Trump’s Sex Tape Dominates Most of Second Presidential debate

Trump portrays Hillary as the ‘Devil’ while Hillary lashes out at his disrespect for women.

Trump’s Sex Tape Dominates Most Of Second Presidential debate

To what appears to him as just locker room banter, could well cost him the White House and mark his fall from grace. Donald trump has lost it for good for this time round he has really goofed up.

A day or two before the second presidential debate a tape was released in which Trump in an interview has made sexually aggressive remarks about women in graphic terms which have not only shocked women all over the world but has also drawn a strong reaction from his own party members some of whom have completely distanced himself from the egocentric billionaire businessman.

Having realized his folly Trump went on the defensive which in his case was nothing but a cheap shot offensive. He gathered all the women whom he claimed were sexually exploited by Bill Clinton and held a press conference to portray that Hillary Clinton put up with such a man who himself abused women and instead of deserting Bill Clinton, she continued to support him.

To make matters worse four of the women were present at the debate also. The second US Debate started off with pleasantries when an undecided voter first asked if either of the candidates had just one thing they respected each other.

Donald Trump points towards Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate
Donald Trump points towards Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate

Clinton went on to praise his children while Trump lauded her for her tenacity, a determined fighter who never gave up.

Later on, it degraded into a free for all brawl with Trump lashing out at Bill Clinton’s sexual exploits while Hillary stood by him. Hillary did not relent and brought up what people are saying is Trump’s denigration of women, his disdain and lack of respect for them.

Trump brushed it off as locker room banter but unfortunately for him it did not pass. Most of the online questions were directed to Trump’s tape and when Anderson Cooper of CNN repeatedly asked Trump he put it down to mere words.

He lashed out that He had spoken about such stuff whereas Bill Clinton had done all that with women. His locker room excuse did not go down well with leading American athletes, basketball , football and baseball who were all incensed by Trump’s shameless talk.

Portland Blazers’ C.J. McCcollum, denied that this was locker room talk as did Robbie Rogers of L.A Galaxy who said he was offended by Trump’s remarks. Dhantay Jones, of Cleveland Cavaliers, pointed out that Trump’s assertion that it is locker room banter imply that it is somehow acceptable.

Trump has no supporters on this theme and finds himself to be a loner so much so that even his republican supporters are not backing him. The second debate is being described one of the nastiest and ugliest in the history of presidential debates.

So the question is how bad was it? Well according to Nigel Farage of UKIP there has never been a that “plumbed the depths” like this one.

Donald Trump listens to a question during the second presidential debate. Photo: Bloomberg
Donald Trump listens to a question during the second presidential debate. Photo: Bloomberg

It was more of a personal wrangle rather than a presidential debate and the issues were clouded as the audience in the hall as well as the worldwide audience could not fathom Trump’s views on women.

There was no handshake at the beginning of the debate but given the acrimony it was acceptable. Clinton had quote Michelle Obama who advised her “ When they go low, We go high “ which has become the campaign anthem of the Democratic camp.

Clinton had a lot of fodder for Trump the main of course being the recent disclosure of his tape. She raised the tax issues again and his lack of foreign policy experience and things he has said on the record and later retracted.

The only major weapon so to speak Trump has against Clinton is her e-mails and use of a private server. Which Clinton has time and again acknowledged as a major mistake and apologized for it. She was grilled by the FBI and was exonerated.

According to Clinton, Trump is being supported by the Russians as a Trump victory would benefit Putin immensely.

The two candidates are being examined in such minute detail that Trump sniffing into his microphone was considered a sign of nervousness or something. A fly was spotted on Hillary’s suit and picked up by the cameras also.

Donald Trump-branded Clinton as the devil and said if he comes to power he will send her to jail. He went on to say that there was no one in the history of politics in the country who has been more abusive to women than Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton countered that it was good that Trump was not in charge of the law in this country. Although Hillary Clinton emerged stronger experts say it was not a total knock-out and Trump will do a lot more sparring in the third debate.

Intense scrutiny: Donald Trump at the second presidential debate. Photo: AP
Intense scrutiny: Donald Trump at the second presidential debate. Photo: AP

The fact checkers were doing overtime and as the candidates rambled on they scrambled to check the veracity of their talk.

It turned out that The New York Times checked The New York Times checked 27 dubious-sounding claims made during the debate: 22 from Donald Trump and 5 from Hillary Clinton.

It found three of Clinton’s claims were true, one was misleading and one was false. Meanwhile, Trump made 13 false claims, 7 that were misleading, and 2 that were true.

With only 3 weeks to go, It will not take a rocket scientist to calculate that the odds are in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Trump has lost control and trying his best to salvage his campaign.

The third debate may bring some points to Trump but things do not bode well for him.

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