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Travel Trends Shift In Past and Upcoming Years

It is generally said that travel not only broadens one’s vision but also enlightens and expands a person’s worldly perspective of things. A man has always been fascinated by the adventure of travel, whether out of necessity, pleasure, trade or his restless spirit to discover and explore new territories to seek out riches or spices for trade in spices was a lucrative business.

Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer, with the support of Isabella and Ferdinand, the ruling monarchs of Spain set sail with three ships, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria to discover the new worlds hoping to reach India.

Similarly, Captain James Cook of England on board the H.M.S Endeavour lay anchor in Botany Bay far way in the South which later on was colonised by the British and now called Australia. Perhaps It goes without saying that two of the greatest travellers of all time were Marco Polo and IbnBatuta .

Marco Polo., (1254-1324) a young Venetian, was 17 only when he travelled to discover new places with his father and uncle. They travelled through Central Asia, Persia, through the Silk Route to China to become the guests of the Emperor of China, Kublai Khan.

Marco Polo returned to Venice after 24 years when Venice was at war with Genoa and Marco was thrown into prison. He narrated the fantastic tales of his long odyssey to his cell mate who chronicled them into books.

Muhammad Ibn Batuta or simply Ibn-e-Batuta (1304-1369) is recognized and acclaimed as the greatest traveler of all time .

Born in Morroco, Ibn Batuta at the age of 21 set out to perform the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) which in those days took about 16 months. However, he did not return home till 24 years.

In those days travelling was very arduous and painstaking as the only mode of travel were ships, horseback, and camels

Despite the hardships and at many times at the risk of his life Ibn-Battuta travelled to almost all the countries that are now part of the Islamic world and also to many parts of non-Muslim lands.

His sojourn in different lands and his study of different cultures and customs were chronicled in a book the Rila translated journey which makes interesting and compulsory reading for aspiring world explorers.

With time, and great inventions, the mode of travel improved in a revolutionary manner and we now live in an age where supersonic travel by air, high-speed train travel, and even road travel has become easy.

With time trends and motives for travel changed also as previously say in the sixties travelling was done for professional purposes, or for permanently relocating to richer countries such as witnessed by the mass exodus to Europe and USA and Canada in the sixties and seventies when immigration laws were quite lax .

In the seventies, the oil and construction industry boomed and flourished and people from all over the subcontinent flocked to the Middle east for greener pastures.

Earlier, holiday travel was the domain of the rich and well to do especially in the developed countries of the world. and the famous destinations of the time were London, Paris, Rome New York and Tokyo to name a few.

Nowadays, everything has changed, have backpack will travel has been a mood of travel, trekking around the world or cycling for peace or motorcycling across the globe in increasing.

Now we live in the age of digital technology, where trends in almost everything have changed. The Internet mobile apps have given people a mother lode of information and people especially the young are very choosy and particular in their preferences in almost everything, eating habits, socializing, workplace or travel habits.

What will be Travel trends in present day 2016? Will it be the usually preferred destination, sightseeing, shopping and have fun and returning with a sun tan or will it go further than that?

Well according to Travel writers and experts, Travel trends will be huge in 2016.

Let us briefly review travel trends and the hottest spot preferred .

Health Resorts

Vacations are usually taken to leave back the mundane daily life and live and let live but these days a lot of people travel for health reasons also, to rejuvenate themselves, to feel younger and to feel invigorated to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Health Spas, herbal treatment, dietary needs, rest and relaxation all contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of the famous wellness resorts of the world.


Wellness at the Backstage Hotel Vernissage

health resort wellness spa therapy TimelyBuzz
Health resort wellness spa therapy – TimelyBuzz

Wellness at Backstage Hotel in Switzerland is known for its unique spa experience with seven with seven room treatments, called therapy cubes, themed after each of the days of Creation. The cubes marry viscerally and visual components, utilizing lights, images, temperatures and sensations meant to cleanse and relax the body and soul.


Jiva Grande Spa at Vivanta by Taj
Madikeri, Coorg

It sits atop the hills of a subtropical rainforest in the southern state of Karnataka, India, and a five-hour drive from the major city of Bangalore gets you there. At an altitude of 4,000 feet, with treatments inspired by the rich, local culture, Jiva Grande Spa at Vivanta by Taj in Madikeri, Coorg is the ultimate in all-natural rejuvenation.


Golden Rock Retreat

Bali has long been one of the most beautiful destinations in the world with its pristine beaches and beautiful landscapes. The Golden retreat is a detox and healing centre for health-conscious travelers. Yoga, meditation, massage, infrared and herbal steam saunas are some of the treatments available here,

Les Sources de Caudalie
Martillac, Bordeaux

Vinotherapy to decelerate the aging process. With an idyllic locale among vineyard of Bordeaux. This is the place for rejuvenation. Rich in minerals, the property’s warm underground spring water is great for soaking away what ails you. Wraps and massages use grape extracts called polyphenols, which strengthen blood vessels and enhance micro-circulation, while slimming programs combine techniques that break down cellulite with special dietary menus and varietal treatments such as a Cabernet scrub or Merlot wrap.

Pujjis Wellness Retreat
Nelson, South Island

To keep the mind and body The Pujjis Wellness Retreat located ten minutes from Nelson in New Zealand’s South Island is an ideal location for health travellers. Owned and operated by Arvind Pujji, an experienced and trained bodyworks practitioner who uses his skills to provide calm,cleansing and comfort.

For the health conscious other well-known destinations are Kamalaya Koh Samui
Na Muang, Koh Samui, Thailand, Natur-Med Thermal Springs and Health Resort,
Davutlar, Aydin, Turkey, California Health & Longevity Institute
Westlake Village, California, USA, and Canyon Ranch Miami Beach
Miami Beach, Florida, USA.


Travel dietry food festival timelybuzz
Travel food festival timelybuzz

Many people are not only health conscious but very particular about their dietary and nutritional requirements and thus wish to places where they feel they will be comfortable with their eating habits. People want to get away from junk food and go to exotic locales to give their taste buds new flavor. The famous floating vegetable and fruit markets in Thailand offer fresh papaya and mangoes.

The choice of food outlets both expensive and cheap around the world are in thousands if not in millions but more and more are preferring to be guided by their sense of taste or taste buds while travelling.


The Peace Corps in the USA in 1961 can be described as the best example of Volunteer travel that is doing something worthwhile while travelling overseas. These days many people especially the young are engaged in volunteer travelling to places like India, Thailand land other places. Whether working at an elephant sanctuary or bird or protecting turtles in the Australia’s beach this type of travel is really worthwhile.

Bleisure Travel

Roman Bath Ancient London
Roman Bath Ancient London – TimelyBuzz

In the early eighties, the term Brunch was coined with the combination of Breakfast and Lunch as one meal in the intervening time period of the two. These days another word relating to travel has cropped up and is known as leisure travel that is the combination of business and leisure travel on one ticket.

Businessmen, and top level executives travel at a very fast pace and hardly take the time to go on full vacations. Nowadays the trend is to when going on a business trip just take 2 or 3 days extra to enjoy the sights. For example, while on a trip to London, check out the historic town of Bath, just a 90-minute train ride from London and boasts ancient Roman baths with naturally soothing hot spas.

Cultural Festivals

Festival travel Timelybuzz
Festival travel – Timelybuzz

The Rio Carnival in Brazil, Mardi gras in New Orleans, Louisiana USA, Kumbh Mela in India or the Running of the bull in San Fermin. Pamplona, Spain, and other cultural festivals have attracted travellers from all over the world and millions of tourists plan their trips to see such festivals.

Traditional sightseeing is losing its appeal and people want to see something different and unique rather than visiting Big Ben in London or the Coliseum in Rome.

So there you have with changing times come changing trends and travelling trends are also changing.

Entertainment From The Editors

USA in Olympics History, a Tale of Gold Medals

History traces the origin of the Olympic Games up to 776 BC in Olympia, Greece which was dedicated to the gods and was therefore staged on the land of Olympia and were celebrated until 396 AD. The ancient Olympic Games consisted of only one race on a track of about 180 to 240 meters long. Over the years the games have been altered greatly and other sports like long jump, chariot racing, boxing, wrestling, discus throwing, javelin, swimming, archery, weightlifting and much more have been added to the list.

The Olympia
The Olympia

In the archaic times only the men were allowed to participate in these games, the eligibility for the participation was that these men were to be free men who knew how to speak the Geek language.  Women were, however, not allowed to take part in these games that were closely linked to the religious festivals of the cult of Zeus, the women were not allowed to participate in these games until in 1900. However in the year 1894, the French nobleman, Baron de Coubertin managed to bring about a change in the tradition by managing to bring together representatives of different countries onto one single platform. The first modern Olympics were hence held in Athens in the year 1896.

Prior to each Game, the Olympic torch or the flame is lit in Olympia and is brought to the host city by runners carrying it in the relay. The Olympic flag consists of 5 rings of different colors symbolizing the 5 continents of the earth participating in the events. The flag was originally designed by Pierre de Coubertin in 1913. In the modern Olympic Games, the winners get Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals respectively unlike the earlier times where the winner was awarded a crown made out of olive leaves that signified hope and peace.

ancient olympics crown
Ancient Olympics crown made of olive leaves

The Unites States of America has been sending its athletes to every celebration of the modern day Olympic Games. The first athlete to participate in the Olympic Games was Thomas Burke who was an American sprinter  and the first Olympian champion in the 100 and 400-meter race in the 1896 summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.  In a total, the USA has won a total of 2404 medals in the Summer Olympics and another 281 medals at the winter Olympics.

Olympics torch
Modern day Olympics medals

The USA also holds the record for winning more Gold medals than any country in the summer games and the second most gold medal winning country in the Winter Olympics. The most medals won are by athletics (field & track) 322 medals followed by swimming 230 medals. Shooting is in the third with a total number of  53 gold medals. Michael Phelps who is an American swimmer is to be the most celebrated athlete of the USA with a total number of 19 Gold medals on his credit.

Following the tradition, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) has organized the Rio 2016 Olympics which is a 16 day event having a wide variety of sports categories to participate including, diving, swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, canoeing, slalom, sprint, cycling, BMX, Mountain Biking, Road, Track, Jumping, Fencing, Golf, Judo, wrestling, freestyle and many more.


Olympics medal history - USA
Olympics medal history – USA

It has more than 150 countries participating with the Unites States Of America having the greatest number of athletes: 554 and Tuvalu with the lowest number of athletes: only one. Up to now, China secures the first position with a total number of 10 medals, 4 of gold and bronze and 2 of silver. The USA secures the third position with a total number of 13 medals, 3 of gold, 6 of silver and 4 of bronze while the Great Britain secures the last position in the top 10 with a total number of 4 medals, 1 of gold, 1 of silver and 2 of bronze.

USA Olympics gold medal – Vancouver [Source]
Ginny Thrasher an American shooter is the first gold medalist of the Rio Olympics 2016 by pulling off an upset in the women’s 10-meter air rifle event on the 6 of August. Thrasher, despite the fact only 19 managed to defeat the silver medalist Du Li of China in the final round with a total of 208.0 setting up and Olympic World record in the finals. Thrasher is an NCCA champion and it was her first time I the Olympics when she won a gold medal and made her country proud.

The Rio 2016 medal design.
The Rio 2016 medal design.

Throughout history, there have been many of such great athletes who have been a cause of pride for their country and have brought home the gold medals. The list below mentions a few of them;

Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner as we now know her has won a gold medal in men’s decathlon at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. Jenner late on went ahead and became a reality TV star on E! cable network’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” a career turn that made the entire family a ubiquitous presence in the American pop culture from its launch in the year 2007.

USA Olympics Logo
USA Olympics Logo

Tommie Smith’s appearance at the 1969 games in Mexico won him the gold medal in the 200 meters and set a world record for the next 11 years! He later went ahead and became  an assistant professor of physical education and track coach at Oberlin College. He helped to coach the 1995 US team at the world Indoor Championships in Barcelona and in 1999 was awarded the California Black Sportsman as the Millennium Award.

Mary Lou Retton was America’s first woman ever to win w gold medal in gymnastics. She won the most medals of any athlete at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Retton then became an inspiration for American Women’s gymnastics and an 80’s cultural icon in America. She also appeared on the Wheaties box and in movies like Scrooged. Today, she is a motivational speaker, according to her website, and frequently serves as a television commentator and host for Olympics-related programming.

Carl Lewis is one of the most celebrated athletes with a total number of ten medals to his credit and nine of them being gold. He is playing an active role in helping to bring the 2024 Olympics to Los Angeles. The Birmingham, Alabama native is now an assistant track coach at his alma mater, the University of Houston, where he focuses on sprints and jumps and tries develop future Olympians.

Greg Louganis won a gold medal at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. He was also named as the “Athlete Of The Year” in 1998 by ABC’s wide world of sports. Today, Louganis mentors the US Olympic diving team and is an advocate for HIV-awareness being himself diagnosed with it during the 1988 Olympic games. He also stands up for gay rights himself being one.

“The Greatest Female Athlete of the 20th Century”, Jacqueline Joyner-Kersee has won three gold, one silver, and two bronze medals in the Summer Olympic games between the years 1984 to 1996. She later went on to play professional basketball for the Richmond Rage of the American Basketball League, but only appeared in 17 games total. Along with founding the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation, she co-founded Athletes for Hope in 2007, alongside other prominent sports figures such as Muhammad Ali, Lance Armstrong, Mia Hamm, Jeff Gordon, Tony Hawk and Cal Ripken, Jr.Joyner-Kersee is also one of the most famous athletes to have overcome severe asthma. After retiring from athletic competition, Joyner-Kersee joined the board of directors for USA Track & Field and will make an appearance in Rio de Janeiro as part of her role. She now tours the country giving speeches and mentoring athletes.

The Olympic Games motto, “Citius, Altius, Fortius” which is Latin for “Swifter, Higher, Stronger” therefore proves the fact that Sports are about teamwork, competition, victory, defeat, growth, endurance, strength, intelligence, drive, passion, inspiration, desire, motivation, and honor. They stand for all the qualities we can ever dream of having. To feel a little more, to work a little harder, to taste the blood of victory, to agonize in a moment of defeat is something you can’t effectively put into words.

Olympics games - A bigger picture
Olympics games – A bigger picture

In the big picture, our nations may be a war, or in a nuclear weapons race.  We may have human rights issues with them or think they are not good neighbors, in the big scheme of things. but during the Olympics, we can just relax and enjoy each other.  There is plenty of time to disagree and fight amongst ourselves back in the real world.  The Olympics give us a few days of peace and security and an opportunity to complete with the best athletes in the world. And as Pierre de Coubertin, has himself said, The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.”

Entertainment Technology

Technology Leadership and Women in Silicon Valley

The southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, located in California is commonly known as “The Silicon Valley” that is home to most of the world’s largest high-tech corporations and thousands of startup companies. The Valley serves as a leading hub and startup ecosystem for high-tech innovation and development.

There are high-tech businesses flourishing in the area, which is now generally used as a synecdoche for the American high-technology economic sector. The word “silicon” in the name “Silicon Valley” originally referred to a large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers in the region. While the word “Valley” refers to the Santa Clara Valley where the region has traditionally been centered, which includes the city of San Jose and the surrounding cities and towns.

silicon valley
Silicon Valley – USA

Silicon Valley today, has thousands of high-tech companies headquartered in its region, some of the Fortune 1000 include; eBay, Facebook, Cisco Systems, Apple Inc., Google, Intel, HP Inc., Netflix, Yahoo!, Telsa Motors, LSI Logic and many others. Despite their hard and commendable efforts in the success of the Silicon Valley, we can still observe that at the top of the industry and government, the faces remain stubbornly male and so is the case with the high-tech world as we see personalities like Mark Zuckerburg (born May 14, 1984, is the founder of today’s most popular social networking site Facebook), Bill Gates(born 28 October 1955 is the founder of the Microsoft software), Steve Jobs(born 24 February 1955 is the founder of the world famous Apple Incorporation) and many others as the defining faces of the Silicon Valley because of the sexism present in the society, and women even in a modern industrial society of today have a shamefully negligible recognition for the efforts that they have made.

No doubt that women are better off today, but still far from being  equal with men because of a lack of recognition and appreciation. The list below gives a short history of such “Founding Mothers Of The Silicon Valley”.



judi estrin silicon valley - TimelyBuzz
Judi Estrin – Silicon Valley

Judy Estrin was born in the year 1954 is an American business executive. Estrin is recognized for her contribution to the networking protocols that form the basic frame of the internet. She was born to a family of high-techs with both her parents, Thelma and Gerald Estrin being Computer Scientists at UCLA. She has a sister Deborah Estrin who is also a professor of Computer Science. Her son David Carrico is a tech entrepreneur is the founder of EvntLive.

Judy studied math and computer science at the University of California, Los Angeles and later in her life got a masters degree in mechanical engineering at Stanford. While at Stanford Judy worked with a research group led by Vint Craft also known as the “Father of the Internet”. The group developed the TCP/IP specification which forms the underlying technology of the internet. She is now the CEO of JLabs, a private company focused on further innovation in business, government, and non-profit organizations.

She’s been awarded amongst the 50 most powerful women in American business in the year 1998 and was also awarded a the EY entrepreneur of the year in the northern California region in the year 1987.  In 2002 she won the “Women in Technology International Hall of Fame award and in the year 2010 she was awarded GIL Award from Frost and Sullivan. It is also rather ironic that she is not given much recognition for laying down the very foundation (the internet) as compared to others who developed Google, Facebook etc which are all based upon it when even for the fact that the idea of having a search engine to search without the internet seems ludicrous.



donna dubinsky timelybuzz
Donna Dubinsky

Donna Dubinsky is an American businesswoman who played a crucial role in the development of the Personal Digital Assistants or the PDAs serving as the CEO of Palm Inc. and co-founding Handspring with Jeff Hawkins in the year 1995. She was the daughter of Alfred Dubinsky who worked as a scrap metal broker. She attended the Yale university and got her bachelor’s from Jonathan Edwards College with history as her major in the year 1977. She got her MBA from the Harvard Business School in the year 1981. She is the current acting CEO and board chair of Numenta. In the year 2007, she was also awarded the “Alumni Achievement Award” at Harvard Business School. Donna was also the founding member of the Palm Pilot which was a handheld computer manufactured by Palm Inc. In the year 2005, she along with her technical partner got to work at Numenta.



diana greene timelybuzz
Diana Greene

Diana Greene is yet another wonderful woman who is counted on the list of the “Founding Mothers of the Silicon Valley” born in the year 1955 in Rochester, New York. She is serving as the current senior vice president for Google’s cloud business. She is an American investor and has also served as the founder and CEO of VMware, the company that marked the advent of virtualization industry from 1998 till 2008.

Diana received her  bachelor’s degree in the field of mechanical engineering from the University of Vermont  in 1976 and her masters in Naval Architecture from MIT in the year 1978. She also has a second masters degree in the field of Computer Science from the University of California in the year 1988. Last year in the month of November  Google paid her an amount of $380 million for the company and gave her one of most influential jobs in tech: as the senior vice president of Google’s enterprise business, she is in charge of figuring out how to grow the company’s cloud computing business to a size that the company posts could eclipse the ad business within five years. She has also worked on enterprise startup software called Bebop.


Lynn Conway TimelyBuzz
Lynn Conway

Lynn Conway was born on 2 January 1938 and is recognized for her numerous achievements including the Mead and Conway Revolution in VLSI design which induced an emerging electronic design automation industry. She is an American computer scientist, electrical engineer, inventor and transgender activist. Conway was brought up in White Plains, New York and suffered from gender dysphoria as a child. She earned her B.S and M.S.E.E degrees in the year 1962 and 1973 from Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. She was inducted by IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, New York in the year 1964. And soon joined an architecture team that designed an advanced supercomputer, working along with other renowned personalities which include  John Cocke, Ed Sussenguth, Fran Allen and much more on the ACS project inventing multiple-issue-out-of-order dynamic scheduling while working there. She was however fired in 1968 because she revealed her intention of gender transition to a female. She has won numerous awards for her achievements throughout her life. Some of the include; the 2002 Electronic Design Hall of Fame, National Achievement Award: Society of Women Engineers 1990, Magil Lecture in Science, Technology and the Arts, Columbia University 2016.


sandy lerner timelybuzz
Sandy Lerner

Sandy Lerner was born in the year 1995 and is an American businesswoman and philanthropist. She is also the co-founder and the CEO of the Cisco Systems. She used the profit from selling this company and invested it into animal welfare and women’s writings. Her most renowned work includes the historically accurate sequel to “Pride and Prejudice”. She also founded a cosmetics company which she late sold to Moet-Hennessy Louis Vuitton. She later moved to an organic farm in Virginia.


sandy kurtzig timelybuzz
Sandy Kurtzig

Sandy Kurtzig is an American business woman and  Silicon Valley’s first  female technology entrepreneur. Kurtzig received her bachelor’s in math from the University of California, Los Angeles, and her masters in the field of aeronautical engineering at the Stanford University.Acting as the founder and the CEO of the ASK Group (a business and software manufacturing software producer) as a part time job in the year 1972, she was the first woman to take a Silicon Valley technology to the public and was the first software entrepreneur to become a multimillionaire. She also founded Kenandy, the enterprise management software company in the year 2010 where she served as the CEO up to 2015 and is now the chairman of the board.

There are many more marvelous women who have put in their efforts, Ann Bowers who was the Apple’s human resource director and den mother in the early 1980s,Ann Winblad, co-founder of the venture firm Hummer Winblad in 1989, Adele Goldberg, the PARC computer scientist, Roberta Williams who designed the video games and many more whose stories have not yet been unfolded here. Although women have made great strides in gaining access to education and employment, to this day they continue to face significant hurdles that men generally do not confront too. To envision a future having an extensive multitude of people contributing their efforts for the success and evolution of the high technology world, we must not succumb to the ease of shortening the stories of its past.