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Lucasfilm Releases ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season IV Trailer – Premier Date Disclosed!

Lucasfilm Animation has unveiled a brand new Season IV trailer of its Emmy-nominated CGI animated series ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ scheduled to premiere on October 16, 2017.

If the teaser is anything to go by, Season IV promises to have it all for the fans, and more – from epic space battle scenes between the Empire and the Rebels to the Imperial occupation of Mandalore and everything else in between you can look forward to – considering the more than impressive story-telling abilities of the team behind the popular series.

Furthermore, Lucasfilm and showrunner Dave Filoni have probably given it their all to make the final season worthy of the hype and the show’s reputation for brilliance – what better tribute to the fans, the adored characters, and the voice cast!

“I wanted to put a nod to this new history we’re seeing in The Force Awakens. It’s important to have these links between stories in major ways and subtle ways. Here you find a sword we’ve encountered before, and it gives a little more context to something that turns up later,” Filoni told Entertainment Weekly – throwing some light on that green cross guard lightsaber you see in the trailer.

However, Filoni was not very forthcoming about the characters visiting a Sith temple. “It is an ancient place. And it is a dangerous place and one that will challenge our characters. They come out the other side and are not the same,” he said without specifically mentioning Sith. “This place would be well liked by the Sith, I’ll say that much.”

Ahsoka and the erstwhile Jedi Knight, Darth Vader, engage in a lightsaber battle which is going to be a hard confrontation for Ahsoka. This is how Filoni explains the situation: “I like a lightsaber fight like anybody or a big action sequence like we’ve done in the past, but I always find that those have little meaning if you don’t have the emotions going into it to support it — you don’t have the tension and the stakes. There are some really powerful scenes coming up for fans involving Ahsoka.”

It looks like Darth Vader is not the only known villain from the past in the upcoming season. There’s another sinister, shadowy character somewhat similar to Darth Maul who appeared to have died in ‘The Phantom Menace.’ However, we know from ‘The Clone Wars’ and comic books that he lived with a bionic lower half.

Again, Filoni was not confirming any fan speculation. “Even if they guess right about everything they think they’re seeing, they won’t know how it comes together, which really becomes the fun part for me. So if you’re guessing right and the character is who you think it is, it still doesn’t answer: What in the world is that character up to?” he teased.

In so far as villains are concerned fans may be in for another one as the trailer shows a masked character standing alongside the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister. It is not yet clear who is behind the mask. Could it probably be another Sith from the past? We’ll have to wait and see!

Talking about Sabine Wren’s interaction with two other Mandalorians, Filoni created even more suspense and intrigue than any revelation when he said:

“People have been very excited about Sabine, and we wanted to get more into her background and her history and her family history, and [actress Tiya Sircar] has done a great job at evolving the character.

So there will be some episodes which dive back into the Mandalorian realm and show a couple new things about them that perhaps fans didn’t know. I think it opens up the door for more Mandalorian madness in the future.”

With Darth Vader and, possibly, more Siths all set to create havoc for the fans’ beloved heroes, it makes sense to bring in the services of a ‘good guy’ who happens to be a ‘good gal’ in this case. Yes, people, Princess Leia, the teenaged heroine (voiced by Julie Dolan) is who we are talking about!

“Leia is technically part of the Empire at this time. Her father is still working within the Senate, and she would be seen by the Imperials as someone who’s more on their side,” Filoni volunteered.

“We were really focused on trying to discover who Leia was prior to A New Hope. We know that she’s very strong, somewhat rash, super intelligent, but how did she develop those skills? In A New Hope, she’s really an impressive character when you think of her standing face to face with Tarkin, standing face to face with Vader, talking back to them, lying to them, deceiving them, misdirecting them,” he added.

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