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“Rocket Man” Kim Jong-un Calls Trump a “Mentally Deranged Dotard” in Response to His Threats to North Korea

North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un recently referred to as ”Rocket Man” and threatened with annihilation by U.S. President Donald Trump, spewed venom in response, promising to “tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire.” The supreme leader’s vitriolic statement was released by official Korean Central News Agency.

Earlier this week President Donald Trump in his first, rather contentious, address to the United Nations General Assembly had threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea.

“No nation on Earth has an interest in seeing this band of criminals arm itself with nuclear weapons and missiles. The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime,” Trump said.

Kim Jong-un, who is known to have made threats against the U.S in the past , said in his Thursday statement, “Now that Trump has denied the existence of and insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world and made the most ferocious declaration of a war in history that he would destroy the DPRK, we will consider with seriousness exercising of a corresponding, highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history.”

Kim Jong-un further said that he “will make the man holding the prerogative of the supreme command in the U.S. pay dearly for his speech calling for totally destroying the DPRK.”

The North Korean leader ended his diatribe saying “Whatever Trump might have expected, he will face results beyond his expectation. I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U. S. dotard with fire.”

While the threats from both sides may have been clear and present, on a lighter note, it was the use of the word “dotard” that captured the attention of Americans who went on a tweeting spree having a field day at the expense of POTUS. However, in all fairness, the word “dotard” is the translated version – the Korean connotation is more like “lunatic old man.”

Many Americans, unfamiliar with the dated word, made a dash for the dictionary as confirmed by Merriam-Webster who said that online searches for the word were “high as a kite.” However, this time around they were searching for a word which actually exists unlike the word “”covfefe” coined by Trump – it’s okay to laugh out loud.

This tweet says it all.

Here’s Merriam-Webster tweeting about the high number of searches for “dotard” and her explanation of the term.

Kim Jong-un’s taunting of Trump attracted some really interesting and amusing, if not downright hilarious, tweets. Here they are.

Getting back to the seriousness of the ongoing war of words and exchange of rhetoric between Washington D.C. and Pyongyang, there is strong likelihood of North Korea carrying out another nuclear test – a hydrogen bomb of an unprecedented magnitude this time around, if the DPRK Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho’s statement to reporters in New York is anything to go by. This is what he had to say in the wake of Kim’s scathing statement.

“This could probably mean the strongest hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific Ocean. Regarding which measures to take, I don’t really know since it is what Kim Jong Un does,” the minister stated.

Meanwhile, Japan’s defense minister Itsunori Onodera stressed on his country’s need for preparedness to counter the threat of a North Korean missile launch over its territory again.

“We cannot deny the possibility it may fly over our country,” Onodera said in response to Ri’s statement. It must be mentioned that North Korea has already launched two test missiles over Japanese territory in recent weeks.

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President Trump Talks Politics After Promising Not To at the 19th National Boy Scout Jamboree

President Donald Trump’s 19th National Boy Scout Jamboree speech Monday evening in West Virginia was received with mixed reactions – well, more negative than he would have liked.

While his tirade may have drawn cheers and applause from his supporters in attendance and elsewhere, the general response was that of shock and awe – many just listened in utter disbelief, including yours truly.

“Who the hell wants to talk about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts?” is what he said soon after opening his speech with a potshot at the press. “Boy, you have a lot of people. The press will say it’s about 200 people. It looks like about 45,000 people.”

It hardly took the man any time to go back on his word – which, he is pretty much adept at – of putting aside “policy fights in Washington DC” that the public has “been hearing about with the fake news and all of that.”

He did not break a sweat demeaning DC politicians when he, unabashedly, tried to tarnish them and the politics of the country which he is the Commander in Chief of.

“You know I go to Washington and I see all these politicians. And I see the swamp, and it’s not a good place. In fact, today I said we ought to change it from the word ‘swamp,’ to the word ‘cesspool,’ or perhaps to the word ‘sewer.’

Now, what could be worse than that? Profanities? Well, the way things are going, it shouldn’t be long before we get to hear some real heavy ones, worthy of the man and the office he holds – sarcasm intended.

President Barak Obama – another perennial target of his ire – expectedly, was not spared this time around as well.

“By the way, just a question, did President Obama ever come to a jamboree?”

This, coming from a man who was never a boy scout himself for a former two-term president who was!

Not content with his “fake news” dig earlier, he made sure he added insult to injury – at least that’s what he thought he was doing – by further ridiculing the media.

“By the way, what do you think the chances are that this incredible, massive crowd, record-setting is going to be shown on television tonight? One percent or zero?” he jibed.

“The fake media will say, President Trump spoke before a small crowd of boy scouts today,” he mocked.

Moving away from his by-now-to-be-expected attacks on President Obama, the media, politicians, and Obamacare – yes, that too came up and we will discuss it later – let’s take a look at what he said to the boy scouts for whom he was actually there.

“I’ll tell you a story that’s very interesting for me when I was young. There was a man named William Levitt — Levittowns, you have some here, you have some in different states.”

And he goes on and on talking about how the man became successful; how he met him at a cocktail party in New York; how he admitted to a young Trump that he had lost his momentum and how he finally lost everything he possessed.

Who wrote the speech for him? For heaven’s sake, he is addressing a crowd of teenagers and talking about something, actually, negative and way before their time. What happened to the unwritten commandment “know thy audience”?

Self-glorification had to feature in the speech at some stage. And, you know what? It did! It’s just that we’ve lost count of the number of times it has come up since the election 260 days ago.

“But do you remember that incredible night with the maps and the Republicans are red and the Democrats are blue, and that map was so red, it was unbelievable, and they didn’t know what to say?”

Oh yes! Obamacare! Almost forgot!

The audience, mainly comprising tens of thousands of young people, mostly teenagers, got to meet the health secretary Tom Price who received a veiled threat from the Commander-in-Chief.

Talking about the vote to repeal Obamacare, which was scheduled in the Senate for Tuesday, he joked about firing Price if he failed in his bid to convince senators to support the bill.

“He better get them. He better get them. Oh, he better – otherwise, I’ll say ‘Tom, you’re fired!’ I’ll get somebody.”

Here’s a look at some of the reactions on social media;

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How Donald Trump Proved In Many Ways as Being Racist

They say some characteristics in human beings are hereditary and inbred and children learn a lot of these traits from the peers. Hate and love are two emotional traits that one is not born with but learns and inculcates in one’s character in by observing society in general.

In other words, hatred for a certain race or religion is not natural but is indoctrinated in the minds of people like in the Southern United States in the 1800s and later during the civil war, Southerners did not consider Blacks as human beings and inflicted cruelty and pain for their mindset was that they were meant to live in servitude and serve their white masters.

Brought in from Africa and sold to white plantation owners to work on their cotton field they were subjected to all sort of atrocities, with black women being raped and boys sodomized.

This evil passed on to generations until the civil war when things really start to change.

With time and education blacks realized they had rights too and under Dr. Martin Luther King launched the civil rights movement with the result that President Lyndon B Johnson signed the civil rights bill in 1963 granting equal status to blacks.

Things have changed in a revolutionary manner and today a black aAfrican American, President Barack Obama is President of the United States.

Have things really changed ? Barack Obama was not elected to office because loved the color of his skin or that white Americans wanted to atone for the sins of their forefathers.

Obama was elected and reelected because he addressed the issues confronting the people.

In November 2016 , Obama will leave office as the 2016 elections and the new occupant of the White house will either be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

It is a very well known fact that Hillary Clinton has no issues with the minorities that are the blacks, the Hispanics, the Mexicans nor with people of different faiths that are Muslims. Christians Jews or Hindus.

As for Donald Trump, it is a completely different ball game as witnessed during the course of his election campaign.

To appeal to White American voters, he has done everything he thinks is justified in alienating Mexicans, Hispanics, and blacks not to forget Muslims.

So the question arises is the future aspirant to the White house a racist, a bigot , xenophobic, or simply playing to the gallery .

Well, truth be told , to know someone one needs to explore his family background and it seems that trumps if not racist are biased to blacks.

In a latest New York times story It has been discovered Fred C Trump Donald Trump’s father was indeed biased in his business dealings related to housing and renting of apartments to blacks.

It seems that Maxine Brown was a model tenant who wished to rent a one-room apartment in the still-unfinished Wilshire Apartments in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens.

With excellent credentials and references, she should have been given the rental.

However, her application was kept pending on the instructions of the elder Trump as there was one hitch.

The 33-year old nurse was black.

Like father, like son Donald Trump idolized his father and has in his business dealings pursued his policies.

Trump’s attitude of rejecting black tenants was documented by activists and organizations that viewed equal housing as the next frontier in the civil rights struggle.

The Justice Department undertook its own investigation and, in 1973, sued Trump Management for discriminating against blacks.

Both the Trumps, Fred Trump, the company’s chairman, and Donald Trump, its president, were named as defendants.

This was the first time Donald Trump came into the public eye.

The Trumps denied any allegations and bias and the senior Trump went on the offensive by alleging character assignation and demands to provide housing to “welfare recipients” and a $100 million countersuit accusing the Justice Department of defamation.

However, It must be borne in mind that Fred C Trump is not running for the office of the President of the United States and his son Donald J Trump is vying for the august post.

It now seems that the Donald camp is set to woo black voters. Talk about hypocrisy.

In the latest development in this context, Trump has tweeted that the shooting death of

National Basketball Association star Dwyane Wade’s cousin in Chicago is an example of why African-Americans should vote for him in November.

This caused an uproar and outrage online from basketball fans, celebrities, and others.

Nike Aldridge, a 32-year-old mother of four, was pushing a stroller in Chicago’s Parkway Gardens section Friday afternoon as two men exchanged gunfire. She was struck in the arm and the head by stray bullets and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

Wade is a 34-year-old shooting guard, 12-time NBA All-Star, and two-time Olympian who recently left the Miami Heat to sign with his hometown Chicago Bulls.

Trump has called Hillary Clinton a ‘ bigot’ a typical and classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Trump plays on the psyche of voters mentioning the misery and deprivations blacks have had to endure and they should vote for him to change their lot .

Meeting with African-American and Hispanic Republican leaders at New York’s Trump Tower last week he tried to put the message across.

Last week, speaking at a rally in Virginia he repeated his call that they had nothing to lose as they were already living in poverty, studying in no good schools and 58% youth unemployed.

Many detractors world argue that being in miserable circumstances does not in any way imply that you should sell your soul to the devil.

Similarly, Trump has alienated the Muslim community by calling for a complete ban on Muslims entering the U.S.A. Once again he has struck the fear psyche of people demonizing Muslims.

What Trump does not seem to realize that a lone wolf’s action has nothing to do with Muslims at all and that terrorists are not Muslims and Muslims are not terrorists.

After all, What Hitler did to the jews does not make the entire german race antijewish or responsible for his actions.

It is understandable that there will be a backlash in the aftermath of Terrorist bombing attributed to a Muslim. However, that does not mean that Trump should politicize the matter for personal voter gain.

Another negative feature of Donald’s campaign has been his vilification of women whom he has not given their due respect.

That is why he has promoted Kelly Anne Conway as his campaign manager whose job will be to woo women voters in large numbers.

Trump’s rhetoric and slogan ‘Make America great again” has appealed to white American voters and rich retirees in Florida and other states.

Veterans also have to some extent endorsed him but the problem is that Trump does not have a game plan by which he can convince voters as how he can make America great again.

The job of the U S president is the most important in the world for the US president is the Commander-in-Chief of the US Army, Navy, Air Force and US marines.

He also has access to the nuclear codes which can trigger the launch of nuclear missiles.

It is the highest position of responsibility anyone can have. At this point in time, Donald Trump has not displayed the sense of responsibility the people expect of him. Many would say that he is not presidential material nor has the presidential credentials.

As for Hillary Clinton, well the world knows she has been in politics for over three decades fulfilling roles as the First Lady of Arkansas when husband Bill was Governor followed by the First Lady of the USA while Bill was president for 8 years.

She then became Senator of New York, President Obama’s Secretary of State and now the Democratic nominee for the office of the US president.

With such credentials, her supporters say that she is tailored for the job. With less than 90 days to go, it is going to be a grueling, tough, no holds barred, hard hitting and ruthless campaign .

The national polls say that Hillary is in the lead by 6 points in some states and 4 in others. The CNN debates which are a good barometer to gauge the standings will start next month .

Although Trump has the advantage of being a better speaker and sways his audience he is not focused on issues. Hillary, on the other hand, is an expert in US foreign policy , health and childcare issues, women’s issues etc.

The question of racism, hate mongering spreading fear and hysteria among the masses by trump will certainly be brought up by the Hillary camp.

The elections are on a knife’s edge and the slightest foul up could cost the candidates dearly.

If ethics and morality were to be the yardstick to judge the outcome of this US election Then Hillary Rodham Clinton would be far ahead to reach the finishing post than her unpredictable rival. Only time will tell.

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Donald Trump Hires Media Firebrand for His Presidential Campaign

The key to success in life is strategy, planning, organization and of course excellent public relations as well as social interaction skills.

Whether one is promoting a brand label, launching a major new product in the market or managing an election campaign, It is virtually impossible to get anywhere without applying the aforementioned traits or skills.

We live in a world of digital information where access to any information is just a click away and along with images the newsfeed is assessed and evaluated for its content and value.

So projection is also very important, in ads or promos as the purpose is to reach out to the audience and relate to them in a positive manner.

However in politics, the going is not so easy as politics means handling a politician, not a mean feat as it means image marketing, personality projection, whitewashing the negative or sweeping under the rug the negative points of the politician.

The US Presidential campaign is by far perhaps by far the most difficult and greatest campaign of any for it involves intense media projection, public relations, publicity and image promotion.

A politician is virtually turned into a robot and taught how to speak, dress, move, mingle, walk, interact, smile, frown and when and how to kiss babies also.

In 1988, It is said that the Late Benazir Bhutto hired the P. R. firm Saatchi & Saatchi to promote her image which did wonder to helping her win the 1988 elections.

Big campaigns mean big money and the US Elections are the most expensive, demanding and challenging.

It is therefore absolutely necessary to choose a campaign team which can do no wrong. Guarantee positive results and give the opposition a run for their money.

In the current US Election campaign, Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party nominee for the president is running a solid and effective campaign which is not one can say of her rival Donald Trump.

The Donald Trump camp is in total disarray, partly because of his foolishness, shooting off his mouth and greatly due to his arrogance.

Trump is falling behind and in order to save his campaign, he has brought on board new people.

On Wednesday, Trump overhauled his campaign teaming appointing a media firebrand Steve Bannon, head of the Breitbart News website, as campaign chief executive officer, a new position. He also promoted senior adviser Kellyanne Conway to the post of campaign manager.

The question arises who is Stephen Bannon and what are his credentials. Will he save Trump and turn around the campaign in the less than three months that it has or will he send Trump into oblivion?

However, Conway a data-driven analyst may help Trump appeal to women voters.

Bannon has a Navy and finance background and has worked with the US investment firm Goldman Sachs. He was also the adviser to Sarah Palin and has been a long time Trump advisor.

He became executive chairman of Breitbart’s News Service in 2012 after the death of its owner Andrew Breitbart.

Breitbart’s venture into fame was by breaking news about a series of scandals involving companies, liberal politicians, and bureaucrats.

Republicans say the website is partisan in its approach and misleads readers on non-issues.

They say one does not change horses in midstream which is what Donald Trump has done in order to make his campaign more coherent to voters.

Will Bannon be able to deliver and dance to the tune the Donald plays? Many republicans believe it is too late.

As for Conway, she is analytical and concerned with the numbers and adopts a pragmatic attitude to winning. Bannon, however, is likened to a bull in a china shop. He will probably fight dirty as he likes to take the fight up a notch.

Although, Conway and Bannon may have opposing ideas and different styles they have one vision and aim which is to put the Donald into the White House.

Hillary Clinton is about to face fierce opposition and probably has to face a salvo of accusations as Bannon is the producer of the short film  ‘Clifton Cash’ accusing the Clintons of taking big money from high profile donors for the Clinton Foundation.
Trump trails Clinton in national opinion polls and in many battleground states, potentially facing a big defeat that could also cost Republicans congressional races.

Trump, is only being heard by conservative white voters who say he speaks the truth .

His recent spat with the parents of a Muslim U.S. Army Captain has been a new low and even republicans have distanced themselves from the issue.

The Donald refuses to change his style or stance and continues to draw the ire of many Americans.

He has since faced a barrage of criticism from Republicans over his campaign style and his refusal to stick to a policy message. In particular, he has been rebuked for his prolonged feud with the family of a Muslim U.S. Army captain who was killed in the Iraq war.

Meanwhile as is the won’t, Donald Trump received his first intelligence briefing from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Intelligence officials brief the major-party U.S. presidential candidates on foreign policy and national security issues but do not disclose ultra-sensitive information about ongoing U.S. undercover operations, methods or the identities of intelligence sources.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, who was brought in, in June is either on his way out or just been demoted as he failed in his efforts to contain the antics of the Donald.

Manafort drew unwelcome attention this week when The New York Times reported his name was on secret ledgers showing cash payments designated to him of more than $12 million from a Ukrainian political party with close ties to Russia. Manafort denied any impropriety.

Hillary Clinton has clearly stated that Trump is temperamentally unsuited for the White House, reorganization of staff or anything would change Trump and his rhetoric.

“Donald Trump has shown us who he is, he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign, they can make him read new words from a teleprompter, but he is still the same man who insults Gold Star families, demeans women, mocks people with disabilities and thinks he knows more about ISIS than our generals,” she told a rally in Ohio.

Conway and Bannon may prove to be opposing forces in Trump’s campaign. Conway is analytical and numbers-driven and often offers a more pragmatic approach to winning campaigns. She is expected to travel with Trump. Bannon likes to push the limits of polite conversation and revels in taking the fight up a notch, strategists say.

“For Steve and I, we also recognize that we are different when we say we have different styles, but we have one vision,” Conway told reporters.

As mentioned earlier Bannon was instrumental in producing and promoting a movie called “Clinton Cash” that accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of doing favors for high-dollar donors to the Clinton Foundation charity, a theme that Trump has been touching on in his campaign speeches.

“My guess is Bannon will be a bull in a china shop and Conway will be focused on messaging and paid media,” said Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak.

However, overhauling campaign staff with the appointment of Bannon suggested Trump was aiming not to tone down his aggressive style but to be more disciplined in emphasizing themes that resonate strongly with the voters he is trying to court, such as his tough stance against illegal immigration and withering personal criticism of Clinton.

The man is incorrigible according to many experts and many in the Republican party believe themselves Trump will not be able to deliver.

The shift to new leadership may not be a good sign at this stage of a campaign, but some Republican strategists said it was not too late for Trump.

“I’ve thought for a while that they’ve needed smarter, senior people and it looks like they just got them,” said Republican strategist Charlie Black. “It’s only the middle of August. This race is going to be close in the end, but he does need to tighten up his performance.”

Conway told Fox News she was advising Trump to take “his case directly to the people.” “With Donald Trump, he is still his own best messenger because people see him as very authentic.”.

She has worked to improve the Republican Party’s standing with women voters and to push back on Democratic accusations that Republicans are waging a “war on women.”

The current polls average of national opinion polls puts Clinton six percentage points ahead of Trump, at 47.2 percent to his 41.2 percent.

He may have a new fighting team to help him and support him but it seems that Trump still needs to get his bearings corrected.

It only remains to be seen how the next 3 months will end up but one thing is sure , there will be a lot of bruising and bullying in this campaign and the winning candidate will not emerge entirely unscathed.

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History of Copy Speeches and Melania Trump’s Speech Plagiarism

It is but natural to ape, copy, imitate things so that one can make an impression with people. Children are prone to copy their classmates on one thing or another. Boys as well as girls copy each other in fashion, hairstyle and even personal habits. Girls dress their dolls in similar dresses which often leads to jealousy and bitterness.

In school, at exam times, weak students try to cheat by copying notes from brilliant students owing to peer pressure. In adult life, people resort to all means of copying or plagiarizing material to get ahead in the office.

We have all engaged in cheating, imitating or copying in some stage of our lives but it all becomes history as we move along in life. For ordinary people it does not affect them as mentioned it is a part and parcel of life. In underdeveloped countries where copyright laws are not so stringent and where the government is also weak people tend to take a very lax attitude and brush it off easily. It is often seen that parts of books are plagiarized and used in other books which are not only unethical but illegal. Medical books are photocopied and sold to students at a nominal price as these books are at times very expensive.

However, in the west and most particularly in the USA, copyright laws are very strict and violators can be imposed with heavy fines and even a jail sentence if found guilty.

Perhaps as a case in point of one of the most well-known cases of plagiarism is the blockbuster and best-selling book By Alex Haley ROOTS which was made into a mini television series by ABC television.

It was later discovered that the Pulitzer-winning author had plagiarized major extracts of his book from another novel “The African“ by white author Harold Courlander.

Haley contended that the protagonist of the novel Kunta Kinte was his ancestor a fact which was later disproved by historians.

There have been other famous instances of plagiarism of some well-known personalities such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the world famous US civil rights leader who it is alleged plagiarized his dissertation for his doctorate degree.

However, King was an established iconic leader who changed the course of black and white relations in the USA. It is said that his famous speech “I have a dream was also taken from another pastor“.

Dr. Martin Luther King TimelyBuzz
Dr. Martin Luther King – TimelyBuzz

Dr. Martin Luther King’s greatness needs no explanation or introduction and the plagiarism stories pales before his iconic stature.

Dr. Jane Goodall, an eminent scientist working with chimpanzees for more than 50 years and author of several books and research papers was also accused of plagiarism.

In Dr. King’s case allegations of wrongdoings surfaced at the start of his career but Goodall’s plagiarism was as recent as 2013 when she was planning to launch her book “Seeds of Hope” where it was discovered that some of the sources were taken from none other than Wikipedia, astrology sites and so forth.

Johnny Cash, an icon of his times was a famous country music singer in the fifties and sixties with such famous songs such as I Walk the Line, Ring of Fire, A Boy Named Sue and Jackson, a duet with his wife June Carter Cash.

His name has been inducted into the Country Music, Rock, and Roll and Gospel Music Halls of fame.

Johnny Cash TimelyBuzz
Johnny Cash – TimelyBuzz

However, Cash was also branded a plagiarist in 1955 as his song ‘Folsom Prison Blues ‘ about the tale of a convicted murder being tortured by the sound of a passing train while stuck in prison, was actually the work of another person Cash, settled the plagiarism suit by paying $75,000 to put the issue to rest. That amount is worth about $660,000 today. His career was not affected by the suit at all.

Another two famous personalities, accused of plagiarism were Helen Keller, who at the age of 19 months became deaf and blind but went on to a be a prolific author, public speaker and political activist. She was awarded the presidential medal of freedom in 1964 and inducted into the national women’s hall of fame in 1965.

Her dark patch concerning plagiarism surfaced when she wrote her first book Frost King at the age of 11. The story appeared bore similarities to another book by another author. Although Keller denied any wrongdoing, the matter received a lot of publicity the case was finally attributed and cited as a case Cryptomnesia.

The other famous person mentioned was T.S. Eliot, the famous English Poet and Playwright who won a Nobel prize for literature in 1948.

In 1922 Eliot published the popular poem The Waste Land. Decades later it was discovered that the poem was largely a hodgepodge of text from lesser-known poets, one of them named Madison Casein and his poem entitled Waste Land.

However, Eliot’s reputation was not besmirched although he was criticized throughout his life. Plagiarism becomes very important when the concerned person involved is very famous and has mass fan following but what happens when the plagiarist just happens to be the wife of the nominee for the president of the United States of America.

This is the latest sensational news doing the rounds or as it is the age of digital technology, going viral. Donald Trump, the real estate billionaire is the Republican party candidate for the President of the United States duly endorsed at the convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 21st, 2016.

Trump, a foul-mouthed, racist preaching hate against Hispanics and advocating the complete ban on Muslims due to terrorist related incidents in US cities recently has already stirred a hornet’s nest and is a love-hate relationship with the media.

Now Melania Trump, his beautiful and charming wife has further spiced up the political hotspot by giving an opening speech at the convention which the media has picked up as being plagiarized from the speech of Michelle Obama, President Obama’s wife at the Democratic Party Convention in 2008 when Obama was running for his first term in office.

Similarities have been found in several place of the speech, as a case in point Melania’s claim that that she would pass these values on to future generations “because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them” also closely matched Obama’s wish to share those values “because we want our children – and all children in this nation – to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them”.

The speech is indeed a setback for the Trump camp as he is formally crowned the party’s candidate for the President of the United States as many critics are saying the-the Republican party image needs to be spruced up its image before the elections in November.

Will this affect Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House? Many detractors, especially in the Hillary team, will say that the husband and wife can not be trusted to handle affairs of the state as they have a tendency to cheat.

Proponents will counter argue that Melania was talking about family values and care and respect and if similar words were used it is no big deal. Still, others may say there is no originality in the Trump camp.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s head honcho, is partly to blame for the fiasco as he signed off the speech and edited it.

Manafort is of the view that common language used in Melania’s speech should not lessen the impact of her words.

Neither Michelle Obama nor the White has commented on the speech yet but the American media will not easily let go.

When one runs for public office, one is the in the limelight at all times and in this case, the prize is the coveted and most powerful office on the planet.

For the next three months both the camps will be under the intense glare not only of the American media but that of the world and the social media. Every stride, every hairstyle, dressing, body language, eating and sleeping habits will be under the eye of the camera and hiccups will be microscopically examined and scrutinized.

Any deviation from the norm will be damning for both the camps and it will be no surprise that Donald Trump hires a team of plagiarism experts to ensure that this time round nothing is compromised, As for the Hillary camp plagiarism may be the least of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s worries as the former first lady is beset with her own problems such, the State department e-mails on her private server, Libya not to mention her husband’s trysts.

One thing is certain, the US elections 2016 will be the ugliest,nastiest and most interesting elections for a very long time as the gloves are off and no holds barred.