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Heavy-Tech P100D Is The Fastest Tesla Ever

Touted as the fastest production car in the world, Tesla’s S P100D priced at US$134,000, is not all talk but true to its claims. The tech-heavy luxury car meant for the upper echelon of society is worth every dollar as claimed by those who have experienced the ride.

The awesome acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds will not only push you back in your seat but warp your eyes and recalibrate your internal organs the way a roller coaster ride would do – it has the ability to embarrass Europe’s most talked about sports cars.


The mind blowing acceleration is not the only outstanding feature of this truly amazing top of the line car – the Tesla S P100D.

Here are some of the features that make the car worthy of its price and claims:

1. Acceleration: It won’t be inappropriate to term it an insanely fast car in terms of acceleration. While driving in urban traffic conditions there will not be too many opportunities to hustle from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds but the feeling of knowing that the option is available anytime you want it is really nice.

2. Battery Capacity: The 100-kWH battery provides the owner a range of 315 miles every full charge, a significant increase of around 15 miles per charge over models S 90D and P90D.

A 300 plus mile range for every full charge is a noteworthy accomplishment for any electric car.

Musk says that battery capacity improvement is 8 percent per annum in the EV industry on an average; however, the 10kWh up gradation from P90D to P100D is an enhancement of 11 percent which has exceeded his own estimation.

3. Autopilot: Though not the first car ever to provide autopilot feature, the P100D allows the Autopilot mode full autonomy to drive from point A to point B by using just one radar camera and one sensor which is uncommon in other cars with autopilot features.

4. It has child-friendly features: It comes equipped with child seating and a spacious rear bench but may scare the devil out of your children if you suddenly decide to accelerate to full capacity.


5. The charge lasts longer irrespective of driving style: Like other Tesla EVs, the P100D range per charge also lasts longer than any other EV. Even if you drive at 70mph, with the A/C full on, and the biggest wheels installed it will still give you 250 miles per full charge.

6. Amenities: The P100D is a resplendently luxury car with amenities that can match the finest German cars or any luxury European car, for that matter.

7. Driving Conditions: Whatever the surface you are driving on, be it a street surface, highway or freeway, or a complex parking lot the driving experience is remarkably smooth.

Had it been cheap enough, in pricing terms, one would have bought it, like yesterday.

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