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Fierce Criticism Forces Trump to Fly White House Flag Back at Half-Staff until Sen. McCain’s Interment

Trump has ordered the lowering of the White House flag back to half-staff after it was re-raised on Monday, less than 48 hours after it was initially lowered following the death of Arizona Sen. John McCain on Saturday.

In the face of scathing bipartisan backlash and immense pressure from all quarters, Trump was left with no option but to sign the proclamation to fly the flag at half-staff again, until the senator was laid to rest.

So intense and relentless were the attacks against the decision to prematurely re-raise the flag that the presidential decree came within hours of what was a disrespectful move against a national hero – a true son of the soil.

“On the behalf of The American Legion’s two million wartime veterans, I strongly urge you to make an appropriate presidential proclamation noting Senator McCain’s death and legacy of service to our nation, and that our nation’s flag be half-staffed through his internment,” the American Legion’s national commander Denise Rohan demanded in a statement addressed to Trump.

“Despite our differences on policy and politics, I respect Senator John McCain’s service to our country and, in his honor, have signed a proclamation to fly the flag of the United States at half-staff until the day of his interment,” Trump said in a statement.

A celebrated war hero and former presidential candidate, the Republican senator passed away after a year-long battle with glioblastoma, an extremely malignant form of brain cancer. McCain was 81.

Trump’s disdain for McCain and the acrimony that existed between the two Republicans are pretty well-documented.

The fact that Trump desisted from commenting on the senator and his legacy, despite repeated requests from reporters, further confirms his intense dislike for the man – so much that even his death couldn’t elicit a few words of respect from the president.

All that the Trump could initially manage was his “deepest sympathies and respect” to the senator’s family on Twitter.

However, in what seemed like an attempt at damage control, after the barrage of criticism and rebuke he was subjected to for his tepid response to McCain’s death and for raising the White House flag to full-staff way too soon, Trump came out with a few measured words in honor of the senator, on Monday.

Adding to his half-staff proclamation statement, Trump said that he had instructed Vice President Mike Pence to honor McCain in a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol on Friday.

“I have asked Vice President Mike Pence to offer an address at the ceremony honoring Senator McCain at the United States Capitol this Friday,” the president said.

“At the request of the McCain family, I have also authorized military transportation of Senator McCain’s remains from Arizona to Washington, D.C., military pallbearers and band support, and a horse and caisson transport during the service at the United States Naval Academy. Finally, I have asked General John Kelly, Secretary James Mattis, and Ambassador John Bolton to represent my Administration at his services,” he added.

At a dinner of evangelical supporters that evening, Trump said, “We very much appreciate everything that Senator McCain has done for our country.”

“It sounds like in the end, he probably decided it was a political loser to continue to hold out on this,” CBC News quoted William Howell, a University of Chicago lecturer and an expert on presidential powers, as saying.

“I don’t know who got into his ear that changed his mind, but the [reports] that his very closest advisers — his chief of staff and his press secretary — both recommended to him earlier that he recognize John McCain as a hero, suggests that the pressure was as close as it could be,” Howell told CBC, claims the news channel.

The president’s daughter Ivanka Trump was, in fact, much more charitable in her tribute to the departed senator than her father, calling him an “American patriot” and a “true hero,” while speaking at a women’s empowerment event in Washington, D.C.

“As we gather here today I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the family of Sen John McCain –an American patriot who served our country with distinction for more than six decades,” said Ms.Trump.

“The nation is united in its grief and the world mourns the loss of a true hero and a great statesman,” she added.

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National Enquirer CEO David Pecker Gets Federal Immunity in Michael Cohen Case

American Media Inc (AMI) chief executive David Pecker has been granted immunity by federal prosecutors in the ongoing investigations into former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s role in offering hush money to women on behalf of the U.S. president, according to various news reports that started emerging Thursday (August 23).

The federal immunity was granted in exchange for information on Cohen, who on Tuesday pleaded guilty to eight criminal charges, including tax fraud and campaign finance violations that could likely put him away for years.

Pecker and Cohen are believed to have worked together to buy off the silence of porn star Stephanie Clifford – professionally known as Stormy Daniels – and ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal, who had been threatening to go public with their stories about their alleged sexual encounters with Trump, during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Daniels and McDougal, by the way, have not been named in the plea bargain filed in court

Cohen admitted in court on Tuesday that he and the “CEO of a media company, at the request of the candidate, worked together” to muffle the scandal that could have well thrown a spanner in the works for the Trump campaign.

Although details of the plea deal have not been made available yet, Pecker is reported to have given prosecutors detailed evidence of the president’s knowledge of the hush money paid out to the two female accusers.

Meanwhile, Trump has denied having had any knowledge of the hush-money payments until “later on,” without giving a specific date.

However, contrary to the U.S. president’s claim, Trump can be heard talking to Cohen about buying off the McDougal story from AMI in a September 2016 tape released by Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis.

Speaking to Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt, following the Cohen plea bargain, Trump said, “You have to understand, Ainsley, what he did — and they weren’t taken out of campaign finance.”

He added: “In fact, my first question when I heard about it was, ‘Did they come out of the campaign?’ because that could be a little dicey. And they didn’t come out of the campaign, and that’s big.”

Trump even went to the extent of suggesting that plea agreements between the government and people facing prosecution are unfair and should be deemed “illegal.”

“It’s called flipping and it almost ought to be illegal,” Trump said, adding that it wasn’t “a fair thing.”

Long-time Trump ally Pecker is accused of playing a significant role in quashing damaging stories against the president by purchasing the story rights from the accuser and not publishing them – a practice known in the industry as “catch-and-kill.”

In the case of McDougal, AMI-owned tabloid magazine National Enquirer purchased the rights to her story, wherein she was claiming a sexual relationship with the president, for $150,000.

The Trump- McDougal thing is believed to have happened when he was already married to Melania, making it even more scandalous and damaging for the White House.

While the Justice Department (DOJ) didn’t mention Pecker by name, they did say on Tuesday that the “chairman” of “a media company that owns, among other things, a popular tabloid magazine” was also responsible for bringing Cohen and Stormy Daniels together for the hush-deal in which the porn was paid $130,000 in October 2016.

According to the Tuesday court filing, the prosecutors meant Pecker – that’s what everyone believes – when they said “Chairman-1 offered to help deal with negative stories about [President Trump’s] relationships with women by, among other things, assisting the campaign in identifying such stories so they could be purchased and their publication avoided”

The Wall Street Journal had reported earlier this year that Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen finalized a non-disclosure agreement for $130,000, initiated by Stephanie Clifford’s (Stormy Daniels) lawyer a month before the 2016 US presidential election, to buy the former porn star’s silence on her sexual relationship with the US president.

Known for her steamy movies, Daniels reportedly told friends that she met Trump at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, which led to the so-called sexual encounter, “people familiar with the matter” told WSJ.

Clifford, who has appeared in dozens of porn movies, including “Good Will Humping” and “Porking with Pride #2”, as well as feature films such as the “40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up,” was reportedly arrested in 2009 for “domestic battery” after an altercation with her husband.

In October 2011, Hooman Karamian, who goes by the alias Nik Richie on his gossip website, ran a report from an anonymous whistleblower under the heading “World Exclusive: Donald Trump Cheats on His Wife Melania Trump While She Was Pregnant.”

The tipster wrote: “Donald Trump is the scum of the earth! Not only did he break up my friend’s marriage, but he also cheated on Melania Trump as she was pregnant with his child. My friend had sex with Donald after one of his golfing events and he lured her to multiple hotels [sic] rooms after that.

My friend wants to speak with you directly because she is in fear that Donald Trump will ruin her life more than he already has.”

Richie followed-up with a post of his own saying, “I know you cheated on your wife with Stephanie Gregory Clifford aka Stormy Daniels and now the world knows.”

In late October 2016, prior to Clifford’s story, another porn artist Jessie Drake had accused the president of offering her $10,000 for having sex with him in 2006, after he kissed her without her consent.

Peter Stris, McDougal’s legal representative in her lawsuit against AMI seeking annulment of the hush-deal, wrote “Told you so” in a Thursday tweet.

He tweeted: “To all media asking our firm to comment on
#NationalEnquirer publisher #DavidPecker getting immunity from prosecution in exchange for corroboration of his collusion w #MichaelCohen + @realDonaldTrump in silencing #KarenMcDougal, here is our official statement: “Told you so.”

Here are some reactions on Twitter.

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Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh as Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Replacement in Supreme Court

Monday night, President Donald Trump named Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the Supreme Court, describing the District of Columbia appeals court judge and former advisor to George W. Bush as a “brilliant jurist.”

Speaking from the podium in the East Room of the White House, the president said that a judge’s ability to execute his duties according to the law and Constitution, regardless of his political leaning, is what he admires the most in a justice.

“I am pleased to say that I have found, without a doubt, such a person,” Trump said, adding that there was “no one in America more qualified for this position and no one more deserving.”

Trump further justified his choice by saying that Kavanaugh “has impeccable credentials, unsurpassed qualifications, and a proven commitment to equal justice under the law.”

He called his 53-year-old nominee “a judge’s judge, a true thought leader among his peers. He’s a brilliant jurist with a clear and effective writing style, universally regarded as one of the finest and sharpest legal minds of our time.”

The announcement, which was made amid much fanfare, was attended by First Lady Melania Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and a number of senators.

Kavanaugh’s entry was timed to near perfection as he entered the East Room with wife Ashley, and daughters Margaret and Liza, in between a rather extended pause Trump took after announcing the judge’s name. The entire charade looked so scripted.

Kavanaugh thanked the president for nominating him, saying that he was “humbled” and “deeply honored.”

“Throughout this process, I’ve witnessed first-hand your appreciation for the vital role of the American judiciary,” he told Trump.

“No president has ever consulted more widely, or talked with more people from more backgrounds, to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination,” he said in praise of the president.

“I believe that an independent judiciary is the crown jewel of our constitutional republic,” he said, pledging that if his nomination was confirmed by the Senate, he would “keep an open mind in every case and that he would “always strive to preserve the Constitution of the United States and the American rule of law.”

“My judicial philosophy is straightforward: a judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law. A judge must interpret statutes as written. And a judge must interpret the Constitution as written, informed by history, and tradition and precedent,” Kavanaugh also said.

It didn’t take Trump too long after Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement to narrow down his choices to four judges, including Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, Thomas Hardiman and Raymond Kethledge, finally settling for Kavanaugh, as we now know.

Trump is believed to have made his decision on Sunday night, after which he, reportedly, called up the man himself to let him know of his decision, reported CNN, based on information given to the news channel by a senior White House official.

Trump also had a talk with Vice President Pence and White House Counsel Don McGahn, CNN said.

CBS News’ Kathryn Watson has rightly noted in her July 9 piece that the key to Kavanaugh’s confirmation will be in the hands of a “handful of moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats,” including Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), Sen. Doug Jones (D-Alabama), and Sen. Susan Collins(R-Maine), all of whom are still undecided on the president’s pick and “will await a review.”

Reactions to the president’s choice for the Supreme Court started coming in thick and fast following the Monday announcement.

“As the senator from West Virginia, I have a constitutional obligation to advise and consent on a nominee to fill Supreme Court vacancies and I take that responsibility seriously,” Sen. Manchin said in his statement.

“Just as I did when Merrick Garland and Neil Gorsuch were nominated, I will evaluate Judge Kavanaugh’s record, legal qualifications, judicial philosophy and particularly, his views on healthcare,” added the senator, who is readying for a tough re-election showdown in November.

George W. Bush was one of the first to comment on his former aide’s nomination, saying that Trump’s choice of Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court was an ‘outstanding decision.”

“Brett is a brilliant jurist who has faithfully applied the Constitution and laws throughout his 12 years on the D.C. Circuit. He is a fine husband, father, and friend – and a man of the highest integrity. He will make a superb justice of the Supreme Court of the United States,” said the former president.

Sen. Collins, who could play a key role during Kavanaugh’s confirmation process also had good things to say about Trump’s nominee.

“Judge Kavanaugh has impressive credentials and extensive experience, having served more than a decade on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals,” Collins said in her statement.

“I will conduct a careful, thorough vetting of the president’s nominee to the Supreme Court, as I have done with the five previous Supreme Court justices whom I have considered,” said Collins.

“I look forward to Judge Kavanaugh’s public hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee and to questioning him in a meeting in my office,” she added.

Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell, who is the Senate Majority Leader, also appears to be happy with Trump’s nomination, if his statement is anything to go by.

“President Trump has made a superb choice,” McConnell said, adding that Kavanaugh is an “impressive nominee who is extremely well qualified to serve as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.”

“I look forward to meeting with Judge Kavanaugh and to the Senate’s fair consideration of his nomination, beginning with the work of Chairman Grassley and the Judiciary Committee,” McConnell said.

“This is an opportunity for Senators to put partisanship aside and consider his legal qualifications with the fairness, respect, and seriousness that a Supreme Court nomination ought to command,” said the Republican from Kentucky.

Not be left behind, the Democrats also went on record with their statements, most of which were, expectedly, against Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court.

Calling Kavanaugh’s nomination “a clear and disrespectful assault on the fundamental rights of women and on the quality, affordable health care of the American people,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the Kavanaugh had a long history of opposing women empowerment.

“Judge Kavanaugh’s long history of opposition to the full, fundamental right of every woman to make her own decisions about her body, family, and healthcare poses a grave threat to women’s rights and to our founders’ promise of liberty and justice for all,” she said.

“If he proves as eager an executor of the president’s bitter campaign to overturn Roe v. Wade and sabotage Americans’ health care as his record suggests, a woman’s right to choose will be repealed and the health coverage and economic security of 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions will be in grave peril,” lamented the Democrat.

Expressing his disregard for far-right organizations like the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society, Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania said that any nominee suggested by either of them would certainly not enjoy his support.

“If an individual from the list provided to candidate Donald Trump by far-right organizations like the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society is nominated, then I am highly unlikely to support that nominee,” he said.

“Justices who sit on the most important court in the world should not be selected by corporate interests and extreme right organizations,” Casey said.

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Trump Administration Quashes Obama-Era Guidelines on Affirmative Action in Schools

Under the previous government, the Education Department emphasized the importance of diversity in educational institutions, urging them to adopt legal ways to consider race in their admission procedures, in order to achieve a healthy race-mixture on their campuses.

The Trump set up, it seems, is hell-bent on undoing all of that and returning to the pre-Obama-era guidelines that strongly advocated limits on colleges and universities when considering race.

The move, however, does not alter the existing legislation on affirmative action, but it does give a strong indication of the incumbent government’s stand on the issue that is likely to be pursued more rigorously, now that Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement.

Kennedy’s departure is expected to make a, rather, lasting impact on policy decisions such as abortion and LGBT rights, for example, with this latest move to annul Affirmative Action guidelines appearing to be one such policy overhaul, directly or indirectly, related to judge’s retirement announcement.

Kennedy, who wants to give more time to his family, stated that it was “the greatest honor and privilege to serve our nation in the federal judiciary for 43 years, 30 of those years in the Supreme Court.”

Kennedy also made it a point to notify President Trump of his decision to step down.

“For a member of the legal profession, it is the highest of honors to serve on this Court,” he wrote to the US president.

“Please permit me by this letter to express my profound gratitude for having had the privilege to seek in each case how best to know, interpret and defend the Constitution and the laws that must always conform to its mandates and promises,” he said.

The announcement has triggered a flurry of activity among Senate Republicans as they scramble to announce Kennedy’s replacement, sooner rather than later – ahead of the Grand Old Party’s fight with the liberals for control of the Senate in November, this year.

Speaking to reporters on Kennedy’s impending departure, Trump referred to him as a “great justice” with “tremendous vision and heart,” going on to say that a hunt for the judge’s successor would commence “immediately.”

“The American people deserve to have their voices heard and a government that is accountable to them,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in an official announcement on Tuesday.

“When issuing regulations, federal agencies must abide by constitutional principles and follow the rules set forth by Congress and the President,” he said.

“In previous administrations, however, agencies often tried to impose new rules on the American people without any public notice or comment period, simply by sending a letter or posting a guidance document on a website. That’s wrong, and it’s not good government,” added the Attorney General.

In a separate statement, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos adopted a softer approach, without, really, expressing any adverse or disapproving comments on the previous administration.

She said that the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action policies are legitimate and should be the final guideline for addressing “this complex issue,” urging schools to pursue an equal-opportunity policy for all students alike, in a lawful manner.

“The Supreme Court has determined what affirmative action policies are constitutional, and the court’s written decisions are the best guide for navigating this complex issue. Schools should continue to offer equal opportunities for all students while abiding by the law,” said DeVos.

The Trump administration’s reversal of affirmative action isn’t only about guidelines; it is also an investigation into discrimination against Asian students, who have accused the country’s premier educational institutions of consistently and deliberately ignoring some Asian-American applicants in favor of students of other races.

According to a recent New York Times report, one scrutiny of admissions files has revealed that Harvard University has followed a consistent trend of sidelining Asian-American students to leave admission slots open for applicants of other races

“Harvard consistently rated Asian-American applicants lower than others on traits like ‘positive personality,’ likability, courage, kindness and being ‘widely respected’,” wrote NYT’s Erica L. Green, Matt Apuzzo, and Katie Benner.

The hardliners are viewing this as irrefutable proof that affirmative action is anti-Asian Americans.

Justice and Education Department conservatives are keen to do away with the use of race as a benchmark for diversity on college campuses.

With Justice Kennedy out of the picture, the Supreme Court’s swing vote will cease to exist, giving Trump the golden opportunity to nominate a successor with a leaning not only towards his administration’s viewpoint on affirmative action but, in fact, a lot of other policy changes he’s contemplating.

The move has the potential to drastically change the racial makeup of the country’s leading colleges and universities and, consequently, all educational institutions in the country.

The commander-in-chief would, obviously, do everything within his presidential means not to have an Attorney General with a soft corner for the decades-old policies that have worked towards promoting race-based admission practices in the nation’s best educational institutions.

Harvard spokeswoman Melodie Jackson told CNN that the university would “continue to vigorously defend its right, and that of all colleges and universities, to consider race as one factor among many in college admissions, which has been upheld by the Supreme Court for more than 40 years.”

Although the Tuesday announcement does not infringe on the rights of educational institutions to pursue their own policies within the ambit of the current Supreme Court precedent, civil rights activists didn’t take long to voice their frustration with the decision.

“We condemn the Department of Education’s politically motivated attack on affirmative action and deliberate attempt to discourage colleges and universities from pursuing racial diversity at our nation’s colleges and universities,” said Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, reported CNN.

“The rescission of this guidance does not overrule forty years of precedent that affirms the constitutionality of a university’s limited use of race in college admissions. This most recent decision by the Department of Education is wholly consistent with the administration’s unwavering hostility towards diversity in our schools,” Clarke added.

Here’s how the National Education Association (NEA) reacted to the move
“Affirmative action has proven to be one of the most effective ways to create diverse and inclusive classrooms,” NEA President Lily Eskelsen García said in a statement.

“But by telling schools and universities that they should not use affirmative action to achieve inclusive classrooms, the Education Department has again failed our students,” Garcia said.

She continued:

“President Trump has indicated he intends to appoint a nominee to the Supreme Court who will declare that affirmative action is unconstitutional in our schools.

“The Education Department’s action forecasts how much is at stake in the upcoming Supreme Court nomination process.

“Our nation must join together and fight to ensure all our students have what they need to succeed.”

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Homelessness in America Has Reached Unprecedented Proportions and Rising

A sudden surge in America’s homeless population is fast becoming a major cause for worry for concerned authorities.

New estimates released on Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in its annual Point-in-Time report show that close to 554,000 people are living homeless lives in the United States.

The count, which is already one percent higher than the previous year, could well have gone up even further as the tallies were conducted back in January.

What is even more distressing is the fact that some 193,000 of these people do not even have access to nightly shelter and are staying in tents, vehicles, and even crashing out on street corners, alleys, and other godforsaken places. This, again, is a nine percent increase in the number of unsheltered people from two years ago.

West Coast cities, including Seattle, Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles, are the major contributors to this sudden surge in homelessness in the country. In Los Angeles alone, there are around 55,000 homeless destitute – a mind-boggling 25 percent jump in a single year.


Long-term homelessness has also risen sharply – up by 12 percent from the previous year.

Experts, non-profit organizations, and even the homeless themselves believe that a booming West Coast economy and the consequential spike in rents is the major, if not the only, cause for the current state of affairs. Rents have become unaffordable for lower-income groups who until not too long ago were able to find affordable accommodation.

“The improved economy is a good thing, but it does put pressure on the rental market, which does put pressure on the poorest Angelenos,” said Peter Lynn, head of the Los Angeles homelessness agency. “Clearly we have an outsize effect on the national homelessness picture.”

HUD Secretary Ben Carson says that on a national level the number of homeless people has come down by 13 percent from the 2010 numbers and that some communities have almost done away with the scourge, particularly among veterans.

However, despite the continuing efforts of the government as well as NGOs to house veterans, their numbers across the country are up by 1.5 percent from the year before. Again, officials blame it on Los Angeles, saying that the national increase is because of a significant spike in the number of homeless veterans in the city. If LA is taken out of the equation, homeless veterans have dropped by 3.2 percent in the rest of America.

In an interview with NPR (National Public Radio), Carson attributed the lack of progress in cities like LA and New York to the disproportionate rise in rents as compared to earnings.

“Where we’re not making great progress are in places like Los Angeles and New York City. These happen to be places where the rents are going up much faster than the incomes,” Carson said.

Only the administration’s commitment towards helping the homeless is not enough, says Carson; the need of the hour is a Federal initiative to work more with non-profit players, homeless advocates, religious communities, local governments as well as the private sector to tackle the menace head-on.

“We just need to move a little bit away from the concept that only the government can solve this problem by throwing more money at it,” he says.  “This is not a federal problem – it’s everybody’s problem.”

Bob Erlenbusch, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger & Homelessness (LACEH&H), who has been an active witness to the crisis ever since it emerged in the early 80s, is surprised at the endlessness of it.

“I never in a million years thought that it would drag on for three decades with no end in sight,” said Erlenbusch.

While the surge in West Coast homelessness is alarming in itself, what is even more frightening is the deadly hepatitis outbreak being experienced among the homeless in major centers like Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Cruz, so much so that California officials were left with no choice but to declare a state of emergency in October.

The good thing is that not everything in the HUD report is bad; there are some encouraging trends, as well, that one can take heart from.

While the homelessness among veterans has shown an increase by 1.5 percent from last year, mainly due to the circumstances in LA, tens of thousands of homeless veterans have been provided with housing in the past few years, bringing down the numbers significantly compared to what it was in 2010.

Family homelessness figures have also improved – down by 5.4 percent from the previous year and by 27 percent from the numbers in 2010. However, there is still much left to be done as 58,000 families with children continue to live outside or in shelters.

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Ex-Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barak Obama Come Together for Hurricane Relief Concert

Former Democratic Party Presidents Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter joined ex-Republican Commanders-in-Chief George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush for a fundraising concert for hurricane-ravaged Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The event titled “Deep From the Heart: The One America Appeal” was held at the Texas A&M University’s Reed Arena in College Station on Saturday.

Grammy award winner Lady Gaga’s surprise appearance added to the entertainment quotient of the concert, which also featured country music band Alabama, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer ‘Soul Man’ Sam Moore, gospel legend Yolanda Adams and Texas musicians Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen. Country music singer Lee Greenwood was the event’s emcee.

Here’s what Lady Gaga said this morning in a tweeted message accompanied by a photograph of herself and the famous five in the foreground.

Jim McGrath, a spokesman for former President George H.W. Bush, told The Associated Press that prior to the Saturday event, One America Appeal had already raised a whopping $31 million since it kicked off in September.

Trump lauded the “tremendous” efforts of the former presidents in a pre-recorded message.

“To Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Melania and I want to express our deep gratitude for your tremendous assistance,” the message said. “This wonderful effort reminds us that we truly are one nation under God, all unified by our values and our devotion to one another.”

What a sight it was when five former Commanders-in-Chief of the United States of America stood united on stage, hands held over their hearts in obeisance while the American anthem played.

The first among the former presidents to address the audience was Jimmy Carter who said that “America is known for volunteer work,” adding that the previous year “67 million Americans volunteered to help other people in America.”

“Last year there were 67 million Americans who volunteered to help other people in America and that came to 8 billion hours of work worth $184 billion. So that’s what volunteers did last year and I hope this year they are going to a lot more,” he said. “Let’s all work together and make America still a greater volunteer nation,” he added.

Bill Clinton took the podium next and started by praising George H.W. Bush.

“When President George HW Bush was trying to persuade the Congress to pass one of his noblest endeavors, the Americans with Disabilities Act, he said: ‘Our problems are great, but the heart of America is greater’,” Clinton said. “That’s what we’re here to celebrate. We were all citizens – even us – before we were politicians,” he added.

He further stated that “there is still work to be done in Texas and in Florida and our friends in Puerto Rico and the American Virgin Islands have only begun to dig their way out of what could be still a calamitous disaster, but it can be a new beginning if we just do what we ought to do and prove that the heart of America – without regard to race or religion or political party – is greater than our problems.”

Next in line to address the crowd was the popular President Barak Obama evident from the more than generous ovation he received.

“All of us on this stage tonight could not be prouder of the response of Americans,’ said the dapper looking Obama.

“When they see their neighbors, when they see their friends, when they see strangers in need, Americans step up,” he said in praise of the American spirit.

Like Clinton, Obama also hailed the senior Bush calling him “an outstanding American, somebody who has always shown grace and character and courage and served America nobly throughout the years.”

“We are so proud to be here with him today,” Obama said. “He sets an example for all of us, as does First Lady Barbara Bush.”

George W. Bush’s address was brief, receiving a thunderous applause and a standing ovation when he praised his father and said that the audience loves him.

The five former presidents had last come together in 2013 at the dedication of George W Bush’s presidential library in Dallas when Obama was still incumbent at the Oval Office.

The elder Bush was the only one who did not address the gathering, probably due to health constraints, but he did smile and wave to the crowd.

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At Least 50 Dead, 200+ Wounded – Many of them Critically, in Las Vegas Shooting



At least 50 people are dead and more than 200 injured in the Mandalay Bay concert shooting making it the deadliest, yet, in the US. According to sources, the gunman has been identified as a 64-year-old white male.

49 lives were lost in Orlando shooting in June 2016.

Lombardo has confirmed reports that the dead gunman was, indeed, Stephen Paddock. He said the investigation will be long and protracted.

President Donald Trump is being briefed about the incident, according to White House. Meanwhile, the president has tweeted his condolences.


The Las Vegas Police Sheriff has reportedly confirmed that 20 people lost their lives and more than 100 injured in the Las Vegas shooting.

The shooter – who spread mayhem from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay property, where he was finally gunned down by the police – has been identified as a local resident.

The Sheriff has, also, confirmed that the shooter was not attached to any militant group or terror outfit.

A manhunt (read womanhunt) is now on for a female companion who is believed to have traveled with the suspect before the shooting took place.

Early this morning, Las Vegas police verified reports of an active shooter on the loose at a country music festival in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino area on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The gunman opened fire with an automatic weapon at the outdoor concert crowd, killing at least 20 people and injuring more than 100 – many of them critically.

Thousands of people dived and scrambled for cover as soon as they realized what was happening – sadly not all have come out unscathed from the dastardly act.

Country singer Jason Aldean was performing when a staccato of shots rang out. This is what he shared about the unfortunate developments.

Writing on Instagram he said:

“Tonight has been beyond horrific. I still dont know what to say but wanted to let everyone know that Me and my Crew are safe. My Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved tonight. It hurts my heart that this would happen to anyone who was just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night.”

The University Medical Center was taking in “several” gunshot victims being rushed there by emergency services, said the Las Vegas hospital’s spokeswoman. She didn’t have anything further to say – probably for want of more information at the time.

Authorities immediate shut down parts of the Las Vegas Strip and Interstate 15 following the incident.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed shooting down one suspect and started investigating reports of more gunfire coming in from other venues in the vicinity, as reported by the New York Times.

Another tweet from LVMPD, within the hour, was somewhat of a relief as they did not believe there were more shooters involved.

Some witnesses, however, are convinced that there were multiple gunmen claiming that “hundreds of shots” were flying around during the prolonged shooting.

Some incoming flights at the McCarran International Airport were affected as they had to be diverted because of the shooting, the official twitter account of the airport confirmed.

More disturbing footage of the scene outside the Mandalay Bay hotel and the festival venue.

KGET News reporter Danny Freeman reports that one of the several off-duty police officers from Bakersfield, California, present at the venue, was shot.

From The Editors Politics

President Trump Talks Politics After Promising Not To at the 19th National Boy Scout Jamboree

President Donald Trump’s 19th National Boy Scout Jamboree speech Monday evening in West Virginia was received with mixed reactions – well, more negative than he would have liked.

While his tirade may have drawn cheers and applause from his supporters in attendance and elsewhere, the general response was that of shock and awe – many just listened in utter disbelief, including yours truly.

“Who the hell wants to talk about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts?” is what he said soon after opening his speech with a potshot at the press. “Boy, you have a lot of people. The press will say it’s about 200 people. It looks like about 45,000 people.”

It hardly took the man any time to go back on his word – which, he is pretty much adept at – of putting aside “policy fights in Washington DC” that the public has “been hearing about with the fake news and all of that.”

He did not break a sweat demeaning DC politicians when he, unabashedly, tried to tarnish them and the politics of the country which he is the Commander in Chief of.

“You know I go to Washington and I see all these politicians. And I see the swamp, and it’s not a good place. In fact, today I said we ought to change it from the word ‘swamp,’ to the word ‘cesspool,’ or perhaps to the word ‘sewer.’

Now, what could be worse than that? Profanities? Well, the way things are going, it shouldn’t be long before we get to hear some real heavy ones, worthy of the man and the office he holds – sarcasm intended.

President Barak Obama – another perennial target of his ire – expectedly, was not spared this time around as well.

“By the way, just a question, did President Obama ever come to a jamboree?”

This, coming from a man who was never a boy scout himself for a former two-term president who was!

Not content with his “fake news” dig earlier, he made sure he added insult to injury – at least that’s what he thought he was doing – by further ridiculing the media.

“By the way, what do you think the chances are that this incredible, massive crowd, record-setting is going to be shown on television tonight? One percent or zero?” he jibed.

“The fake media will say, President Trump spoke before a small crowd of boy scouts today,” he mocked.

Moving away from his by-now-to-be-expected attacks on President Obama, the media, politicians, and Obamacare – yes, that too came up and we will discuss it later – let’s take a look at what he said to the boy scouts for whom he was actually there.

“I’ll tell you a story that’s very interesting for me when I was young. There was a man named William Levitt — Levittowns, you have some here, you have some in different states.”

And he goes on and on talking about how the man became successful; how he met him at a cocktail party in New York; how he admitted to a young Trump that he had lost his momentum and how he finally lost everything he possessed.

Who wrote the speech for him? For heaven’s sake, he is addressing a crowd of teenagers and talking about something, actually, negative and way before their time. What happened to the unwritten commandment “know thy audience”?

Self-glorification had to feature in the speech at some stage. And, you know what? It did! It’s just that we’ve lost count of the number of times it has come up since the election 260 days ago.

“But do you remember that incredible night with the maps and the Republicans are red and the Democrats are blue, and that map was so red, it was unbelievable, and they didn’t know what to say?”

Oh yes! Obamacare! Almost forgot!

The audience, mainly comprising tens of thousands of young people, mostly teenagers, got to meet the health secretary Tom Price who received a veiled threat from the Commander-in-Chief.

Talking about the vote to repeal Obamacare, which was scheduled in the Senate for Tuesday, he joked about firing Price if he failed in his bid to convince senators to support the bill.

“He better get them. He better get them. Oh, he better – otherwise, I’ll say ‘Tom, you’re fired!’ I’ll get somebody.”

Here’s a look at some of the reactions on social media;

From The Editors Travel

Eight Great Destinations for the Best 4th of July Experience – 2017

According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, last year, an unimaginable 24.5 million pounds of fireworks were consumed by an estimated 14000 displays all through the country. Needless to say, the country is obsessed with colorful explosions in the night sky – and rightly so, as you just can’t get tired of the awesome spectacle – it is, indeed, a sight to behold!

And something the entire nation waits for in earnest anticipation, year after year – kids and grownups alike.

Although every city and town in the country go all out to organize the finest of pyrotechnics show and overall celebrations, with a touch of local culture, there are some places that stand out from the rest and merit a special mention. We have selected 8 such locations where July 4 celebrations should be experienced firsthand at least once in a lifetime. Check out below what these cities have in store for you this year.

Atlanta, Georgia



Bike Parade – 5 p.m. from Chamblee Middle School

Children have the chance to decorate their bicycles, tricycles, wagons, etc. in a patriotic manner. All those wishing to show their decorated mode of transportation will meet at Chamblee Middle School on Sexton Woods Drive just before 5 p.m. A Chamblee police officer will be onsite to lead the parade the 1/4 mile distance from the middle school to the event stage at Keswick Park. Once the parade has arrived at Keswick Park each contestant will receive a participation prize.

Train Rides – from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

A mini locomotive will be onsite offering free train rides on the park property to those attending the event. Parents and children are welcome to ride.

Corn Hole Tournament – 5:30 p.m

This tournament will be open to the first eight teams that register. There will be an elimination bracket and prizes awarded to the top competitors. Prizes may include anything from a VIP Table at the August 22nd Yacht Rock Schooner Concert to gift certificates to local restaurants. Rules will be available for those that sign up to participate. There is no cost to participate in the tournament.

Fireworks Show

The Chamblee fireworks show at Keswick Park has been known to compete with Atlanta fireworks displays as well known as Lenox. This show is about a 20 to 25-minute show that features a wide variety of fireworks. No need to compete with the Atlanta traffic to be able to see a phenomenal fireworks display.


  • The Mad Italian – Cheesesteaks
  • Frosty Caboose – Ice Cream
  • Cop-N-Stuff Non-profit – Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Snacks
  • Island Chef Food Truck

Attendees may bring in personal food and beverages (excluding alcoholic beverages).


Boston, Massachusetts


Artists / Program (2017)

The traditional fighter jet military flyover in coordination with the “Star Spangled Banner,” will open the evening’s Boston Pops program, and a spectacular 20-minute fireworks show designed by Grucci Fireworks, and accompanied by the music of the Boston Pops and other popular music of the past and present, will bring the celebration to an end. Alan Menken and Jack Feldman are composing a new work, “The Sum of Us,” for soloist, chorus, and orchestra, to receive its world premiere during the celebration. The program will also spotlight musical selections from the Boston Pops’s recently released album, “Lights, Camera…Music! Six Decades of John Williams.”


Nashville, Tennessee


Chris Young to Headline the 2017 Music City July 4th Celebration
The lineup also includes Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Johnny P, The Sisterhood, and the Nashville Symphony will play a FREE day and night of music on the 4th of July in downtown Music City.

Add to it a full day of family and an incredible fireworks show and you’ve got Let Freedom Sing! Music City July 4th presented by Dr. Pepper Cherry.

Two Stages for Double The Fun

We changed the layout of this year’s fun. A massive stage will host Chris Young, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Johnny P, and The Sisterhood at 5th & Broadway. During the firework spectacular, the Nashville Symphony will play at Ascend Amphitheater stage. And there will be large screens in both areas showing the performances so no one misses any of the action.



Miami, Florida


Hours and Times

Bayfront Park is the most picturesque park in South Florida and open to the public every day. For the 4th of July festivities, America’s Birthday Bash, the hours are as follows.

  • 10:00 am – Park Opens
  • 2:00 pm – Budweiser Beer Garden Opens
  • 2:00 pm – Live Music Begins
  • 3:00 pm – Family Fun Zone Opens
  • 9:00 pm – FIREWORKS!

Do’s and Don’ts

Safety is our number one priority, so there are a few rules and regulations all visitors must follow when attending America’s Birthday Bash.


  • No coolers allowed
  • No large bags
  • No bottles or cans
  • No personal fireworks


  • Arrive Early – Easier Parking, Better Spots
  • Bring Your Cameras

Getting Here & Parking

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: get here early to find good parking. MetroRail/MetroMover are other great options with stations within a few feet from Bayfront Park.


New Orleans, Louisiana


5:00 PM

Free Live Performances in Crescent Park in the French Market District

At 5:00 p.m. in Crescent Park the French Market District will feature free live performances by Category 6, Revival, DJs Eagle and Majik Mike and the Pan Vibrations leading up to the 9:00 p.m. Dueling Barges Fireworks Show. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own chairs to enjoy the show. (Coolers, glass, and tents are not allowed.)

Visit for schedule details.

The French Market District will also present the second annual Fireworks Photography Workshop with Zack Smith Photography in Crescent Park. Participants are guaranteed a VIP riverfront viewing area to photograph the 9:00 p.m. fireworks show and learn about unique techniques to get the best photos ever! Register at

9:00 PM

Free Dueling Barges Fireworks Display along the historic New Orleans Riverfront

This unique salute to America’s Independence will feature a fireworks display from two barges over the Mighty Mississippi (between Gov. Nichols St. Wharf and Canal St. Dock) and can be seen from both banks of the river.



Chicago, Illinois


Fireworks at Navy Pier

FREE · 600 E. Grand Ave.

Enjoy a spectacular show of pyrotechnics with a special holiday fireworks display along the downtown lakefront. At Navy Pier beginning at 9:30 pm on Tuesday, July 4, colorful fireworks will light up the sky with a mix of patriotic music in the background. Don’t forget, also at Navy Pier all summer long, catch the free fireworks on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

Grant Park Music Festival: Independence Day Salute

FREE · Millennium Park · 201 E. Randolph St.

On Tuesday, July 4 from 6:30-8:00 pm, the Grant Park Music Festival presents its annual holiday concert. Bring your family and friends and celebrate the Fourth of July under the stars in Millennium Park at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion with an evening of patriotic favorites, including Stars and Stripes Forever, the 1812 Overture and more. An encore performance will be held on Wednesday, July 5 at 6:30 PM at the South Shore Cultural Center, 7059 S. South Shore Drive.

Freedom Fest 2017 at Navy Pier

Tickets from $39 · 600 E. Grand Ave.

The 4th Annual Freedom Fest is a July 4th event like no other. You are going to celebrate this national holiday on the Navy Pier’s 27,000 square foot rooftop all night long. This event is good for all ages so make sure you bring along the family to really enjoy the night! Enjoy amazing views of Chicago, Lake Michigan, and all of Chicago’s best sights from the Navy Pier’s rooftop. This event is going to feature delicious BBQ food items to satisfy your July 4th cravings. As you view Chicago with your loved ones, you are going to enjoy this year’s top hits provided by your live DJ. Dance and celebrate all night long to your live DJ as you celebrate the most memorable Chicago July 4th night.

Live on the Lake! Feat. Wedding Banned and guests

FREE · 600 E. Grand Ave.

2:00 – 3:30 pm, Andrew Leahey & the Homestead make music for city highways and open horizons, for pop fans and roots rockers, for the heart as well as the heartland.

4:30 – 7:00 pm, The PriSSillas is a multi-talented and entertaining female cover band that promises full rich sound and high energy performances with unmatched professionalism and PriSSision. The PriSSillas offer a PriSStine mix of favorite hits spanning from the beginning of rock and roll through today’s popular music… Pop to Rock to Classic Rock to Country and more.

Finally, from 8:00 – 10:00 pm, “The Greatest Wedding Banned on Earth.” Wedding Banned plays 80’s and 90’s music along with other guilty pleasures that take you back to great times in your life.

Wedding Banned selects a bride and groom to get “married” on stage at most shows. Best of all, you’re invited to the reception! Hailing from Chicago, via Gas City Indiana, Wedding Banned has a unique show that combines music, audience interaction, and comedy.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The annual Firecracker 4K and 4M races provide the perfect start to our day long Central PA 4thFest celebration. Now is the time to register for this year’s event. Runners and walkers of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to participate.

The Parade of Heroes celebrates our community and its people – emergency services, community groups, the arts, military, and much more. It is also the platform utilized to publicly thank and recognize the heroes of Central Pennsylvania.

Enjoy a day of fun together with the Firecracker 4K & 4Mile, Parade of Heroes, entertainment, children’s’ activities & crafts, food vendors, the carnival midway, special features, and more!

The Central PA 4thFest Fireworks Show has been rated among the best 4th of July fireworks shows in the nation. There is no cost to enjoy the spectacular fireworks display.

TIP: Consider purchasing VIP Viewing tickets for the sensation of the VIP Experience!


San Diego, California


Annual Big Bay Boom July 4 Fireworks Show

Location: Multiple Locations along San Diego Bay

Time: 9:00 PM

Take in the largest display in the county. With fireworks launched from four barges strategically placed around North San Diego Bay, they can be seen from Shelter Island, Harbor Island, the Embarcadero area and Seaport Village/Coronado Landing, and the score is simulcast live on THE MIGHTY 1090 AM and MAX FM 105.7. Just find a place along the bay and you will not be disappointed.

Seaworld San Diego 4th of July Fireworks

Location: SeaWorld San Diego – 500 SeaWorld Dr, San Diego, CA 92109

Time: Fireworks at 9:40 PM

SeaWorld will celebrate Independence Day with a 15-minute display of fireworks set to a musical soundtrack, starting at 9:40 PM on July 4. Park hours on the Fourth will be 10 AM to 11 PM.

Ocean Beach July 4th Celebration

Location: Ocean Beach Pier at the end of Newport Ave.

Time: 9:00 PM

Spend the day picnicking, swimming in the ocean, walking and playing in the sand and shopping along Newport Ave. Then bundle up as the sun sets and pull up a blanket for a really spectacular fireworks show launched from the OB Pier.

From The Editors Travel

Los Angeles – A Great Travel Destination

Los Angeles, “La La Land,” or “the city of angels” more commonly known as L.A. is located in Southern California surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges, valleys, and forests, expansive and pristine beaches along the Pacific coast, and a desert not too far away.

There is a lot of history attached to the city which has been an important hub for culture, business, finance, medicine, agriculture, aerospace, science, international trade, entertainment and, last but by no means the least, tourism.

Los Angeles has the second most populated metropolitan area in the United States stretching across Los Angeles County, Orange County, and parts of San Bernardino County, Ventura County, and Riverside County – home to more than 17 million people from all parts of the world.

For most tourists, a visit to L.A invariably means a trip to Hollywood to pay homage to their favorite stars with the ever-enticing chance of catching a glimpse of some famous Hollywood faces.

However, for the informed tourist L.A is not only about the entertainment industry and celebrities. Taking nothing away from Hollywood and its tourist-attracting potential, Los Angeles has way more to offer to tourists and visitors than just Hollywood and its larger-than-life celebrities.

With a reputation for being the creative center of the United States, Los Angeles is as culturally diverse as one can imagine offering a superlative culinary experience, great shopping, some of the world’s best museums and much, much more.

With its warm and sunny beaches, the city is ideal for sun seekers and beach bums looking to enjoy the warm climate and sprawling beaches with all kinds of fun activities to indulge in and interesting neighborhoods to explore.

An efficient public transport system and a bike-share program in downtown L.A. make getting around and sightseeing most convenient and easy for tourists.

Its proximity to Disneyland and Universal Studios makes L.A a preferred repeat destination for many families. Whatever one’s interests may be, L.A makes a perfect getaway destination with something of interest for every tourist – well almost.

Here are 10 of the top-drawer tourist attractions and activities which first-time visitors to L.A. may want to check out.

Disneyland Resort


Located in Anaheim, California, just outside Los Angeles, the Disneyland Resort boasts of 2 theme parks – the Disneyland Park and the Disney California Adventure Park, three hotels and “Downtown Disney” – a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex.

The resort is one of the country’s premier family vacation destinations. While Disneyland Park has thrilling rides and elaborately created theme sets to offer, the Disneyland California Adventure Park, a later addition during one of the expansions, boasts of seven lands based on movie themes with much more action and adventure.

Official site:



Now, this is a must visit destination for movie buffs. In fact, many tourists visit Los Angeles with Hollywood on top of their sightseeing agenda what with its unique history and iconic sites.

Hollywood and its attractions are synonymous with the film industry and the glamor of the silver screen. Hollywood Boulevard, the Walk of Fame, the hillside Hollywood sign and the Chinese Theatre are some of the must-see Hollywood sights. A tourist might even get to see a celebrity or two making it an even more memorable trip for the “oh so lucky” visitor.

Natural History Museum


The Natural History Museum has many galleries dedicated to a vast collection of artifacts and historical relics covering a wide range of topics and themes. However, it is most famous for its breathtaking display of dinosaur skeletons in the commodious 14000 square foot Dinosaur Hall.

In addition to a Triceratops and a Stegosaurus, the display includes a “growth series” of T-Rex fossils featuring three skeletons in three different stages of growth – baby to adult.

Another must-see exhibit at the Natural History Museum is “Becoming Los Angeles” which gives an insight into the 500-year Southern California history.

“The Age of Mammals” section explores evolution, climatic changes, and shifting continents.

Exhibits of mammals specific to certain continents are also on display while The Discovery Center is particularly appealing to younger visitors as it provides hands-on experiences making it a very interesting activity indeed.

Address: 900 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles

Official site:

Universal Studios Hollywood


In addition to being a full-time working movie studio, Universal Studios Theme Park has a variety of overwhelmingly impressive rides ranging from simulators to roller coasters based on movie themes which for most people is the main attraction.

One can opt for a guided tour of the studios to explore behind the scenes sets of some of the studio’s most popular movies.

CityWalk, a three-block entertainment area with shopping, dining, and theaters, is a good change of scene when you are tired of all the rides.

Address: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City

Official site:

Exposition Park


The Exposition Park is spread over 160 acres of land and is home to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the California African American Museum, the California Science Museum, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Sports Arena, the Expo Center, and the popular Rose Garden which boasts of thousands of rose bushes, a fountain, and gazebos.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art also known as LACMA is the largest art museum in the western United States, with nearly 130,000 pieces ranging from antiquity to modern times including Islamic, Asian, and Latin American art.

A number of separate buildings that have been acquired and renovated over the years make up the massive complex.

Address: 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

Official site:

The Nethercutt Collection


You would not want to miss out on the impressive range of antique, classic and vintage cars on display at the Nethercutt Collection if you are a fan. The variety and the prime condition of the automobiles on display from the 1890s to the 1970s are something to write home about. The history of the vehicles and description of previous owners are displayed with the cars for the benefit of the viewers.

Address: 15151 Bledsoe Street, Sylmar

Official site:

Long Beach


Long Beach extends along San Pedro Bay about 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. The sights that are worthy of a visit in Long Beach are the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Museum of Latin America and the Queen Mary ocean liner resplendent in history, now converted into a hotel and museum. One can take the Catalina Express from Long Beach for a trip over to Catalina Island.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)


The Museum of Contemporary Art housed in three separate facilities is dedicated to works of art from the 1940s onwards with a permanent collection on display along with changing exhibits displaying new works.

The three separate MOCA facilities are:

The MOCA Grand on Grand Avenue is the museum’s principal facility housing the main galleries, the largest museum store, and a cafe.

The MOCA Geffen is located in Little Tokyo, in what was previously a police car warehouse.

The MOCA Pacific Design Center is in West Hollywood and has rotating exhibits.

Official site:

The Original Farmers Market


The Los Angeles Farmers Market dates back to 1934 when it was established because of hardships resulting from the Great Depression. Back then it truly was a fruit and vegetable market but as the years progressed it has also accommodated other food stands, restaurants, and specialty shops. One can get all kinds of stuff now at the Los Angeles Farmers Market ranging from jewelry and candles to kitchenware and toys.

Address: 6333 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles

Official site:

Major cities near Los Angeles, CA

Glendale – 6 miles
Long Beach – 20 miles
Anaheim – 24 miles to
Santa Ana – 30 miles
Riverside – 49 miles
San Bernardino – 55 miles
Bakersfield – 102 miles to
San Diego – 111 miles