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The iPhone is Ten Years old – Happy birthday! What Can We Look Forward to in the Next Ten Years?

On January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs, while explaining about the revolutionary device about to hit the markets of the time, he mentioned an iPod, a telephone, and an internet communicator – “These are not three separate devices, this is one device” he said, amid a lot of cheer and applause, “and we are calling it “iPhone”, the huge logo appearing on the screen behind him on stage.

Former CEO Steve Jobs introduced the new iPhone in January 2007.
Flashback: Former CEO Steve Jobs introduced the new iPhone in January 2007.

He went to say that with the launch of the iPhone, Apple was reinventing the phone – and reinvent the phone is exactly what Apple did – and that was ten long years ago.

“A revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, searching and  maps — into one small and lightweight handheld device” he had also said on that momentous day on stage.

And he was true to his word in that Apple continues to provide those features even today, but Steve Job’s legacy has not only been maintained by Apple, it has taken the iPhone to far greater heights – what would be a better way of honouring the great Steve Jobs?

In addition to those features Steve Jobs had envisioned, the iPhone 7 has come a long way, indeed, and it would not be inappropriate to say that it has become an integral part of modern day living.

Iphone timeline evolution
Iphone timeline evolution

Whether you are using an iPhone or any other brand – because no technology remains a monopoly for too long with copycats lurking in the corners – the CREDIT for the concept, the ideas, and the improvements on the original iPhone, in its ten-year history leading up to the iPhone7, unquestionably go to the late Steve Jobs and to the new CEO of Apple Tim Cook and his team who have brought it to the level where it’s standing today – needless to mention the copycats following in the footsteps.

So what is the big difference between the first ever iPhone and the one in use today, the incomparable iPhone7?

Over the years Apple has not only succeeded in putting portable computers in billions of pockets and purses, it has made an incredible impact on culture and has left an indelible mark on individuals and industries ever since “Steve Jobs pulled the first iPhone out from Apples’s bag of technological tricks” as so aptly put by

The iPhone’s 10th birthday has seen it grow into the IPhone7 with unimaginable state-of-the-art features – an avante-garde in the true sense. To go into the complete technical aspect would be pretty lengthy and over-technical for many.

However, it would be kind of unjust not to mention a few of these great features – we feel duty bound, ethically speaking, to address a few of these magnificent features.

* Sensors Fingerprint (front-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer

* Messaging iMessage, SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email

* Browser HTML5 (Safari)

* Java No
Siri natural language commands and dictation.
iCloud cloud service.
MP3/WAV/AAX+/AIFF/Apple Lossless player.
MP4/H.264 player.
Audio/video/photo editor.
Document editor.

There are a lot many aspects of the iPhone seven available on the internet for our more technologically-oriented readers.

Apple's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were announced on 7th September 2016
Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were announced on 7th September 2016

What can we expect from the iPhone ten years from now?

Well, with billions of users all across the world the expectations would be high and vary from user to user – personally and businesswise. Some of the more valid and noteworthy observations from different quarters are mentioned below, which we are sure, will be taken into consideration by the Apple team before venturing into iPhones of the future.

• Budget – Needless to say that iPhones are beyond the reach of the common man who has to opt for cheaper copycat versions.

• Connectivity – How much further can Apple go in terms of connectivity? Well, it has the potential to be the main hub with reference to connectivity with the fitness tracking Apple watch, smart home appliances especially with the help of Amazon’s Alexa (refer to our story “Amazon’s Echo-Style Voice Control to Feature in More Appliances”)

As far as Apple is concerned, there is no doubt in anybody’s mind, that Apple is definitely considering a lot of possibilities in terms of screens, improvisation on its cloud services which is not at par with Amazon and Google when it comes to free storage and synchronization options.

Integrating AR and VR with iPhone is another area Apple needs to look into – Samsung with its Gear VR and Google’s Daydream headset are making waves in this area of technology.

There are many suggestions and ideas floating around which is impossible for a company like Apple not to be aware of.

With their reputation as innovators among other deserved accolades, one feels secure about the future of the iPhone series and what it would be in the next ten years.

Once again we wish the iPhone a very happy birthday!

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