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Samsung Chromebook Pro Has a More Powerful Processor Than Chromebook Plus – Launching April

Apart from the processor, an Intel Core m3-6y30, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is identical to the Chromebook Plus which hit the market this month on the twelfth – Chromebook Plus has the less powerful ARM hexa-core chip. Pro, by the way, will be available to customers in March/April.

There is but one more difference in the two Chromebooks – the price. While Plus is priced at $449, Pro will be available for $549 because of the more powerful processor, obviously.

Features of the Samsung Chromebook Plus and Pro:

Two-in-one: Both the Chromebooks, Plus and Pro, can be used as laptops as well as tablets. For example, when working on documents, emails and other similar work, one can switch over to the laptop option and back to the tab mode once done. It all depends on the user’s ease and preference.

Aesthetics: The Chromebooks are aesthetically slim and attractive and all metal; touchscreens with hinges for 360° rotation with two identically shaped panels so that they merge to look like one when in tablet mode. The edges and corners are beautifully rounded off giving them a pleasing appearance.

Stylus Pens: They are equipped with built-in stylus pens that can be pulled out for notes and handwriting-to-text conversion, and slid back home to blend in with the body when not in use. The pen can also be used to take a screenshot, magnify and unlock the screen, and even personalize a photo.

Operating System: Samsung has worked hand-in-hand with Google to include an Operating System in the Samsung Chromebooks Plus and Pro that allows users to run even Android apps from Google’s Play Store thereby giving them access to a vast software library. The earlier Chromebooks did not have the Chrome OS and Android apps on the same platform.

Pre-loaded apps: The Chromebooks Pro and Plus come with a host of pre-loaded apps primarily designed to work with the built-in stylus.

Display Screen: The Plus and Pro boast of 2400×1600 resolution 12.3 inch Quad HD displays made of Gorilla Glass 3 giving them durability and great picture and color quality. When in tablet mode the user can enjoy portrait as well as widescreen viewing with an aspect ratio of 3:2.

Battery: Up to 10 hours of battery life on full charge points towards a powerful battery.

Main Memory: 4GB/LPDDR 3

Storage: 32 GB

Camera: 720p front web cam.

Keyboard: Now, the keyboard may take a little getting used to as some minor compromises have been made to accommodate the form factor. The keyboard is compact-sized with some of the keys smaller than the others such as the back and tab keys which are much smaller than they generally are.

What is missing and would have been a real good addition is backlighting. However, the keyboard is painted with highly reflective ink which makes it visible in the dark with the screen as the only light source.

Trackpad: The trackpad is comfortably large and has a nice click to it.