Will it be the beauty or the beast?

Election 2016

Americans are going to the polls to pick another president after a standout amongst the most spiteful decision battles the nation has seen.

After almost two years of severity and hostility, the United States will choose its 45th President on Tuesday. The victor will acquire a restless country which is skeptical and incredulous of legislators and leaders in Washington.

The President will direct an economy that is enhancing yet abandoning numerous causes, and a military less amplified abroad than eight years prior, in spite of emerging and looming terror threats.

Michelle and Barack Obama join Hillary, Chelsea and Bill Clinton on stage during a rally in Philadelphia CREDIT: AP
Hillary Clinton ends campaign in philadelphia with Obama (photo: AP)

At no other time has the nation had a lady as President who, ironically, was also the First Lady of an ex-President. Therefore, it would not be imprudent to assume that she has a substantial edge over Trump on this angle.

Likewise, at no other time has the nation had a President like Donald Trump, with no public service background or experience unlike previous presidents in the history of America. Whether the 45th President is Hillary Clinton or the billionaire oddball, the U.S. is, without a doubt, on the verge of creating presidential history.

While, Mrs. Clinton enters Election Day with different ways to triumph, Mr. Trump, on the other hand, must win the greater part of the approximately dozen battleground States so as to secure 270 Electoral College votes. The control of the Senate is likewise in question, with Democrats expecting to net four seats if Mrs. Clinton wins the White House.

Both hopefuls have held revitalized crusades in the battleground conditions of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Mrs. Clinton asked voters to back a confident, comprehensive, huge-hearted America, while Mr. Trump told supporters they had a wonderful opportunity to revitalize the degenerated framework.

A record number of Americans – more than 46 million – have voted ahead of schedule by post or at surveying stations. Also, there are indications of a high turnout among Hispanic voters who are believed to back Hillary Clinton to the hilt.

Results ought to start rising late on Tuesday night, US time, from 04:00 GMT. Not only Americans but the world, in general, is waiting with bated breath, for the outcome of Election 2016. Don’t be surprised if the unexpected happens – It has happened before.

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