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Trending in Travel 2017 – What’s New for Travel Buffs in the Year Ahead

The purpose of traveling from one destination to another can be manifold, be it local or international travel. There is the business traveler, the impulsive traveler, the reluctant traveler who has to travel for a certain purpose whether he likes it or not, and last but not the least, the recreational traveler which is the main focus of this article – tourism.

Tourism, in the real sense of the word, involves recreational travel including domestic and international tourism. International tourism has both “incoming and outgoing implications” and has a great role to play in the economies of many countries.

In fact, many such countries give it great importance and are continually improvising to attract more and more tourists every year as the profit has a ripple effect on businesses like hotels, other accommodation entities, railways, airlines, cruise liners, cab services, artefact dealers, guides, to name a few – it’s a win-win situation for all. It won’t be an exaggeration to say it’s a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

Therefore, obviously, we see new trends emerge every year to attract tourists from all over the world by tour operators and the tourism ministries of many countries whose economies depend on it – 2017 will no different in terms of attractive destinations, fun activities, safaris, adventure and much more.

Luxury Travelers:
Luxury travelers, as always, crave for less explored areas and customized local experiences and cuisine. Here are a few destinations that may cater to the whims and fancies of the luxury travelers seeking adventure and thrill of the unknown:

1. Make a dash for destinations that are going through rapid changes and may soon lose its charm. Cuba, while still an enchanting destination may not be the same a few years down the line.

Cayo Coco beach in Cuba
Cayo Coco beach in Cuba

2. Another dominant trend that is expected to pick up even more in 2017 is the African Safari for wildlife fans. There are those who like to chase around after wildlife in their preferred modes of transport like the Land Rover, Range Rover or any off-road four-wheelers they may fancy.

3. Then there are those who would rather have the wildlife come to them instead. Well, there are provisions for them as well in terms of properties in places like in South Luangwa, Okavango Delta, and Tarangire. The properties have pools, spa, bars and restaurants and for some guests relaxing around the lodge or camp is the perfect bush experience for them.

4. The green revolution is the in thing these days and tour operators see a great potential in this area for tourists and have included this facet in their plans. Charl Badenhorst, Operations Director for Sanctuary Retreats in Botswana, explains, “We wanted the camp to be completely off-grid and to use 100% renewable energy sources and after careful consideration, the decision was made to build our own solar farm for the camp.” Sanctuary Retreats do not encourage or allow hunting or even petting of animals – shoot with your cameras and not with your guns is the philosophy at Sanctuary Retreats.

Candlelit dinners at Mombo Camp
Candlelit dinners at Mombo Camp, Botswanaa

5. “Uber’ luxury suite is the name of the game at the Sanctuary Retreats and they are ever improvising to cater to patrons’ expectation of luxury. At the “Sanctuary Chief’s Camp,” they have introduced the 2035 square feet “Geoffrey Kent Luxury Suite” offering unrivaled privacy and exceptional comfort. Geoffrey Kent, by the way, was a famous explorer after whom the suite is named.

6. Take a cruise to remote destinations to get the best of nature-focussed itineraries. The best way to explore the heart of a destination and experience the local culture and cuisine is the River Cruise. However, the choice of the cruise should be made with attention to your preferences, personality, convenience, value and the range of options and opportunities on offer.

The general trend that is emerging and is sure to continue into 2017 is seeking new territories and less explored, and even unexplored, destinations.

Multigenerational travel continues to remain a significant trend and is expected to continue in 2017 as well, with countries like Japan, Cuba, Africa, making its way onto the emerging destination list because of the mounting interest in less traditional locations for family travel.

Burchell's zebra, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Burchell’s zebra, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Here are a few suggestions of destinations for their uniqueness and travelers’ preferences:

Top Cruise Itineraries:

* Mediterranean destinations
* Alaska attractions
* European rivers experience
* Caribbean locales
* Greek Isles and the surrounding scenic beauty

Experiential travel offering unique experiences especially for the young generation who are seeking something different rather than just sightseeing and going to landmarks or seeking another city as a random destination:

* Hot air ballooning safaris in preferred regions
* Walking safaris
* Sleep outs

Wellness destinations for people looking to get away from the stress and hustle and bustle of daily life:

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas

Sivananda Yoga Vacation in Bahamas
Sivananda Yoga Vacation in Bahamas

Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua

Search by image Aqua Wellness Resort: Room
Aqua Wellness Resort: Room

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur

The Post Ranch Inn At Big Sur Visit page View image Save View saved
The Post Ranch Inn At Big Sur

7 Day Sea, Sand, Sun, and SUP in the Caribbean

Sea, Sand, Sun and SUP In Tulum, Mexico Visit page
Sea, Sand, Sun and SUP In Tulum, Mexico

This article is just a glimpse into travel and tourism options available to us in the year 2017. There are hundreds, if not thousands of destinations to choose from for travelers of all ages. So surf the net or contact a reliable tour operator to choose your destination.

Wishing you all a happy, safe and exhilarating travel and touring experience!

For some, or should I say many, staying home is the best holidaying option.


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