Tea Boy Becomes Overnight Sensation on Net

Fame and fortune beckoning the blue eyed boy.

Tea Boy Becomes Overnight Sensation on Net

There is a saying in English that “Looks can kill “ and if taken literally one all one can say that if a handsome Adonis or a beautiful and stunning woman gazed upon people all the guys and gals would drop dead.

On a serious note, they say that an ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ which in fact is very true because beautiful things can make a person feel good and joyous for it is human nature to appreciate beauty.

In Greek mythology, they say that Helen of Troy had a face that could launch a thousand ships so beautiful was she. Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, had the Emperor Julius Caesar swooning and he was available at her beck and call so much so that she virtually ruled over the empire.

Good looks can always be an asset for beautiful people can use their god given physical and facial features to their advantage and reap benefit from it. The case of beauty pageants like Miss World and Miss Universe are good examples of how looks can help a person launch their career.

The winners of the two beauty pageants have the world at their feet, winning lucrative modeling contracts, magazine photo shoots, brand ambassadorship and movie offers. Beauty combined with the brain is a gateway to success.

But they are many in the world who are unbeknownst that their looks can work wonders for them. Take the case of the supermodel Iman, a Somalian national from Mogadishu who was in studying at a university in Nairobi. While walking down a Nairobi street, she caught the eye of American photographer Peter Beard and the rest is history.

She moved to the United States and started a highly successful career, her first modeling assignment being for Vogue year later in 1976. With her long neck, tall stature, slender figure, fine features, copper-toned skin, and exotic accent. Iman was an instant success in the fashion world, though she herself insists that her looks are merely or typically Somali.

She became an iconic fashion model earning millions in the bargain. There have been many stars who have reached iconic status who have had rags to riches such as Oprah Winfrey, Pamela Anderson, Halle Berry, Leonardo Di Caprio, Celion Dion, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shania twain to name a few.

They say providence works in mysterious ways and when the good lord showers his bounty there is no looking back. The latest sensational news on this same rags to riches theme which has gone seems to be going viral is that of Arshad Khan, a young tea boy in Islamabad whose photograph was snapped by Jiah Ali a young photographer, and lo and behold the stars are out to get him.

The handsome young man has become an overnight sensation with hundreds of girls literally drooling over him. There are those who say that this is a classic case of reverse sexism, the young man is being objectified.

His photo has become so viral that people from all over the world are looking at it. The Adonis is receiving rave reviews and comments such as “Such striking eyes” commented one while another exclaimed, “Found the hottest man alive, it’s fine”. While one user joked: “I’m going to Pakistan now, bye.”

The young man is overwhelmed by the publicity he has been spotlighted with and at times seems scared and confused. He does realize that he must cash in on his newfound fortune and has already been picked up and awarded a modeling contract by an online fashion company fittin.pk

Pakistani tea-seller Arshad Khan lands modelling deal
Pakistani tea-seller Arshad Khan lands modelling deal

He has also expressed his interest in acting offers which hopefully will receive shortly. To the young man, this capturing of his photo will become a godsend for him. He is already being portrayed on the Net and in one case he was caricatured as PK, the famous character of Amir Khan’s blockbuster PK.

Now that the fame and fortune have come he will be deluged by fans, well wishers and those who want to share his kitty with him.

In the U.S.A, Canada, and other developed countries a modeling agency or a lawyer takes over overall business deals of the newly discovered star the new star to ensure that he gets the best deals available.

Let us hope and pray that this young finds prosperity and success in life after all destiny has ordained it for him. Meanwhile, let him bask in the limelight. Good luck handsome young man!

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