Marvel Finally Releases the Trailer for Avenger: Endgame – Here’s a Breakdown

The long-awaited trailer for Avenger 4 is finally out, and we now know its official title = Avengers: Endgame. Here’s what we’ve been able to glean from the two-and-a-half-minute teaser

Marvel Finally Releases the Trailer for Avenger: Endgame – Here’s a Breakdown

Marvel Studio has finally dropped the long-awaited trailer for Avengers 4 and we now know that the official title is going to be AVENGERS:

ENDGAME; also, the release date announced is much earlier than expected – so, all good, thus far.

Now, before we jump right into breaking it down for you, we must warn you for spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War because Endgame is after all a sequel to it.

After witnessing the annihilation of half the population of the universe at the hands of Thanos in Infinity War, the trailer shows Tony Stark drifting in space inside the gloomy confines of a spacecraft, with no food or water for four days running and a fast-depleting air supply, barely enough to see him through to the next morning.

You see a debilitated Stark recording a message into his partially damaged Iron Man helmet, meant for the CEO of Stark Industries – Virginia “Pepper” Potts, a.k.a Rescue – who, as you know, also happens to be his fiancée.

“If you find this recording, don’t’ feel bad about this. Part of the journey is the end. Just for the record, being adrift in space with zero promise of rescue is more fun than it sounds,” says Stark, who is. quite visibly, at the end of his tether.

There are speculations that Nebula is with Stark, out of sight somewhere on the seemingly doomed spaceship.

After decimating half of the universe’s inhabitants, Thanos seems to have retired into a rural setting, which we saw a glimpse of in the final scenes of the prequel.

His body armor stands tall in the fields, apparently serving as a scarecrow, as he walks through the space-thistles, his Infinity Glove caressing the flora.

Gone is Steve Roger’s (Captain America) relatively new bearded look in this Avenger installment; he looks as clean-shaven as it gets – probably his way of looking sad at the loss of his best buddy Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier.

After being missed in the previous Avenger installment, master archer and S.H.I.E.L.D agent Clint Barton from Avengers: Age of Ultron is back, with not only a new haircut and outfit but also a new-look weapon.

Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang – also known as Ant-Man – who, like Barton, was not part of Infinity War, is also back in Endgame, at least in the trailer.

Land probably has a key role to play in restoring the natural order, especially with his ability to shrink and grow and become stronger at will – thanks to his suit.

We could likely see him reversing the vaporization sequence and bringing all the lost heroes back – but don’t swear by it.

While the trailer has been masterfully edited to captivate and impress with some really interesting teases, it hardly reveals anything about the plot, leaving a lot to speculation.

But, isn’t that the hallmark of a good trailer? To build up the suspense? Deliberately keep the audience on tenterhooks? Provide them the thrill of not knowing?

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame – Official Trailer

Directed by: Anthony Russo and Joe Russo

Produced by: Kevin Feige

Cast and Characters:

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man
Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / Hulk
Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America:
Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange
Don Cheadle as James “Rhodey” Rhodes / War Machine
Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa / Black Panther
Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia “Pepper” Potts / Rescue
Josh Brolin as Thanos and others.

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