Trump Calls Cancellation of Elections as Hope Fades For Him

Sensational e-mails discovery of Clinton made by FBI.

Trump Calls Cancellation of Elections As Hope Fades For Him

Donald Trump has finally lost it. He knows that his chances of winning the elections have no chance whatsoever so he is making really bizarre statements just an over a week from the elections. In his latest outbreak, he has called for the U.S Elections to be canceled and he is declared the winner.

In a last futile attempt to revive his fluctuating fortunes, Trump is denigrating the U.S election system saying that the media and the government will resort to electoral fraud, something unseen and unheard of in the U.S.A.

He is likening the U.S Elections to that of a third world country or a banana republic where everything goes and by any means necessary. Trump, is trailing his opponent in key battleground states and clutching at straws to save his drowning politically short career.

He believes that Hillary Clinton has negative policies and is a nasty woman as he has said in one of the debates. The U.S elections have the most transparent and honest electoral system in the world and to accuse it of being rigged is bordering on the absurd.

He has repeatedly played Clinton for not having the stamina to be president whereas he is hale and hearty. It seems that Trump is going to create problems after the election unless the republicans lose heavily.

Surveys by leading media outlets are predicting a Hillary win as she is already leading by 9 points. However, there may be some hope for the Trump camp as they are many voters who are undecided.

All-America Survey: Clinton leads Trump by 9 points .
All-America Survey: Clinton leads Trump by 9 points .

Of the 17 percent, undecided 31 percent are for Trump while only 22 for Clinton. This can close the gap but the problem is that these people will have to show up to make a difference. It is being said that more than 50% of white males ranging from ages 18 to 50 who do not have a college degree and have never held a steady job will all vote for Trump.

Trump is solely responsible for the numbers because of his negative rhetoric, his hate mongering and his disrespect of women and his doublespeak. Donald Trump did not play his cards right as there are a lot of disgruntled people who are who are angry with the system of government but Trump has not been able to channelize that anger to his advantage and turn it into his political support.

Trump has also lost the advantage from whatever his business background had given him an opportunity to do. The poor and the have-nots see hope in Clinton and will support her. Clinton has reached out to all those who matter and who will probably put her in the white house.

Trump’s major problem is that leading republicans have deserted him also due to sex tape which emerged just before the second debate. Consequently, Trump suffered badly and later many women came out to accuse him of sexual harassment which also goes against him.

Hillary stands at 44 percent to Trump’s 36 and even if Trump’s manages to close the gap the numbers are speaking against him. In a major sensational development, just 11 days from election day the FBI has opened a new probe into Clinton’s use of a private server in sending her official State department e-mails.

Donald trump; we should just cancel the election and give it to me.
Donald trump; we should just cancel the election and give it to me.

This should be a godsend or life saver to Trump and the Republicans have already started lashing out at Clinton and questioning her trustworthiness. The FBI director James Comey has written to congress informing them of the new probe.

Earlier this year Comey had recommended and informed the Department of Justice that the e-mail probe did not warrant to press charges and initiate criminal proceedings against Clinton. Will this really go against Clinton and make her lose the bid. Although the FBI informed congress that this new discovery warrants investigation it is quite unlikely that the paperwork can be ready in 11 days to implicate her.

Hillary Clinton interviewed by FBI over private email server
Hillary Clinton interviewed by FBI over private email server

However, this not bode well for the Clinton camp for Trump and his die-hard republicans will leave no stone unturned in the 11 days leading to the elections to malign her, discredit her, tell the nation of her untrustworthiness and do a lot of damage to her campaign.

Her camp must go into the super drive to ward off the allegations, her spin people turn things in her favor. Trump is already overjoyed at the disclosure and has started baiting her.

In the next 11 days, the world will know who fate has favored but one thing is sure and that is the next few days leading to election day will be nastiest, most bitter and ugliest exchange between the Democratic and Republican camps. Hail to the Chief.

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