Top Five Trailers This Week

If you haven’t already seen them here are the top five must-watch trailers we recommend this week in anticipation of bigger things to come from the teasers in the not too distant future

Top Five Trailers This Week

Slender Man

Set to release on May 18, this year, Slender Man is based on the internet-created creepypasta meme of 2009, depicting a tall thin man with no features to describe, really.

The fictional internet character is supposed to have been the reason behind several violent 2014 incidents involving participants of the “Something Aweful” internet forum, including the stabbing of a twelve-year-old Wisconsin teenager who nearly died.
Starring Javier Botet as “The Slenderman,” the film, basically, narrates the story of a group of girls seeking answers to bizarre disappearances, purportedly brought about by the “Slender Man.”


“Inspired by actual events,” here’s another horror movie releasing on February 2. “Winchester” is the story of Sarah Winchester, the heiress of the Winchester rifle fortune portrayed by Helen Mirren, who is advised by a medium to build the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, following the sudden death of her husband and child, which she believes is a curse she has to deal with.

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun, releasing on March 23, is a love story about a seventeen-year-old girl who has been confined within the four walls of her home because of a rare disease. Ironically, action man Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son is the lead male character in this bereft-of-action, emotional tear-jerker.

Game Over, Man!

Netflix’s “Game Over, Man” is the action-comedy story of three loser waiters’ hilarious attempt at becoming gun-toting heroes.

Death Wish

This is the story of Dr. Paul Kersey, played by Bruce Willis, out to avenge the assailants of his wife and daughter and coming into the media glare because of the unexplained killings of criminals.

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