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Donald Trump Jr. and Wife Vanessa Trump are Ending their 12-Year Marriage

Looks like Donald Trump Jr. is trying to play catch-up with his twice-divorced and three-time-married president father.

Well, at least he’s made a start; needing one more to equalize and another to lead, in so far as divorces are concerned.

Also, looks like Vanessa Trump has had enough!

Yes, people, Donald Trump Jr.’s wife of twelve years filed for “uncontested” divorce in the Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday (March 15).

In a joint statement, issued through The Trump Organization, the couple confirmed their mutual decision to part ways, saying that they will continue to respect one another, including their families, and that their children will always take precedence over everything else. The 40-year-olds have appealed to the people to respect their privacy at this difficult time.

“After 12 years of marriage, we have decided to go our separate ways,” the statement said. “We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families. We have five beautiful children together and they remain our top priority. We ask for your privacy during this time.”

The “uncontested” filing means that the decision to go their separate ways was mutual, and amicable, and also indicates that the ex-model is okay to relinquish her right to contest Junior for custody of their five children, including her rights over their assets.

Michael Stutman, a divorce lawyer at Stutman Stutman & Lichtenstein LLP who, by the way, is not attached to the case, is pretty sure that the couple has a prenuptial; in fact, he would be “surprised” if there isn’t one.

“Prenuptial agreements and confidentiality agreements are in the Trump dynasty DNA so I would be surprised if Donald Jr. went into the marriage completely naked,” Stutman said.

Junior, who played an important role in seeing his father’s election campaign successfully through, has since been looking after the New York end of things, running the Trump empire together with his brother Eric Trump.

He has been under scrutiny for facilitating the alleged collusion between Trump Sr.’s 2016 campaign officials and Russian agents, in order to manipulate the outcome in favor of his Republican dad – an allegation that, both, father and son have vehemently denied.

Reportedly, Junior was the man responsible for setting up a meeting between the Russians and Trump campaign members, after learning that Kremlin had damaging information and “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, which could help in upsetting the Democratic challenger’s campaign applecart.

Vanessa was introduced to Junior at a fashion show in 2003 by none other than the would-be president of the U.S. and her soon-to-become father-in-law, at the time.

Talking about that day in her life in a 2006 interview with the International Herald Tribune, Vanessa said:

“I’m at this fashion show and Donald Trump comes up to me with his son: ‘Hi, I’m Donald Trump. I wanted to introduce you to my son Donald Trump Jr.’”

There was some small talk and they split, only to meet again at the halfway break.

“Donald comes back up to me again, ‘I don’t think you’ve met my son Donald Trump Jr.,’” Vanessa told the magazine.

“Yeah, we just met, five minutes ago,” she replied.

Vanessa, who is known to keep a low public profile, was in the news last month for being taken to a hospital after she opened a letter containing some kind of white powder, which the New York Police Department later declared non-hazardous as it turned out to be corn starch.

According to sources, the accompanying message, which read “now you get what you deserve,” was written by a Daniel Frisiello, 24, a Massachusetts resident.

“Thankful that Vanessa & my children are safe and unharmed after the incredibly scary situation that occurred this morning. Truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior,” Trump Jr. said in a tweeted statement.

Nancy Chemtob, who is also not connected to the case, but is known for having represented Annette Roque, wife of alleged sexual offender Matt Lauer, questioned the urgency of the divorce filing.

“What could be so bad that you just can’t wait?” she said.

Ironically, the divorce papers were filed on the same day that special counsel Robert Mueller served subpoenas to the Trump Organization asking for internal documents related to Russia.

Chemtob, however, does not think it was a coincidence; in fact, she sees a possible connection between Mueller’s investigations into the Russian interference and the timing of the divorce.

“(Vanessa) may want to distance herself as much as possible from the investigation,” she said.

“If this is going to affect her financially, then separating now would be in her best interest,” Chemtob added.

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