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The All-New JEEP WRANGLER 2018 Rubicon: A Much-Improved Version of the Previous Model

The new-generation Rubicon has been kept true to the Jeep Wrangler tradition, in that there is no deviation from the previous-generation model in terms of look and shape; the windshield is still foldable; the doors and roof still removable and the body still bolts to the frame. The only difference, here, is that there are far fewer bolts to remove than before.

The grill rises up vertically from the bottom bending backward at the top to allow for better aerodynamics. Also, the outer grills on the sides bend slightly inward to accommodate the curve of the larger headlights.

In the previous Wrangler models, the ungainly positioning of the spare tire obstructed visibility through the back window – not so in the new Rubicon with its repositioned spare.

Once a criss-cross of zippers, the canvas soft top now moves on and off together with tongue-and-groove fasteners, making the on- and off-roof options that much easier to enjoy.


The new JL-generation Wrangler is being made available in two-door and four-door options with hard and soft tops.

The two-door has a 1.4-inch-longer wheelbase and is overall 2.8 inches longer than the previous model, while the wheelbase and overall length of the four-door are 2.4 and 3.8 inches longer, respectively.

Both the 2 two- and four-door options are 0.2 inches wider than before.

Despite its slightly larger size, the Rubicon appears smaller parked next to the JK-generation model, thanks to what automobile designers call scaling – the effect brought about by its wider stance, narrower bumpers and fender flares and a bigger grille and headlamps.

Hugely Improved Interior

Hugely Improved Interior

A far cry from the interior of the previous JK Wrangler, the JL-gen Rubicon boasts luxuries that were once considered an abomination in a 4×4, especially if it was an open-top.

For one, it’s definitely more spacious: The bulging hump of the dashboard’s center-console in the previous model has given way to a flat, vertical instrument panel.

Another noticeable change is the lowered belt-line because of larger glasses, which makes a heck of a lot of off-road sense, allowing you better all-around view for maneuvering the rough spots.

The JL Wrangler has all the new electronics and infotainment features that you would expect on a latest sedan and, what’s more, is that everything continues to function even if you are caught in a sudden shower; the drain plugs on the floor allows you to flush out the water.

Lighter than the Previous Wrangler

While it retains the classic body structure synonymous with Jeep Wranglers, more aluminum in the new Rubicon’s body makes it lighter and consequently more fuel-efficient.

Multiple Drive-Trains

  • The new Wrangler comes with three drive-trains:
  • The familiar 3.6- liter V6 engine with a six-speed manual transmission as well as a new eight-speed automatic transmission, which is a huge jump from the five-speed earlier model.
  • New automatic-only 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine
  • Diesel and plug-in hybrid models will follow later

Wider Tires


With 33-inch tires, the Rubicon boasts the largest tires ever on a factory Jeep.

Trademark Removable Doors and Folding Windshield

The Wrangler Rubicon still offers the folding windshield and easier-to-remove lighter doors, allowing weight reduction and better visibility.

A dedicated toolkit for unbolting the doors and removing the wipers (when you want to fold the windshield down) is concealed in the armrest with dedicated slots available for the bolts and doors.

Price starts from $26,995 for a two-door Sport and from $40,495 a four-door Rubicon.

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