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Leaked iPhone and Apple Watch Series 4 Images Generate Huge Interest

Never before, at least not in recent memory, have we seen Apple leaks as huge as the ones we’re currently being treated to.

The credit for that goes to 9to5Mac team, that actually happened to be watching some kind of test stream, or something similar, related to the upcoming Apple keynote event, when they came across leaked images for the yet to be announced iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus, as well as the Apple Watch Series 4.

Apple Watch Series 4 Leak

Rumors about the expected release of three new iPhones (6.5- and 5.8- inch OLEDs and a 6.1-inch LCD), based on last year’s iPhone X, have been doing the rounds since early this year, with a Bloomberg report published as recently as last week.

Probably, that’s the reason why the leaked image of the 6.5- and 5.8-inch high-end versions didn’t generate as much excitement as the image of the all-new Apple Watch Series 4 did – a massive leak, indeed.

Thanks to 9to5Mac, we were able to get our first look of the Apple Watch Series 4 and, honestly, there’s a plethora of information we can draw from the image.

Before that, the fact that so much could become public about Apple products that are due for an official launch in less than two weeks is still taking some time to sink in, to be honest.


Here are some likely explanations but, again, they are purely subjective.

  • The leak was a genuine mistake on the part of an employee or a group of employees.
  • It was intentional and done maliciously to harm the interests of the company, probably by a disgruntled employee or a group of them.
  • If it turns out to be the result of a technical glitch, only an internal probe would reveal whether it could or could not be avoided.
  • And last, of course not the least, it could be an Apple-initiated move – a business strategy, if you like – to spike public curiosity and interest level for the upcoming event – a kind of reverse-psychology – if you will.

If that’s really what it is, then, it has to be said, it seems to be working just the way the company, probably, intended it to – just a thought.

Don’t forget that the image can’t be attributed to a fake, a recreation, or something similar because 9to5Mac is pretty clear it came directly from the Apple HQ.

Okay, so here’s what can be pulled from the image:

To start with, the design appears to be pretty impressive, what with a huge screen that stretches edge to edge, with the circular design on the rectangular watch face brilliantly done – “offering the best of both worlds,” as Ben Lovejoy correctly notes in his Aug 31 article published on the 9to5Mac website.

One of the apparent physical changes, compared to the previous edition of the watch, is the addition of a tiny microphone hole between the digital crown and the side button, probably for the purpose of improved voice recognition by Siri.

Also, gone is the ugly red dot that covered almost the entire face of the digital crown, to be replaced by the more subtle outline of a red circle.

The gorgeous screen is chock-a-block with a ton of information, including an impressive eight complications, all of which should make for a fantastic user-experience, although it may take some getting used to.

The letters UVI on the bottom left corner of the watch face can’t possibly stand for anything but Ultra Violet Index, which is nothing but a reading of the amount of UV rays indicated by a color meter on the index scale.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus Leaks

Earlier this year, citing anonymous sources “familiar” with the developments, Bloomberg had reported that Apple was getting ready to add “a trio of new smartphones” to its iPhone line-up, sometime later this year.

In a subsequent report released on August 23, Bloomberg again cited sources privy to the matter, saying that the Cupertino-based company was planning to introduce three new phones that will retain “the edge-to-edge screen design of last year’s flagship.”

“The devices will boast a wider range of prices, features and sizes to increase their appeal, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing unannounced products,” according to Bloomberg.

Based on the earlier Bloomberg revelation as well as its latest report, Apple’s most talked-about release is a ‘biggest ever’ iPhone, boasting a 6.5-inch display, in addition to an iPhone X-sized upgraded version, as well as a cheaper model along the lines of the iPhone X design.

The big boy among the three, internally codenamed D33, will reportedly incorporate a 6.5-inch screen on a body the size of the iPhone 8 Plus, made possible by the edge-to-edge design technology used on the iPhone X.

“According to people familiar with the matter,” other features the 6.5-inch version is expected to include are:

  • Face ID scanner to unlock the device and enable payments
  • It will incorporate a next-generation A12 processor
  • A 1242 x 2688-pixel screen resolution
  • An OLED display like the one on the iPhone X

The upgraded version of the current iPhone X – internally dubbed the D32 – will also have an A12 processor with the possibility of a gold color option for both the D32 and the D33 high-end phones, keeping in mind the Asian market where demand for the gold option is especially high.

Currently, the iPhone X is available in just two colors, the silver gray and the space gray.

While the 9to5Mac-accessed leaks have as good as confirmed both 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED versions of last year’s flagship, which will officially be called the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Plus, respectively, nothing has been revealed about the 6.1-inch cheaper LCD version, yet.

Both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Plus can be seen in all their golden glory in the 9to5Mac-leaked picture below.

Leaked photos of the 5.8-inch iPhone XS and the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Plus (Photo: 9to5Mac)
Leaked photos of the 5.8-inch iPhone XS and the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Plus (Photo: 9to5Mac)

The cheaper 6.1-inch iPhone is rumored to be based on the iPhone X design, as aforementioned, but with a few necessary compromises to allow for a relatively lower price point.

So, what are the compromises being made on the cheaper model?

Well, Bloomberg says that it will have aluminum edges and a glass back similar to that on the iPhone 8, instead of the more expensive stainless steel used on the iPhone X.

It will also include an LCD screen, again similar to the iPhone 8 screen technology, instead of OLED.

KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo said in a January report that the cheaper model will have a 6.1-inch display and will do away with the 3D Touch feature available on all iPhones since the iPhone 6S.

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