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Donna’s Death Mentioned in Passing in “Kevin Can Wait” Season Premiere – That’s Indignity toward Actor and Character

The scene: Kevin Gable (Kevin James) opens a form letter from Donna’s old gym saying the gym missed her and so did he. He then jokes about a kung fu lesson coupon. And just like that, it was all over for Erinn Hayes and Donna Gable – done and dusted! No explanations were given! What better send off could they have been given! Sarcasm intended!

Well, actually, to be fair, there was some mention of Donna toward the end of the episode – just before Kendra and Chale’s wedding – when Kevin hints that he was “just missing one thing” obviously referring to his ignominiously-sent-off-to-the-hereafter wife.

All this, after CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl said in July that Donna’s death would be ” addressed on the show, it will be addressed tastefully and set up as a way to move forward….it will be treated with dignity and respect and the show will go forward.”

It would appear that the CBS president made a minor error with the phrase “dignity and respect,” probably confusing it with its opposite meaning “indignity and disrespect.”

Upset with the ignominy meted out to Erinn Hayes’ character, Fans took to Twitter with a vengeance to give vent to their anger and disgust.

This should give you an idea of what hit the fan!

Leah Remini who plays James’ wife on his earlier hit “The King of Queens” comes in full-time as his former cop partner.

“I think when everybody collectively saw how Leah and Kevin were together in those last couple of episodes, there was an undeniable spark there,” CBS President Kelly Kahl had told reporters in an August statement justifying the inclusion of Remini. “I think Leah and the studio and network got together and we wanted to keep that magic together.”

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