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A Historical Insight on Tesla Motors & Its Impact on the Auto Industry

Tesla Motors Historical Insights - TimelyBuzz

Last updated on August 16th, 2016 at 05:04 pm

Ever since times immemorial, it has been man’s consistent endeavor to improve his lot in life, to provide material comfort and succor to himself and his family. Right from the medieval ages or even before that when people lived in caves, discovery and invention have been a major priority to enhance and improve the quality of life.

Over the years scientists, inventors, discoverers, doctors, manufacturers, writers, academics political leaders, religious scholars have all contributed their share to the path of progress and prosperity.

The two of the greatest areas where man has made monumental strides over time has been in the field of communications and transportation. With the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, it became possible to speak across the globe in a very short time. And with the advent of digital technology, well, all one can say, wonders will never cease to exist.

However, it is an indisputable fact that man’s greatest invention The WHEEL has transformed and revolutionized the world of transportation and given an entirely new impact and dimension to the auto industry.

It is in human nature to aspire for better, more comfortable and above all faster means of transport with foolproof security features and ever since the introduction of Henry Ford’s Model T and its mass production the need for bigger, better and faster has been the criteria of the automakers.

Ever since the Model T, The world’s auto industry has entered into a frenzied and cut throat competition each vying to produce the world’s best automobile to grab a share of the international market.

The Americans needed quantity as well as quality not to forget exacting safety standards and initially were in the forefront of the auto industry.

After the second World War, things changed and today Japan has emerged as the largest automaker with Toyota, the leading car manufacturer in the world General motors, Nissan. Suzuki, Volkswagen, are some of other the leading automakers of the world today.
However, in the early seventies, the world witnessed an oil embargo which soared the prices of petrol globally and the auto industry felt its impact as sales slumped drastically. Moreover, industrial pollution, car fuel emission, and chemical and toxic waste were playing havoc with the ecosystem and the demand for fuel efficient cars was the need of the hour.

Automakers spent millions on research and development and started producing better models of their car version which were both Eco-friendly and fuel efficient.Innovation has always been the hallmark of all major companies, to explore new technology, apply them in and produce better and greater quality products in their related field.

Every major automaker realizes that cost and unmatched efficiency are what draws the customer to its models and they leave no stone unturned to meet the expectations of the market.

One such company is Tesla Motors based in Fremont, California which has been making electric cars since 2012 and which appears to become the greatest automaker in the world. The question obviously springs to mind that what exactly is an electric car and how it compares to an ordinary car?

An electric car is propelled by one or more electric motors powered by rechargeable batteries.These electric motors give instant torque resulting in immediate acceleration.
Tesla motors introduced its Model S which has to date been very successful. The first Tesla electric car was the Roadster made in 2008. It is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) sports car that was produced between 2008 to 2012. Tesla plans a replacement for the roadster in 2019.

The second model introduced by the company has been the Model S which has to date been very successful.The Tesla Model S is a state-of- the art super luxury sedan which operates entirely on electrically powered by rechargeable batteries. A 5-door liftback Tesla first introduced in June 2012 and ever since sales have been soaring in the USA, Canada, and Europe. It has been duly approved and certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The greatest feature of the Model S is that it is 100 percent emission free which is nothing short of a godsend as the world struggles to keep industrial emissions down as much as possible. Although Tesla motors are in fierce competition with General motors to capture the electric car market the demand for the model S will give Tesla an edge in the near future .

The Model S is the second highest-selling electric car in the global market after Nissan Leaf. At present, the model has been very successful with touchscreen digital technology to operate its interior systems with eight airbags etc.

The most innovative feature of the Model S is its auto- pilot system, a system whereby the car drives by itself guided by its computer and built-in sensors. In other words, drivers are free to engage in other activities as the car drives itself. It is said that it is also possible for the auto-pilot to accurately park itself.

The car has bagged many prestigious awards the since its inception such as 2013 World Green Car of the Year, Motor Trend Car of the Year and Time magazine’s best 25 inventions of the year 2012. It has been very successful in Scandinavia and in the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.

To gauge the success of any product or in this case a car model the US market is the best yardstick or barometer and the Tesla model S has already captured 60% of the U.S market.

Tesla Motors is owned by Elon Musk, a dynamic and charismatic entrepreneur who like Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin group can best be described as creative visionaries who not only are engaged in earthly business ventures but have set their sights in celestial and inter-galactic pursuits.

Tesla is launching its Model X, an SUV which has advanced features of that of the Model S. Tesla motors in 2016, Tesla upgraded the design of the Model S, which now looks more like the Model X. Further additional upgrades can be done on the S model with the introduction of a software update .

It can be unequivocally said that Tesla Model S is a marvelous engineering feat in automobile technology and electric cars being the need of the hour Tesla motors are a thing of the future and it seems that within a very short span of time Tesla will be the leading automaker in the world.

The company is making monumental strides in auto technology and it would be no surprise that Tesla will soon become a household name and set up a plant in every major country in the world. There are of course negative aspects in any venture and recently Tesla had its share of woes when a Tesla car crashed and the driver was killed despite the fact that the autopilot system was functional.

The matter although being investigated by the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) has not dampened the enthusiasm of potential car buyers. Tesla, however, contends that the auto-pilot system was not to be blamed for the fatal crash. Tesla, which had to face the brunt of the political damage and public relations nightmare went into damage control and immediately started working on modifications to its Autopilot system.

Autopilot works by using cameras, radar and computers to detect objects and brake automatically in case of the possible risk of hitting anything. Although this has been a major setback for the car company Tesla engineers are working at a frantic pace to rectify the anomaly if any.

Meanwhile, Tesla is all set to launch its latest model Model X which will be another feather in its illustrious cap. Tesla is an extremely customer-oriented company and does not make its models until orders are placed in which case delivery dates are given to customers.

Another noteworthy point is that although the price of cars is quite high the government with an aim to reduce emissions is providing tax incentives to companies as well as customers, for example, a Tesla Model X 60 D is priced at 74000 US but with a tax credit of 6500, it comes to 66,500 US dollars.

Moreover, the cost of using electricity is much cheaper than using gasoline so in the long run, it goes without saying that an electric car will prove to be very beneficial.

In anticipation of the introduction of a more affordable model by 2017, Tesla automakers have started collecting a $1000 dollars deposit from potential buyers and so far over half a million people have made the deposit. The potential of this car is incredible as Governments are giving tax breaks to people in Canada and the U.S who want to purchase an environmentally friendly car with no emissions.

In conclusion, it can be said as far as Electric cars are concerned Tesla will prove to be a major player in the global auto industry.

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