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Top 5 Nuclear Powers In The World

Nuclear warfare has become a major cause of concern for the whole planet at present, with a large number of countries acquiring powerful nuclear weapons, which are enough to wipe out mankind from the face of the earth.

The countries with this nuclear power are considered to be more secure and powerful, due to this title no one can attack a country having nuclear power easily.

There are currently 5 countries that are recognized as nuclear weapon states, who have signed Non-Proliferation Treaty.

#1 Russia

Russian Nuclear Weapons

Russia is considered as the biggest nuclear power country in the world, with an estimated 8500 warheads in its control, including strategic nuclear weapons which can be launched by long-range delivery systems, and non-strategic nuclear weapons with lower yields and shorter ranges. The country has conducted its first test dating back to 1949 and the most recent one conducted in 1990.

#2 United States

United States
US Nuclear Bomb

The United States was the first nation to develop a nuclear weapon and is the only state to deploy a nuclear weapon against another country. The nation currently has a stockpile of 7,700 nuclear warheads, including more than 2,000 deployed weapons, 2,650 non-deployed warheads and about 3,000 weapons awaiting disassembly. The US began nuclear weapon development during World War II and successfully tested its first nuclear weapon in July 1945.

#3 France

Nuclear France
Nuclear France

On number 3 in this list is France, which has an estimated 300 nuclear warheads. France has the capability to strike with a nuclear weapon from air, sea or land – that is called as the trial strike. The country registered its presence in this field in 1960 by conducting its first nuclear test and last in January 1996 in French Polynesia.

#4 China

China's Nuclear Weapons
China’s Nuclear Weapons

China is another major nuclear power country of the world, an emerging superpower economically as well as in terms of defense strengths. They performed the first nuclear test in 1964, and the last one back in 1996. Today, the country owns nearly 250 nuclear warheads. China has a strict policy of “no-first-use”, meaning they would attack only if they are attacked by a nuclear weapon on them. Chinese nuclear warheads can be launched by air, land and sea-based delivery systems.

#5 United Kingdom


With an estimated 225 nuclear warheads, including 160 operational and 65 non-deployed warheads. The United Kingdom comes on number 5 in the list. UK has kept the size of its nuclear arsenal a top-secret. Today, UK is considered as a powerful country in terms of its nuclear capabilities and number of possessed warheads. Till date, United Kingdom has carried out 45 nuclear tests, the first one being in 1952 and the most recent one in 1991.