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The Aftermath of Trump’s Election Victory Over Hillary Clinton

Hordes of demonstrators and protesters, antagonistic towards President-elect Donald Trump, kept on gathering in urban areas across the U.S. on Wednesday. Vigils and demonstrations continued relentlessly into the early hours of Thursday. People were appalled with the unexpected election results.

One wonders how, under the present circumstances, Donald Trump will succeed in uniting this fractured country. This will be the first thorny task the President-elect will have to address if he is serious and sincere about winning the trust of the nation – Without an iota of doubt, this has to be the first point in his agenda.

Chants of “not my President” resonated across the country, especially in urban America emphasizing the difficult task the Republican Party faces ahead. Reports of protests from major metropolitan cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago kept emerging. Even smaller cities like Richmond and Portland, to name a couple, did not refrain from the anti-Trump demonstrations.

Thousands of anti-Donald Trump protesters shut down 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower.
Thousands of anti-Donald Trump protesters shut down 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower, NewYork. (photo-Getty Images)

New York seems to be the city where the largest of demonstrations is supposed to have happened. Thousands of people are reported to have assembled below the Trump Towers chanting slogans and carrying posters with some interesting slogans like: “Trump Makes America Hate” and “Impeach Trump”.

There were some funny-sounding chants like “hey, hey, ho, ho Donald Trump has got to go.” By and large, the protests were violence-free. Blanca Torres, an anthropology student, hit the nail on the head when she said to the New York Times, “I’m more than a little nervous about the future,”

She went on to add “We all want to have conversations with each other, to figure out how to move forward. There’s a whole new reality out there for us now.”

According to one police spokesperson, two officers were injured and two police patrol cars were set on fire, as thousands of disgruntled people protested in the streets in Oakland, California. Objects were thrown at the riot police, windows were smashed; there were even reports of small fires from some parts of the downtown area.

According to a CBS Report, women from minority communities in Miami, where numerous immigrants live and make a living, gathered at a monument famously known as the Torch of Friendship.

Protesters rallied across the United States on Wednesday to express shock over Donald Trump´s election victory,
Protesters rallied across the United States on Wednesday to express shock over Donald Trump´s election victory. (photo-Reuters)

Dissent and protests were not only reported from major American cities like Oakland, Calif., Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Philadelphia, Portland, Atlanta, Providence, among others, but there were also similar reports from some cities around the world.

According to CBS Report, while most demonstrations were violence-free, there were some incidences of dissidents throwing projectiles and firecrackers at officers.

According to a Los Angeles Times report, traffic was brought to a standstill because of demonstrators, in the hundreds, had the traffic backed up for miles. Hundreds of people in Los Angeles caused U.S. Route 101, a freeway that runs along the coast of Washington State, Oregon, and California, to come to a standstill.

Who would have expected Texas to have joined in the rallies? NBC reported that close to 200 anti-Trump people were at the rally all through the streets of downtown Dallas. There were a lot of handheld placards with different anti-Trump slogans; one of many that caught the eye was “spirit unbreakable.”

The rally was supposed to have been organized by a group known as the Next Generation Action Network. “Not my President” chants were heard from a crowd that had gathered outside the Trump Tower in Chicago in huge numbers. Many believe that Donald Trump will stir up hatred in the country which will be instrumental in the division of the country.

Finally, what is surprising is that all this happened in spite of the fact that President Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton appealed to their supporters to accept and support Trump’s victory and transition to power, the White House.

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