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Jared Kushner Trump’s Son-In-Law to Oversee White House Office

Kushner, who wedded Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and now serves as a senior advisor, will head the newly formed White House Office of American Initiation with an eye on possibly privatizing some government functions and leveraging company thoughts, the Post said.

“The authorities ought to be run like a great American business. Our expectation is that we can attain successes and efficiencies for our clients, who are the citizens,” Kushner told the Post in an interview.

Some the areas he’ll focus on are veterans’ care, opioid dependence, technology and information infrastructure, infrastructure and workforce training, as stated by the report.

“I assured the American people I’d generate effects, and use my ‘ahead of schedule, under budget’ attitude to the authorities.”

Representatives for the White House didn’t immediately respond to a request to support the report.

The move comes only days after Trump endured his first major political drawback since taking office in January. Fellow Republicans pulled their health care strategy after years of promising to reverse the 2010 health law of former President Barack Obama.

Also, it comes one week after Ivanka Trump received her very own office in the White House together with access to classified information as well as a government-issued telephone after aides previously said she wouldn’t take on a job in her dad’s White House.

In line with the Post, aides told me she’d collaborate with the initiation office of Kushner but won’t have an official function.

Kushner has been a regular presence at his father in law’s side and was previously cleared by the Justice Department to serve as a White House senior advisor as concerns were raised by Democrats about his possible conflicts of interest.

He’s been given an extensive selection of international and national policy obligations, including working toward a Middle East peace deal. He’ll continue to serve in his many jobs as he takes up the new responsibilities, the Post reported.

The Senate Intelligence Committee may also question Jared Kushner, as an element of its investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and whether any collision happened between the Kremlin as well as the Trump effort.

A White House official told Business Insider that Kushner took the assemblies as a piece of his job as “the official primary point of contact with foreign authorities and public servants.”

“Through the effort and transition, Jared Kushner functioned as the main point of contact with international authorities and officers,” the official said. “Given this role, he’s offered to talk with Chairman Burr’s Committee, but hasn’t yet received confirmation.”