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Hate Crime Streamed Live on Facebook – Four Black People Charged by Chicago Police

The abhorrent, loathsome, repugnant, disgusting, sickening, revolting, nauseating, and whatever other adjectives you’d like to add, are not enough to describe the treatment meted out to a mentally unstable white man by four black suspects or rather culprits, as the video is proof enough of calling them confirmed culprits even though the law says nobody is guilty until proven so.

Names of the four so-called suspects:

Jordan Hill – aged 18 is from Carpentersville, Illinois, while Brittany Covington – aged 18, Tanisha Covington – aged 24 (sister of Brittany Covington), and Tesfaye Cooper – aged 18 are from Chicago.

Booked under Charges: While the incident occurred on Tuesday, all four were taken into custody on Wednesday and charged with hate crimes, kidnapping, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and aggravated unlawful restraint on Thursday. One of them is reported to have been booked for burglary as well.

Victim: The18 year old victim remains incognito as the police have not revealed his name – yet; they have, however, said that the 18-year old suburban Chicago resident is with his parents recovering from his injuries.

Four charged for Facebook Live beating video
Four charged for Facebook Live beating video

The sequence of Events:
The Facebook live broadcast went viral showing a terrified young white man in what looked like a gray hooded sweatshirt and dark pants cringing in a corner with his mouth taped shut, and his neck and wrists bound tight with orange coloured bands.

The 30-minute graphic video shows the man cowering in the corner of a room while his attackers laugh and hurl insults at him shouting “F**k Donald Trump” and “F**k white people” as they continue to assault the terrified man with punches and kicks and cut his forehead with a knife.

If this is not racism and a hate crime then what is?

In the words of Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson himself, “it’s sickening”… “It makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that.”

According to authorities, the assault on the wretched man went on for hours together, five hours according to some sources, when the Chicago police found the victim “in distress” walking along a street.

Anthony Guglielmi, the police spokesman said that the authorities were initially under the impression that man was targeted because of his mental state – “special needs” – and not for being white. Mr. Guglielmi, however, acknowledged that the perpetrators had made “terrible racist statements”.

Mr. Guglielmi also did not rule out the possibility of the suspects trying to extort something from the victim’s family.

According to the police, the, so far unnamed, victim was a classmate of one of the attackers, Jordan Hill, and initially went with that person voluntarily on December 31, 2016, ending up in a stolen van which was driven to a western area in Chicago and went to the residence of the Covington sisters where the attack took place in the 3400 block of Lexington Avenue.

The victim somehow managed to escape when neighbours alerted the police to report the shouting and noise emanating from the apartment in question.

According to the police commander, Kevin Duffin, “He’s traumatized by the incident, and it’s very tough to communicate with him at this point,” obviously referring to the victim.

Following is the twitter statement issued by the department on the incident and the “disturbing” video.

“While on patrol Officers observed a disoriented male walking 3400 W. Lexington on January 3, 2017, who was then transported to an area hospital for treatment. At 5:26 p.m. officers then responded to a battery at a residence on the 3300 block of W. Lexington where they discovered signs of a struggle and damage to the property and (were) able to link this evidence to the disoriented male. Officers later became aware of a social media video depicting a batter of an adult male which is believed to be the same individual. At this point CPD believes the video is credible and detectives are questioning persons of interest in the case. The victim, whom CPD believes is from a neighboring suburb, was transported to an area hospital in stable condition. The investigation is ongoing.”

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