Samsung is Back to its Taunting Ways with New Galaxy 8 Commercial Mocking iPhone Users

Samsung’s new Galaxy 8 commercial pokes fun at iPhone models starting 2007 – Coincides with the launch of iPhone X – Both companies have a long history of ad wars between themselves

Samsung is Back to its Taunting Ways with New Galaxy 8 Commercial Mocking iPhone Users

With its new Galaxy 8 commercial following on the heels of Apple’s iPhone X, Samsung seems to have resumed its ad war with Apple with a vengeance. The minute-long video clip is an attack, and not too subtle at that, on both iPhone and its diehard fans who are known to line up outside stores for the latest iPhone models.

The ad is titled “Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up” and this is how it cuts a swathe through the different iPhones over the past decade.

The year is 2007; the month June; people are queued up outside an Apple Store for the latest iPhone model while a young dude ambles by. The scene changes to the young man unpacking his first iPhone and calling up a friend to say, “Guess what I just got.”

We’re now in 2010. The young iPhone user from back then is now trying to take a picture of his car with his new iPhone but gets the “not enough available storage” message – a jibe at Apple’s constant use of 16GB of storage.

2013. The young dude has just got his latest iPhone and is trying to swap numbers with a girl who nonchalantly jots down his details using her Samsung S Pen on her 5.5-inch Samsung phone, while he has to punch in her number on his much smaller iPhone. He even comments, “That’s a big phone.” Here we see, it’s the iPhone size which is being mocked.

While 2015 is uneventful, 2016 shows the dude and his girlfriend falling into a lake while trying to click a picture. Needless to say, the waterproof Galaxy is working fine after the dip, whereas the iPhone is thrown into a bowl of rice by the owner, to dry perhaps. “You’ve got to sell me that.” the guy says. This time it’s the waterproof feature of the iPhone being ridiculed.

In 2017 the girlfriend’s Galaxy phone is charging wirelessly on a pad while the guy is all wires. That’s when he decides he’s had enough and dumps his iPhone for the Galaxy 8 and is seen using the S-Pen to write a familiar message, “Guess what I just got,” but for a Samsung phone this time around. The wireless jibe was uncalled for as the latest iPhones are Qi-enabled.

“Upgrade to Galaxy” is the ad’s parting message.

US giant Apple and its Korean competitor Samsung go some way back in so far as ad wars are concerned. Other companies have been involved in similar confrontations as well.

Here’s a relook at some of the famous face-offs in the commercials arena.

In this ad Samsung directly mentions Apple by name comparing the superior features of its Galaxy S three with the iPhone 5.


Apple retaliates with a similar print ad.


Here’s a Blackberry TV commercial taking a pot shot at Apple. Check out Apple’s backlash as well

Here’s Samsung attacking Apple again.

Here’s Samsung attacking Apple again.And this one is Samsung’s sequel to the previous one

Samsung is relentless in its ad attacks. It released this mean print ad when Apple was experiencing the “bendable iPhone 6 ” issues.


Not to be left behind, Nokia Lumia decides to cash in on the Samsung –Apple war.

Samsung and Apple have been involved in a number of court battles over their aggressive ad campaigns always trying to show the other in poor light.

“I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, said in 2010

“Smartphones, TV’s and other key IT products are entering a slow growth phase and our rivals are changing value chains by introducing new technology and business models.”

Kwon Oh-hyun, Samsung Vice Chairman

In 2010, in response to Steve Job’s statement that “No one is ever going to buy a big phone” Samsung used the same quote, in an image which also says “Guess who surprised themselves and changed their mind,” followed by the Galaxy Note 4 ad with the hashtag #MoreThanBig


Rémon Elsten, Vice-President of the Swiss Contact Center Association has summed up the Apple -Samsung competition most appropriately.

“Samsung is doing a lot of things to prove they are innovative and therefore, can experiment and learn from their experiences. Apple is known for innovation and don’t have to prove this by using by social media platforms. They have to make sure to keep their status as a quality leader and therefore, cannot experiment as much as Samsung. So they lay back.”

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