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Royals Speak About the Stigma and Silence Attached to Mental Health Issues

Prince William – Duke of Cambridge, his wife Kate Middleton – Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry – the Duke’s brother were candid about their concerns on the silence on mental health issues at an event held in central London to promote their “Heads Together” mental health charity.

As mentioned on the official website of the charity, “Heads Together” is the Charity of the Year for the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon. We want to make it an opportunity to get the country talking about mental health and our runners are leading the way.”

They were at the event to encourage people to openly speak out about their psychological problems and other mental health issues.

The trio leading the “Heads Together” initiative of removing the stigma attached to mental illnesses and the resultant silence on the matter gave speeches at the promotional event.

The Duke of Cambridge spoke about the silent suffering of too many people over long periods of time and not opening up about their conditions mainly due to the stigma attached to mental health.

The Royal Trio at a briefing to outlne the next phase of heads together campaign in London
The Royal Trio at a briefing to outline the next phase of Heads Together Campaign in London.

“The effects of this can be devastating,” he said about the silence on mental issues. “The three of us are really optimistic that things are changing. We believe that 2017 can mark a tipping point for mental health — a moment when more and more people no longer feel they have to bear the weight alone for fear of judgment.”

In her speech, the Duchess stressed upon the importance of reaching out to others for help instead of suffering in silence which is the cause of further progression of mental illnesses.

“The challenge that so many people have is not knowing how to take that first step of reaching out to another person for help,” the Duchess explained.

“Admitting that they are not coping. Fear, or reticence, or a sense of not wanting to burden another, means that people suffer in silence, allowing the problem to grow larger and larger unchecked,” the Duchess said to the audience.

Prince Harry, in his speech, stressed upon the need to be candid about one’s condition. He hoped that their mission to end the stigma and taboo attached to psychological issues would encourage people not have any apprehensions about discussing their condition with others. Helping one another was the important thing to do.

“The truth is we can all help each other. You don’t need any qualifications to help your mate out, simply listen to what they have to say. At the heart of this campaign is our hope that no one should be afraid to ask for help, and no one should worry about knowing how to help,” added Prince Harry.

The mental charity marathon set for April this year will not see the “Heads Together” trio run in the marathon, most likely, for security reasons; however, they will certainly make an appearance to cheer the marathon participants from the sidelines.

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