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Samsung Unveils its 2018 QLED TV Lineup at New York City Media Event

The world’s leading TV manufacturer Samsung unveiled its latest range of QLED 4K TVs at a New York City media event on Wednesday.

While the new sets may not boast too big an improvement on the picture quality when compared to the company’s previous-generation QLEDs, which was pretty good to start with, the focus this time around has been, primarily, on intelligence and smart home features, as well as Bixby integration.

“Our 2018 lineup of televisions are truly our most innovative and sophisticated yet, designed for today’s consumer who is mindful of the aesthetics of their space,” said Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

“We are excited for consumers to experience our new TV lineup and features that offer more freedom to decide where and how the TV can be best enjoyed within the home,” he added.

What’s more is that the new QLEDs are SmartThings-enabled, allowing you centralized control of compatible smart devices using your TV as the main hub.

The new lineup, which should begin shipping out in a matter of weeks, includes the Q9, Q8, Q7 and Q6 models, in descending order of price and picture quality, with each series to be made available in flat as well as curved versions.

Each of the models will be available in different screen size options, which is welcome news for potential buyers with limited space, as well as those looking for larger versions to fill up the extra space in their homes.

In so far as image quality improvements are concerned, two models of the new-gen QLEDs – the Q8 and the Q9 series – boast Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) that allows better management of contrast and deeper black levels compared to Samsung’s edge-lit displays.

While the FALD feature is found in most flagship TVs, it’s the first time it’s being incorporated in Samsung QLEDs.

All four models support HDR10+ but the Q9 has the superior HDR output, which the company refers to as “Q HDR EliteMax.”

The addition of an “Ambient Mode” is essentially a feature which rival OLED screens would, in all probability, find difficult to incorporate, considering their image retention issues while displaying a static image for extended lengths of time. It will not come as surprise if Samsung flouts this particular addition to its new QLED lineup the most.

The “Ambient Mode,” which all the new QLEDs are equipped with, basically emulates Samsung’s Frame TVs. It allows you to keep your screen running even when not in use, displaying screen savers of your choice along with temperature, news headlines, personal photographs and more.

Samsung 2018 QLED’s “Ambient Mode” will make the TV appear almost invisible.
Samsung 2018 QLED’s “Ambient Mode” will make the TV appear almost invisible.

You can even camouflage you new QLED by capturing a photograph of the background and using it on the screen so that it blends in with whatever is behind it, giving it an almost transparent look.

In addition to using less power than the standard viewing mode, the “Ambient Mode” automatically regulates the screen’s brightness in sync with changing light levels in the room the QLED is housed in.

Also, Samsung has included a dedicated button for the feature on the latest QLED smart handset.

The smart home features allow the TV to serve as a centralized hub for Samsung’s SmartThings-compatible devices. Using the onscreen SmartThings dashboard, you can access and control other smart devices on your network, such as cameras, lights, refrigerators, dishwashers, robotic vacuum cleaners, thermostats, and the likes.

Plus the inclusion of Bixby allows you to use voice commands to control your SmartThings devices and perform other functions as well, like bringing up your favorite program.

Samsung’s SmartThings dashboard
Samsung’s SmartThings dashboard

Improving on the 2017 QLED’s ‘invisible connection’ cable, the new ultra-thin single cable on the new-gen QLEDs can now serve the dual purpose of carrying power as well as audio/video signals, thereby eliminating the need for an additional cable.

Although it’s a little wider with a 3.4mm thickness compared to 2017’s 1.8mm cable, it shouldn’t be much of a concern considering the fact that it does away with the need for an additional cable

To sum it up, Samsung’s new line of QLED TVs, particularly the Q9 and Q8, have much to look forward to.

Each of the new QLED models is available in the following screen sizes

  • Samsung Q9F QLED TV (available in 65-, 75- and 88-inches)
  • Samsung Q8F QLED TV (available in 55-, 65- and 75-inches)
  • Samsung Q7C QLED TV (available in 55- and 65-inches)
  • Samsung Q7F QLED TV (available in 55-, 65- and 75-inches)
  • Samsung Q6F QLED TV (available in 49-, 55-, 65-, 75- and 82-inches)

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