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Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane are Ending their 14-Year Marriage Because of “Irreconcilable Differences” 

Rebecca Gayheart has filed for divorce from husband of fourteen years Eric Dane, 45, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the main cause behind their decision to split.

The 46-year-old actress of “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Jawbreaker” and “Scream 2” fame is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their two daughters Billie Beatrice (born March 3, 2010) and Georgia Geraldine (born December 28, 2011).

According to court papers, she has also asked for spousal support.

“After 14 years together we have decided that ending our marriage is the best decision for our family,” the estranged couple told USA TODAY in a joint statement. “We will continue our friendship and work as a team to co-parent our two beautiful girls as they are the most important thing in the world to us. We kindly ask that you respect our privacy during this time as we navigate the next phase of our lives.”

The actress posted a black and white photo of herself holding Billie and Georgia on Instagram on the morning of Feb. 16, the day she filed the divorce papers, with a rather cryptically emotional caption that read:

“Holding onto my girls tight and loving them hard today. So many broken hearts and shattered dreams ……. @nancyneil @sophiemonet #meandmygirls #myeverything #trulymadlydeeply #gratitude #feels.”

Married since 2004, it has not been all smooth sailing for the couple.

The actress and the former “Grey’s Anatomy” star have had their fair share of trials and tribulations, one of which was a rather steamy video of Gayheart, Dane and another woman finding its way on the internet without the knowledge of the couple. The year was 2009.

A couple of years later, Dane admitted himself into a rehab center seeking treatment for a painkiller addiction he developed after a sports injury.

“We’ve all made mistakes. My one regret is that I got the person I love most wrapped up in all that: Rebecca,” Dane, who is better known as “Mr. McSteamy” ever since his shower scene in “Grey’s Anatomy,” told PEOPLE in June 2014.

“I never had a family, and now I do,” he went on to tell the magazine. “I know I’m a very lucky guy.”

In April of 2017, the actor had to take a break from the TNT series “The Last Ship” to treat his depression, causing the production to be halted temporarily.

“Jawbreaker” actress Rebecca Gayheart and “Grey’s Anatomy” alum Eric Dane have decided to split after fourteen years of marriage that gave them two beautiful daughters

“Eric asked for a break to deal with personal issues. He suffers from depression and has asked for a few weeks of downtime and the producers kindly granted that request,” his rep said in a statement at the time. “He looks forward to returning.”

Speaking candidly on the TODAY show in July, soon after his return from the depression break, he said, “I took some time off — I was dealing with some depression, which was kind of odd to me. I felt very conflicted about it because I didn’t really feel like I had anything to be depressed about.”

“Now I take a medication called Pristiq, which I thought just sounded like a good mood,” he added. “And the depression is gone.”

“You’ve got to listen to your body,” he said on the show. “It’s a very serious thing. Like I said, I felt very conflicted because I couldn’t figure out what I was depressed about. But it’s very real. And that was a scary thing, when you wake up and you’re like ‘I don’t want to get out of bed.’ I was seeing these doctors thinking that there was something physically wrong with me because I’d never felt like that,” he added.

“I mean, I’d dealt with depression throughout my life, but it was always manageable,” he went on to say. “I just felt like, you know, everybody kind of feels a little blue. But this just hit me like a truck. I had to take some time off — I went away, I took care of it, and I’m feeling great.”

Like in every other relationship, there were some great moments too in the 14 years they spent together, particularly the two beautiful girls their marriage blessed them with.

“I don’t know if there’s any change more significant that a human being can make than that of a woman becoming a mother. There’s no change more dramatic,” Eric is supposed to have told PEOPLE following the birth of their first child.

“You know, I’m a hundred times more attracted to her now and I love her exponentially more than I did before. It’s just great to see her be a mother,” he added.

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