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‪‪Donald Trump‬, ‪Paul Ryan‬, ‪Jeanine Pirro‬‬ Health Care Bill Failure

Not long after Leader Donald Trump informed his Facebook fans Sunday night to see the display of Fox News sponsor Judge Pirro, the Trump and his sponsor friend required to the display to give a severe rebuke of Residence Presenter John Ryan.

“The cause? He neglected to give the ballots for his medical expenses. The one which he’d to work with. The one he concealed in the cellar of Congress under lock and key. The one who needed to be taken to avoid the humiliation of not having enough votes to move.”

“He does not attribute John Ryan,” Priebus stated. “In truth, he believed John Ryan worked very hard.

Ryan spokesperson Doug Andres told that Trump discussed with Ryan on Saturday morning and “the Leader was obvious his Charlene Keys had nothing related to the loudspeaker. They can be equally keen to reunite to work with the program.”

That dialogue adopted an hour long call Sunday, in which loudspeaker and the President mentioned about the best way to progress on their plan aims that were common, Ryan spokeswoman Powerful mentioned.

“Their relationship is more powerful than ever before right today,” Powerful, informed

The workplace of Administration and Budget Overseer Mick Mulvaney also double-D down Saturday morning on NBC’s “Fulfill the Media,” stating, “Never once have I saw (Trump) attribute, John Ryan.”

Both behind-the-scenes, Trump’s heaviest and openly irritations look like aimed maybe not the traditional associates of the Residence Liberty Caucus, whom he invested the other day wanting to negotiate with, yet although at Ryan.

The White House had provided the Flexibility Caucus an eleventh-hour offer to repeal an Obamacare condition that insurance companies cover important health treatment advantages, like prescription medicines and clinic remains, to get them up to speed.

But associates of the team claimed that that might do enough to lessen rates. A lot more was needed by the Independence Caucus, for example, fighting Obamacare conditions that were well-known, including allowing kids to remain on their parents’ insurance till they’re 26 and requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing illnesses, both that Trump had promised through the strategy which he might contact.

As the discussions progressed, the White Residence became conscious of the schisms inside the GOP positions, which light emitting diode Residence Presenter David Boehner, Ryan’s forerunner, to step down and festered for years.

Nevertheless, the White House believed points might be different today, having a real chance to present on a seven as well as a Republican Leader office campaign guarantee.

“We under-estimated the acrimony in the caucus” a senior White House established informed CNN including that they’d mistakenly presumed the Independence Caucus might behave otherwise than it had before offered Trump’s recognition in people’ areas.

“It was not about the plan,” the state mentioned. “It did not issue what coverage we created because they did not need an offer. We were prisoners within a Residence caucus combat that are an interior. The Flexibility Caucus also had much curiosity in eliminating this to deliver an email to Loudspeaker Ryan: ‘you’ve got an excessive amount of power.'”

For the present time, Trump’s connection and Ryan seems complete, which is crucial to ensuring the Residence, handed tax-reform, another legal airlift.

But on how points are heading one inform may be how significantly the White House outsources Slope the next time around and the legal procedure to Ryan.


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U.S. Will Take Action Against Russian Hacking: President Barack Obama

In his final presser of 2016 calling it “the most wonderful press conference of the year” President Barack Obama did not mince words when he charged Russian Hackers of influencing the U.S. Presidential elections and promised a befitting reprisal.

“I have got a list of who’s been naughty and nice, to call on,” Obama said at the very start of his address to the press speaking from the White House.

Earlier in an interview, Obama had made his intentions clear that America would not tolerate interference by foreign governments in its internal matters especially when a foreign regime (read Russia) tries to meddle in the country’s elections.

“I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections … we need to take action,” Obama said in a December 15 interview with NPR, “And we will – at a time and place of our own choosing. Some of it may be explicit and publicized; some of it may not be.”

The U.S. intelligence agencies including the C.I.A have no misgivings about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s direct involvement in the hacking and are confident that the main purpose of Russian intervention was to ensure a Trump victory.

Donald trump, however, continues to rebuke and ridicule the reports of seventeen intelligence agencies which have concluded that Russia and, potentially, Putin himself had a direct hand in manipulating the election and the hacking of Democratic officials.

Putin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, by the way, has dismissed the accusation as “laughable nonsense.”

Adding insult to injury the president’s spokesperson, Josh Earnest, told reporters that Trump had prompted Russia to “hack his opponent,” and it was very much likely, in fact, a certainty, Trump was aware that Russia was helping his campaign.

At a press conference, back in July, Trump addressed Russia telling them to locate Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 missing emails which he later said was said in jest.

“I don’t think anybody at the White House thinks it’s funny that an adversary of the United States engaged in malicious cyber activity to destabilize our democracy,” Earnest said. “That’s not a joke.

Before President Obama was ready to take questions from the attending press representatives on December 16, he spoke about the years of work that America had put in to bring about an end to the civil war in Syria and “alleviate human suffering.”

He had no hesitation in admitting that it was one of the hardest issues that he had faced as President and spoke about the world being united against the “savage assault by the Syrian regime and its Russian and Iranian allies in the city of Aleppo,” mentioning that it was a “deliberate strategy of surrounding, besieging, and starving innocent civilians.”

However, the crux of his address to the press was to highlight the Russian hacking of the DNC, its influence on the U.S. presidential election outcome, and to ensure that such cyber attacks did not happen in the future.

It was a clear warning by Obama to “Russia or others, not to do this to us because we can do stuff to you.”

White House officials believe that Russian hackers assisted Trump’s campaign against the Democratic nominee in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton.

However, it is noteworthy that, as yet, no proof has been offered or made public about the Russian factor in the election outcome.

Among a host of disagreements between Washington and Moscow including Syria and Ukraine, the hacking accusations have added fuel to fire and relation between the two nations has further deteriorated.

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No Woman President in the history of American Politics

The question flooding the internet and one of the popular topics of discussion going around is why women can be anything but not President? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles, material, blogs, pub-talk, television talk-shows and much more on this subject, largely in America.

The sudden surge in the frenzied and passionate interest on the topic is the result of Hillary Clinton’s loss to President-elect Mr. Donald Trump in a bitterly fought election. One can safely surmise that it is nothing but the outcome of the elections, which will soon be put on the back burner.

The same was believed about African Americans until the myth was broken on November 4, 2008, when Barack Obama was elected President of U.S. Not only that, he also won a second term.

His transition to the White House was an unprecedented event in the long political history of America. This firmly endorses the belief in oft-repeated sayings like “there’s always a first time”, “nothing is impossible”, “keep trying until you succeed” and so forth.

Isabel Martínez de Perón, wife of President Juan Perón, she took over and made history as the first female president after her husband's death in 1974
Isabel Martínez de Perón, wife of President Juan Perón of Argentina, she took over and made history as the first ever female President after her husband’s death in 1974

While these sayings proved to be true for an African American, it is my emphatic belief that the same will hold true for women of all races, hopefully, sooner rather than later. There will come a time when a woman will occupy the President’s chair at the Oval Office. Why not? Well, it almost happened in the just concluded elections, didn’t it?

Why have people forgotten that there have been numerous women Heads of States in various countries across the globe? Just to name a few from a long list:

President Simonetta Sommaruga, Switzerland ;
Kersti Kaljulai, Estonia;
President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan;
Acting President Doris Bures, Austria;
Dilma Vana Linhares Rousseff, Brazil;
President Pratibha Patil, India;
Acting President Dr. Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri, South Africa;

And many others, from as far back as in 1940 when Head of State Khertek Anchimaa-Toka, People’s Republic of Tannu Tuva remained in power from April 1940 to October 1944.

However, despite the fact that there have been women Presidents in many countries, America is yet to be led by a woman. Keeping in mind the three oft-repeated sayings I mentioned earlier it’s just a matter of time before America has a woman president at the White House.

If we can have women as commercial pilots, women in the armed forces, women doctors, women holding high political profiles, women CEOs, women surgeons; and most importantly women Heads of State in various countries, there is no reason why we can’t have a woman President in the U.S.

The point “Why Women Can Be Anything, Just Not President” is not true. It applies mainly to the U.S. – Hence, all the hue and cry. Numerous analyses and opinions have emerged about this question but my personal belief is that a woman President in the U.S is an inevitable fact of the future – time will tell.

Some of the opinions being formed and talked about why the U.S. has not had a woman President in its longish history are:

Author Ed Klein claims Hillary Clinton was crying uncontrollably after election loss
Author Ed Klein claims Hillary Clinton was crying uncontrollably after election loss

One such report says Mrs. Hillary Clinton lost the election for being a good woman, playing by the rules. During her concession speech, she looked pretty composed for a woman who had just lost to Trump – one of the biggest upsets in elections ever.

In her concession speech on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton gave another glimpse of her graciousness in defeat by urging her supporters they owed Donald Trump “an open mind and the chance to lead.” She apologized for her defeat and told all the young women “Nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion.”

Everyone has a right to give a reason for Hillary’s defeat; however, in my personal opinion, being a woman was not at all the reason for her defeat. The fact of the matter remains, that Trump got more votes than her not because she is a woman. He won because he ran a better election campaign than Hillary, against all pre-election speculation about his imminent defeat.

Among other reasons like his brutal honesty, his political manifesto appealed more to the people, in spite of all the derogatory and inflammatory comments he made against Muslims, women, immigrants and Hispanics.

The nation has to accept the fact that he got more votes which are indicative of his popularity in the country. People surely did not vote for Trump to spite Hillary for being a woman. One does not cut off one’s nose to spite the face.

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The Aftermath of Trump’s Election Victory Over Hillary Clinton

Hordes of demonstrators and protesters, antagonistic towards President-elect Donald Trump, kept on gathering in urban areas across the U.S. on Wednesday. Vigils and demonstrations continued relentlessly into the early hours of Thursday. People were appalled with the unexpected election results.

One wonders how, under the present circumstances, Donald Trump will succeed in uniting this fractured country. This will be the first thorny task the President-elect will have to address if he is serious and sincere about winning the trust of the nation – Without an iota of doubt, this has to be the first point in his agenda.

Chants of “not my President” resonated across the country, especially in urban America emphasizing the difficult task the Republican Party faces ahead. Reports of protests from major metropolitan cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago kept emerging. Even smaller cities like Richmond and Portland, to name a couple, did not refrain from the anti-Trump demonstrations.

Thousands of anti-Donald Trump protesters shut down 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower.
Thousands of anti-Donald Trump protesters shut down 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower, NewYork. (photo-Getty Images)

New York seems to be the city where the largest of demonstrations is supposed to have happened. Thousands of people are reported to have assembled below the Trump Towers chanting slogans and carrying posters with some interesting slogans like: “Trump Makes America Hate” and “Impeach Trump”.

There were some funny-sounding chants like “hey, hey, ho, ho Donald Trump has got to go.” By and large, the protests were violence-free. Blanca Torres, an anthropology student, hit the nail on the head when she said to the New York Times, “I’m more than a little nervous about the future,”

She went on to add “We all want to have conversations with each other, to figure out how to move forward. There’s a whole new reality out there for us now.”

According to one police spokesperson, two officers were injured and two police patrol cars were set on fire, as thousands of disgruntled people protested in the streets in Oakland, California. Objects were thrown at the riot police, windows were smashed; there were even reports of small fires from some parts of the downtown area.

According to a CBS Report, women from minority communities in Miami, where numerous immigrants live and make a living, gathered at a monument famously known as the Torch of Friendship.

Protesters rallied across the United States on Wednesday to express shock over Donald Trump´s election victory,
Protesters rallied across the United States on Wednesday to express shock over Donald Trump´s election victory. (photo-Reuters)

Dissent and protests were not only reported from major American cities like Oakland, Calif., Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Philadelphia, Portland, Atlanta, Providence, among others, but there were also similar reports from some cities around the world.

According to CBS Report, while most demonstrations were violence-free, there were some incidences of dissidents throwing projectiles and firecrackers at officers.

According to a Los Angeles Times report, traffic was brought to a standstill because of demonstrators, in the hundreds, had the traffic backed up for miles. Hundreds of people in Los Angeles caused U.S. Route 101, a freeway that runs along the coast of Washington State, Oregon, and California, to come to a standstill.

Who would have expected Texas to have joined in the rallies? NBC reported that close to 200 anti-Trump people were at the rally all through the streets of downtown Dallas. There were a lot of handheld placards with different anti-Trump slogans; one of many that caught the eye was “spirit unbreakable.”

The rally was supposed to have been organized by a group known as the Next Generation Action Network. “Not my President” chants were heard from a crowd that had gathered outside the Trump Tower in Chicago in huge numbers. Many believe that Donald Trump will stir up hatred in the country which will be instrumental in the division of the country.

Finally, what is surprising is that all this happened in spite of the fact that President Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton appealed to their supporters to accept and support Trump’s victory and transition to power, the White House.

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Model Code of Conduct?

It is an open secret that election campaigns in the course of the last few elections have been technology driven, which according to many, has not always been fair. Candidates have figured out ways to target voters, arguably, through unfair means employing the latest technological tools at their disposal.

The rationale of “Moneyball” has become a common feature connected to election face-offs. Democrats really tend to match Republicans in spending by gathering units, by hopefuls, and even by free gatherings who need to report their spending and gifts.

The distinction is in dark cash; however, there is no way of determining by how much, which is the purpose of the dark cash. We basically don’t have the Republicans’ adequate supply of unscrupulous billionaires willing to spend boundless funds on their favored candidates and ideological campaigns.

They spend obscene amounts of money on these campaigns that we can’t match. This 2016 Election was supposed to have taken a critical stride in the forward walk of advance, highlighting efforts that made noteworthy advances in information and experimentation.

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders drained campaign assets into following supporter engagement and enhancing innovation and technology —following and improvising on the policies Obama laid in 2012.

The purpose was to establish whether the rise of micro-targeting was dangerously effective in campaign propaganda, and who was employing communications technology the best to this effect.

Majority of Americans are stressed courtesy of the election
Majority of Americans are stressed courtesy of the election

In the outcome of an eight-year domination of Democrats on the oval office, Republicans inferred that it was imperative to manufacture a superior information and data operation. The intention was to be at par, if not superior, to the Democrats in the contemporary science of campaigning.

The intention was to make up for lost time to the Democrats in the current battle for modern scientific campaigning even if the move involved unethical means, however, subtle.

It wasn’t too long ago that battle system comprised, only, of an interminable flood of advertisements—with misty effect. Be that as it may, then battles started to make better databases, manufactured for the most part from the general population voter document. Contingent upon which state you live in, these dockets incorporate your voter enrollment, voting history, and some fundamental demographic data.

By utilizing this information to get a feeling of the state of the electorate, campaigns can better focus on their correspondence and assets. At the point when Clinton campaigners go door to door, reminding individuals to vote on Tuesday, they have a truly decent feeling of whose entryway they’re thumping on, and whether that individual is a probable supporter.

A complex, proficient crusade operation won’t without any assistance wins a race. Things like the nature of a hopeful, the mindset of the electorate, and the condition of the economy matter significantly more.

In any case, running a battle that utilizes information to drive basic leadership positively makes a difference. The general dependable guideline is that a magnificent battle technique can move the result of the race between 2 to 5 percent. Although the margin is enough to win a close contest, it is insufficient to avoid a landslide victory.

This race day is more than a choice of two applicants. It’s greater than a submission on the primary female president, or on the execution of the Obama organization, or on Hillary’s email server administration. It will likewise serve as a submission on what we’ve come to see as the cutting edge battle.

Hillary Clinton has a professionally run operation through and through. From field operations to interchanges to publicizing, her crusade is utilizing best in class information and sociology research to induce and activate supporters on decision day.

Donald Trump has been accomplishing something else completely. What amount does running an information-driven battle matter with regard to attracting voters to the surveys? On November eighth, it appears, we’ll discover.

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Americans are going to the polls to pick another president after a standout amongst the most spiteful decision battles the nation has seen.

After almost two years of severity and hostility, the United States will choose its 45th President on Tuesday. The victor will acquire a restless country which is skeptical and incredulous of legislators and leaders in Washington.

The President will direct an economy that is enhancing yet abandoning numerous causes, and a military less amplified abroad than eight years prior, in spite of emerging and looming terror threats.

Michelle and Barack Obama join Hillary, Chelsea and Bill Clinton on stage during a rally in Philadelphia CREDIT: AP
Hillary Clinton ends campaign in philadelphia with Obama (photo: AP)

At no other time has the nation had a lady as President who, ironically, was also the First Lady of an ex-President. Therefore, it would not be imprudent to assume that she has a substantial edge over Trump on this angle.

Likewise, at no other time has the nation had a President like Donald Trump, with no public service background or experience unlike previous presidents in the history of America. Whether the 45th President is Hillary Clinton or the billionaire oddball, the U.S. is, without a doubt, on the verge of creating presidential history.

While, Mrs. Clinton enters Election Day with different ways to triumph, Mr. Trump, on the other hand, must win the greater part of the approximately dozen battleground States so as to secure 270 Electoral College votes. The control of the Senate is likewise in question, with Democrats expecting to net four seats if Mrs. Clinton wins the White House.

Both hopefuls have held revitalized crusades in the battleground conditions of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Mrs. Clinton asked voters to back a confident, comprehensive, huge-hearted America, while Mr. Trump told supporters they had a wonderful opportunity to revitalize the degenerated framework.

A record number of Americans – more than 46 million – have voted ahead of schedule by post or at surveying stations. Also, there are indications of a high turnout among Hispanic voters who are believed to back Hillary Clinton to the hilt.

Results ought to start rising late on Tuesday night, US time, from 04:00 GMT. Not only Americans but the world, in general, is waiting with bated breath, for the outcome of Election 2016. Don’t be surprised if the unexpected happens – It has happened before.

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The Final Countdown

This is it for Donald Trump – the final countdown has begun. The last presidential reasonable exchange, which began Wednesday night in Las Vegas, was perhaps the last shot for the Republican contender to muscle his directions yet again into an obstinately lopsided race.

It will be a troublesome undertaking. Trump’s poor fight presentations, and rash and undesirable charges that he made towards women some time recently, have sent the exceptionally rich individual making a plunge in the reviews.

With hardly any time remaining until Decision Day, he is still trailing behind Hillary Clinton in national studies. Most Republican and Popularity based strategists alike now assume that Hillary Clinton is cruising toward triumph.

Distinguishing an unequivocally favored point of view, Clinton advisers have made a play to keep running up the score, testing in the most part, Republican states like Arizona and diverting resources into Senate challenges in Indiana and Missouri.

US election 2016: Trump, Clinton prepare for final countdown in race for the White
US election 2016: Trump, Clinton prepare for final countdown in race for the White house.

Trump has responded to his decline in the reviews by heaving a salvo of attacks. For over a week now, the centerpiece of his stump talks has been the claim that the race is being “altered” by a gigantic trap laid by the Clinton’s, overall elites and their supporters in the media. Trump has charged Republican pioneers of treachery and attempted to cause doubts about the dependability of choice results.

Trump faces a fundamental key decision: use his greatest exceptional social event of individuals before Nov. 8 to increase this “settled choice” conflict, or get the moment to introduce a quiet barrier that he is set up to be president.

There are signs that Trump has changed gears. He had pronounced that he would push for a secured correction to constrain term limits on people from Congress, part of what his fight called a “guarantee to exhaust the bog in Washington.” And he released an additional 30-second commercial, titled “Change,” that gives Clinton a part of a D.C. establishment under commitment to uncommon interests.

Clinton has various challenges too. Since the last open pondering in St. Louis on Oct. 9, her fight has been constrained to endure the immovable stream of new internal messages. In her first open consultation with Trump, Clinton effectively prompted her enemy into a movement of hurting stuns.

FBI clears Clinton after round-the-clock review of new emails
FBI clears Clinton after round-the-clock review of new emails

In their second, his wild haymakers set her off, paying little mind to the likelihood that studies exhibited that most voters thought of her as the victor. Clinton has been endeavoring to run out the clock, avoiding the kind of hurting slips that could topple her relentlessly pleasant lead. The Las Vegas verbal showdown was one of her last gigantic obstructions in that effort.

As close as Clinton was to leaving a blemish on the world, it was her challenger who had stolen the spotlight. The latest couple of weeks has been low ebb in the chronicles of American larger part run government.

Trump’s instances of race rigging had tried some of our esteemed convictions, from trust in the trustworthiness of our voting methodology to the calm move of compel.

He had an opportunity to pivot course beginning Wednesday night. Trump had totally exhibited a capacity to flabbergast. Regardless, if the 2016 choice has indicated us anything, it’s to get ready for more fear and disdaining in Las Vegas.

Now that the FBI has given a clean chit to Hillary Clinton over the email issue, Donald Trump’s last trump card has failed. Victory seems imminent for Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

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Donald Trump – The Man Who Disrespects Women and Aspires To be the Commander-in-Chief

Regardless of the possibility that they can’t vote, high school young ladies are pretty much enthusiastic about the 2016 election and its final outcome. What’s more, numerous say Hillary Clinton makes them feel better about the future of the country.

Most of them feel that Hillary Clinton is better equipped to lead the country as compared to Donald Trump, who, on numerous occasions and forums has shown complete disrespect towards the fairer sex. He has no qualms in passing derogatory remarks about women in general.

As indicated by an online survey directed for the New York Times, almost a fourth of young ladies say Clinton’s bid has urged them to look for administrative positions. Moreover, a substantial percentage of young women say Trump’s remarks have adversely influenced the way they consider their bodies.

As specified by the New York Times survey, 22% of high school young ladies said Clinton’s run has urged them to be pioneers, while 27% said Trump’s office made them less inclined to look for initiative parts.

Trump's comments about groping women draw extreme condemnation
Trump’s comments about groping women draw extreme condemnation (photo; huffington)

All the young ladies had heard Trump’s remarks about women, 42% said those remarks had perversely influenced the way they consider their bodies. 83% said a hopeful’s sex has no effect on running for political office (10% said it was less demanding as a man) and 89% said a lady would make generally as great of a president as a man.

“Women’s liberation” was characterized as the “faith in the political, social, and financial fairness of men and ladies.” An online survey led for the New York Times demonstrated that a fourth of adolescent young ladies say Clinton’s appointment has really urged them to lead in whatever area they would consider prudent. Trump’s remarks, then again, let them feel negative about themselves, particularly about their bodies.

Most teenagers who express their feelings about the presidential hopefuls are still not in the lawful age to vote. In any case, their voices are still heard by the ones who are voting including some senior citizens in the general public.

Among the high school young ladies who took an interest in the survey, 27 percent said that Trump’s bid made them less inclined to look for authoritative parts, and maybe making them feel like a minority who have no say by any means.

Likewise, 42 percent said that Trump’s remarks affect how they consider their bodies while 83 percent said an applicant’s sexual orientation is no major ordeal and yet 89 percent said a lady is superior to a man to be the president of the United States of America.

Woman’s rights are persistently advancing on its ubiquity among young ladies in the general public. Around 63 percent of ladies between 18 and 34 are viewed as “women’s activist” or a “solid women’s activist,” as indicated by a January survey from the Washington Post.

With this, there is no certification that surveys can be greatly one-sided or fair. One late Pew observation proposes that 60 percent of voters said Trump is insolent about ladies. The male presidential hopeful has a considerable measure of things to say that exacerbate individuals’ opinion about him being the Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation in the world.

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Are the E-mails Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare?

With just over a less than a week to go the Director of the FBI has opened a Pandora’s box and let it flow all the way to the Democratic camp unleashing a furor over the news that some new e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s private server which needs to be probed.

The Clinton campaign and democrats are incensed at Comey for raising unwarranted issues so close to the elections. The elections are a foregone conclusion according to the Hillary camp as they are saying the cake is baked.

Clinton has built up her campaign very meticulously, in an organized manner leaving Donald Trump trailing by 6 points and now when she is just about to clinch the presidency Comey comes calling with this startling revelation.

It was this same James Comey who earlier this year had informed and recommended to the Justice Department that the e-mails on her private server did not contain any classified material and did not warrant Justice to start criminal proceedings.

State Dept audit faults Hillary Clinton in emails |
State Dept audit faults Hillary Clinton in emails 

Now suddenly Comey has taken a somersault and made the disclosure that new e-mails have surfaced which has infuriated Democrats and Hillary supporters.

The question remains what motivated Comey to make this last minute disclosure, was he prodded or there is some sinister agenda but the fact is that Comey’s integrity as concurred by Obama himself is beyond reproach.

Many in the government including the Justice Department people are in agreement that Comey’s timing was not appropriate. The Clinton camp believes that her campaign has built a firewall and nothing can go wrong against but it seems that Comey and co have hacked through.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign further believes that she is cruising on auto pilot and nothing can go wrong and she can not be put off course. Donald Trump is on the other hand overjoyed and will do as much damage to Clinton’s credibility even at this stage.

Trump is thanking Comey to the stars and considers him a godsend but the question arises although he has got new cannon fodder will his slaves to the Clinton camp change his dwindling fortunes.

When Clinton first heard the news she was on board her campaign plane to Iowa and received with equanimity. She believes that she can do no wrong but this new disclosure is going against her as Trump is letting voter know that she can not be trusted

Trumps’ sex tape and accusations of harassment by many women have done a hell of a lot of damage to his campaign but now points are resurging for him and he is in a state of glee and elation.

 is Trump Actually Making a Comeback?
Is Trump Actually Making a Comeback?

There are now those undecided voters who have to decide which candidate deserves the White House. Clinton has a lot of celebrities on her side and has enlisted their help in the final weeks leading to election day.

High-profile celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Katy Perry and Jay-Z have added color and her campaign people are hopeful that these efforts will be crucial to driving up turnout on and before Election Day.

Clinton aides cite early voting statistics as proof that while the FBI news has drawn heavy scrutiny in recent days, it has not moved the core of her support.

Early voting data show that Hillary Clinton and democrats are leading as over 3.5 million people have already voted in Florida — making up nearly one-quarter of all registered voters in the state — with Democrats outpacing 2012 vote-by-mail numbers. Similarly, in Nevada, where nearly one-fourth of registered voters have already cast their ballot, Democrats are outpacing Republicans by nearly 30,000.

However, there are the swing states and Clinton aides say the core of their base, especially Hispanic voters, have already turned out to vote in high numbers, citing trends in Colorado, Nevada, and Florida. Some top advisers believe states with robust early voting and absentee balloting, like Nevada, could essentially be decided before election day.

However, it is the swing states like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Arizona which seem to be swayed by the Comey disclosure. Michigan is also up for grabs as it could go any one’s way. Clinton volunteers are knocking on doors and asking voter what they think about the Comey affair.

The Clinton camp is lashing out that Comey did not bother to comment on the alleged Russian meddling in the U.S election campaign while exposing Hillary Clinton about the e-mails. Many Democrats believe that it is blatant double standard on Comey’s part .

The world will know on the morning of Nov 9th, the morning after the election if Comey was Clinton’s undoing or his revelation only boosted her chances as Democrats rally around her. As for Trump, he is waiting in the shadows hoping against hope.

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Trump Calls Cancellation of Elections as Hope Fades For Him

Donald Trump has finally lost it. He knows that his chances of winning the elections have no chance whatsoever so he is making really bizarre statements just an over a week from the elections. In his latest outbreak, he has called for the U.S Elections to be canceled and he is declared the winner.

In a last futile attempt to revive his fluctuating fortunes, Trump is denigrating the U.S election system saying that the media and the government will resort to electoral fraud, something unseen and unheard of in the U.S.A.

He is likening the U.S Elections to that of a third world country or a banana republic where everything goes and by any means necessary. Trump, is trailing his opponent in key battleground states and clutching at straws to save his drowning politically short career.

He believes that Hillary Clinton has negative policies and is a nasty woman as he has said in one of the debates. The U.S elections have the most transparent and honest electoral system in the world and to accuse it of being rigged is bordering on the absurd.

He has repeatedly played Clinton for not having the stamina to be president whereas he is hale and hearty. It seems that Trump is going to create problems after the election unless the republicans lose heavily.

Surveys by leading media outlets are predicting a Hillary win as she is already leading by 9 points. However, there may be some hope for the Trump camp as they are many voters who are undecided.

All-America Survey: Clinton leads Trump by 9 points .
All-America Survey: Clinton leads Trump by 9 points .

Of the 17 percent, undecided 31 percent are for Trump while only 22 for Clinton. This can close the gap but the problem is that these people will have to show up to make a difference. It is being said that more than 50% of white males ranging from ages 18 to 50 who do not have a college degree and have never held a steady job will all vote for Trump.

Trump is solely responsible for the numbers because of his negative rhetoric, his hate mongering and his disrespect of women and his doublespeak. Donald Trump did not play his cards right as there are a lot of disgruntled people who are who are angry with the system of government but Trump has not been able to channelize that anger to his advantage and turn it into his political support.

Trump has also lost the advantage from whatever his business background had given him an opportunity to do. The poor and the have-nots see hope in Clinton and will support her. Clinton has reached out to all those who matter and who will probably put her in the white house.

Trump’s major problem is that leading republicans have deserted him also due to sex tape which emerged just before the second debate. Consequently, Trump suffered badly and later many women came out to accuse him of sexual harassment which also goes against him.

Hillary stands at 44 percent to Trump’s 36 and even if Trump’s manages to close the gap the numbers are speaking against him. In a major sensational development, just 11 days from election day the FBI has opened a new probe into Clinton’s use of a private server in sending her official State department e-mails.

Donald trump; we should just cancel the election and give it to me.
Donald trump; we should just cancel the election and give it to me.

This should be a godsend or life saver to Trump and the Republicans have already started lashing out at Clinton and questioning her trustworthiness. The FBI director James Comey has written to congress informing them of the new probe.

Earlier this year Comey had recommended and informed the Department of Justice that the e-mail probe did not warrant to press charges and initiate criminal proceedings against Clinton. Will this really go against Clinton and make her lose the bid. Although the FBI informed congress that this new discovery warrants investigation it is quite unlikely that the paperwork can be ready in 11 days to implicate her.

Hillary Clinton interviewed by FBI over private email server
Hillary Clinton interviewed by FBI over private email server

However, this not bode well for the Clinton camp for Trump and his die-hard republicans will leave no stone unturned in the 11 days leading to the elections to malign her, discredit her, tell the nation of her untrustworthiness and do a lot of damage to her campaign.

Her camp must go into the super drive to ward off the allegations, her spin people turn things in her favor. Trump is already overjoyed at the disclosure and has started baiting her.

In the next 11 days, the world will know who fate has favored but one thing is sure and that is the next few days leading to election day will be nastiest, most bitter and ugliest exchange between the Democratic and Republican camps. Hail to the Chief.