JBL’s ‘Endurance’ Wireless Sports Headphones: SPRINT, JUMP, and DIVE

JBL’s line of wireless Endurance headphones include the Endurance Sprint, Endurance Jump, and Endurance Dive | Here, we take a look at the common features that make these sports headphones great value for money and we also take stock of the differentiating points

JBL’s ‘Endurance’ Wireless Sports Headphones: SPRINT, JUMP, and DIVE

This year at CES 2018, JBL unveiled a plethora of headphones, among which were three wireless headphones from the company’s Endurance series, including the Endurance Sprint, Endurance Jump, and Endurance Dive, that we’re going to focus on, here, in this article.

Some of the common features that these three Endurance headphones share include the following.

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Equipped with Twistlock
  • JBL Signature Sound with Pure Bass Performance
  • Touch Control
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Battery life of up to 8 hours

Plus, they are super comfortable; they are least likely to fall out; their design quality ensures that they are not going to hurt your ears; you can make your hands-free calls; and, of course, streaming music is what they’re supposed to do best and that’s exactly what they do.

The Endurance wireless headphones are designed differently when you compare them to a lot of the other in-ear Bluetooth-enabled sports headphones that are fitted with wing-like stabilizers that hook into the inner part of your ear to lock the earbuds in place, like the popular Powerbeats 3 from Beats.

The Endurance headphones are, basically, a modified version of the ones from Beats, in that they have a hook that wraps over the top and around the back of your ear, rather than inside it, to lock the bud in.

The Powerbeats 3, by the way, cost four times as much as the Endurance Sprint; about three times more than the Endurance Jump; and more than twice the price of the Endurance Swim.

Endurance Sprint ($49.99)

Equipped with all the aforementioned features and costing just $49.99, JBL’s Endurance Sprint is a great value-for-money wireless headphone from the Los Angeles-based headphone manufacturers.

If you were to nitpick, then, probably, the touch controls on the Sprint can be faulted a bit but the bottom line is that it’s not at all bad at that, rather, low price point; as a matter of fact, you’re getting great value for just 50 bucks.

Endurance Jump ($69.99)

Moving up to the Endurance Jump, the differentiating feature on this one is the addition of a neckband, giving it a more secure fit, and, of course, the magnet-based PowerHook™ buds that turn on and connect the moment you put them on and, conversely, turn off when you take them off.

Endurance Dive ($89.99)

So, what is the Endurance Dive offering you for the extra $20 you’re paying for it, compared to the Endurance Jump?

Well, while all other things remain the same as they are on the Jump, the extra feature justifying the price jump is the built-in 1GB MP3 player, allowing you to store up to as many as 200 songs.

A lot of folks may look at the inclusion of an MP3 as a redundant piece of luxury that you can do without, because what’s the point in having the MP3 at an additional cost when you can, actually, stream music directly.

To be honest, you wouldn’t, actually, be wrong in that summation if you intend using your wireless sports headphone during a sporting activity that doesn’t feature water.

However, if swimming is your thing, then the MP3 is more a necessity – a lot more – than it is a luxury.

There are two fundamental reasons for that; one, most of us don’t carry our smartphones into the pool even if they are water resistant and, two, Bluetooth-ing through water doesn’t produce the best results.

However, that should be the least of your worries with the Endurance Dive, as you can load it up with 200 of your favorite music tracks and DIVE in.

So, whether you’re doing your daily laps in the pool; doing your power swimming; or catching waves on a surfboard on your day at the beach, Endurance Dive is a fantastic buy at $90.

Here’s a comparison chart for the pocket-friendly Sprint, Jump, and Dive Endurance headphones from JBL.


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