Scientists Invent Wearable Testicle-Chiller to Enhance Fertility in Men

A new invention called CoolMen can now help men boost their fertility | researchers say that keeping the testicles cooler than the body temperature increases sperm count

Scientists Invent Wearable Testicle-Chiller to Enhance Fertility in Men

If you found the idea of Autoblow AI – the world’s first oral sex device for men – disgusting, here’s one that will put a smile on your face, or even make you laugh out loud.

Scientists have come up with a wearable testicle refrigerator, of sorts, that not only keeps the unmentionables in their place but also boosts their sperm-producing capabilities by keeping them a degree or two cooler than the body temperature.

Of course, the latter is what the inventors have designed the device for; the former is just a bonus benefit.

My apologies if I have offended anyone by using the term “unmentionables” to describe them, as I do understand that there are many who mention these guys at the drop of a hat, and what’s more is that they have different nicknames for these hanging marvels.

Jokes apart, if CoolMen can truly boost sperm count as its developers claim, it could well prove to be the world’s best non-invasive fertility-boosting option for all those fatherhood aspirants out there.

Developed by Cooltec Limited, a Polish company that claims to specialize in helping men “becoming fathers,” the contraption consists of two rubber-lined pouches, shaped precisely to give the testicles a snug fit, and a waistband that is attached to the two holders.

CoolMen is worn like underwear and supposed to be kept on for at least 12-16 hours every day for three to four weeks to derive maximum benefit out of it.

Testicles work best when they’re a degree or two cooler than the body temperature
Testicles work best when they’re a degree or two cooler than the body temperature

The materials used in manufacturing CoolMen are flexible and lightweight to avoid injury and to make the device as comfortable as possible, considering it is meant to be kept strapped on for extended periods of time.

Male infertility has been on the rise in recent times, largely due to unhealthy lifestyles, such as eating habits, lack of exercise, smoking, excessive indulgence in alcoholic beverages, and the likes.

Low sperm count can also result from regular use of tight-fitting clothes, too many saunas, driving or cycling regularly for long hours and, of course, conditions like obesity and diabetes, to name a couple.

However, Cooltec says that reduced sperm count, or infertility, is “most commonly associated with elevated testicular temperatures,” which should ideally be one to two degrees Celsius below the normal body temperature.

“Elevated temperatures result in the death of cells from which spermatozoa are formed and further stages of the spermatogenesis process,” says the company website.

“Because of this, the quality of the semen from superheated testicles decreases,” the website goes on to add.

The company claims that CoolMen can also be used to effectively treat varicoceles, a scrotal condition that also causes infertility, affecting as many as fifteen to twenty percent of all men, with a higher vulnerability rate among older men.

Embedded sensors in the pouches constantly monitor the temperature of the testicles and feed the data to a dedicated smartphone app allowing for real-time readings.

The wearer can share the stored data with his doctor who can then work out a suitable line of treatment.

CoolMen smartphone app.
CoolMen smartphone app.

By the way, CoolMen can also record the wearer’s steps, calorie intake and heart rate, which makes it almost as good as a smartwatch and worth the $305 price tag attached to it.

If only it could read the time as well, but then smartwatches can’t read the temperature of your testicles, can they?

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