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Ever since the first Android phone was launched a decade ago, the world has seen a ton Android phones from different manufacturers come and go.

While there have been many fantastic devices over the years, we have had our fair share of some really bad ones, too.

Here we take a look at the top five worst Android phones of all time.

5. HTC EVO 3D (2011)


At number five we have the HTC EVO 3D, which was meant to be a revolutionary phone.

HTC actually put a 3D camera on the back of the phone, affording users the ability to capture 3D photos and videos, and it was meant to be the device’s main selling point.

However, HTC soon found out that there wasn’t really a demand for it out there, as potential buyers saw it more as a gimmicky feature than anything else.

4. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (2013)


In all honesty, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom was one bizarre-looking phone, if ever there was one.

Looking at it gave you the impression that Samsung had just slapped on a camera on the back of the device as an afterthought.

It was probably the ugliest phone ever made and that camera bulge at the back was just a bit too awkward to put on a phone.

Hence, we’ve placed it on number four on our top five worst phones list.

3. Motorola Droid Bionic (2011)


Moving on, it’s the Motorola Droid Bionic that finds its way to number three on our list of top five lousiest phones of all times.

It was the classic example of a product that launched and failed.

It went through two or three design changes, and then a month’s delay, and in spite of all that, there were still a lot of bugs in the device.

There were so many issues with the phone that anyone who owned it can vouch for the fact.

From the very first day it had its fair share of bugs and glitches, including a high-pitched deafening squeal when using wired headphones on it, not to mention 4G and 3G data connectivity issues.

2. Motorola BACKFLIP (2010)


The Motorola Backflip – also known as the Motorola Motus in some regions – was released in the U.S. for the AT&T network, and for other countries on Telus and Opus networks.

This idea behind this flop phone was to introduce a novel way of accessing the device’s keyboard by flipping the back of the phone.

It seemed like a good idea at first but, as it turned out, people just didn’t like the concept and rejected it as a gimmick device.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (2016)


And, the winner is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has literally blasted its way to the number one position on our list of top five worst Android phones of all time.

The Note 7 seemed like a really cool smartphone at the start and then it started exploding anywhere and everywhere, from people’s pockets and hands to bedrooms and flights.

Here are some of the close shaves people had with the phone.

  • A Galaxy Note 7 owner in Kentucky suffered lung damage after the phone overheated and filled his bedroom with toxic smoke.
  • A Note 7 ignited during a Southwest Airline flight.
  • A Taiwanese woman reported smoke emitting from her phone while it was in her pocket.
  • A 13-year old girl suffered burn injuries due to overheating of her Note 7.
  • A Virginia resident reported that his Note 7 caught fire on his nightstand and filled his room with noxious smoke.


It goes without saying, the exploding Note 7 made major headlines.

Not only did Samsung’s reputation take a beating, but the Korean manufacturer had to absorb huge financial losses, as it was forced to recall every single Note 7 it had sold.

However, the company did redeem itself with the Galaxy Note 8 and subsequent Galaxy phones.

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