers that when traveling privileges are being used by them, the dress conditions are reviewed by them. Guerin said the suit demand was causal, not proper. Nevertheless, he said leggings were expressly not permitted. Flip flops were not expressly allowed in by another garments thing.

Guerin said the rules do not apply to many travelers and a routine passenger boarding would never be denied by the airline for their dress.

Several customers have previously stated that they wouldn’t normally be flying using the airline.

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