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Depressed Irish Singer Sinéad O’Connor Pleads For Help on Video Posted on Facebook from New Jersey Motel

Irish singer and songwriter Sinéad O’Connor, 50, uploaded a video on her Facebook account Thursday, candidly speaking about her mental infirmity and ongoing struggle with depression, imploring family members to help her resettle in Ireland. The tearful 12-minute video was posted from a New Jersey motel where she had been staying.

“I just can’t understand how a person can be left so alone and I want everyone to see what it’s like, that’s why I’m making this video,” she said. She went on to say that mental illness is a “bit like drugs. It doesn’t give a shit about who you are.”

“I’m fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting — like all the millions and millions that I know I’m one of — to stay alive every day,” she lamented.

She bemoaned the lack of support from family members, saying that “strangers on Facebook” were kinder to her than her own family members. She pleaded with her grown-up children and their fathers to help her get back to Ireland.

“It should not be acceptable to any man who knows me and claims to love and care about me that I’m still sitting here after two years and I’m begging … to be brought home,” she said through tears.

Having revealed at the start that she was living in a New Jersey motel, she later posted the address of a Travelodge in New Jersey. However, when officers conducted a welfare check on Tuesday, O’Connor was not at the address as confirmed by South Hackensack Police Capt. Robert Kaiser.

A subsequent Facebook post made on behalf of the singer assured well wishers that the singer was in good hands and not suicidal.

Back in 2007, O’Connor had come clean about her battle with mental issues when she revealed on the Oprah Winfrey Show that she had been suffering from bipolar disorder for four years. She even spoke about her attempted suicide on December 8, 1999 – her 33rd birthday.

However, on Oprah Winfrey’s February 2014 show “Where are they now?” O’Connor said that three “second opinions” had revealed she wasn’t actually suffering from any kind of bipolar disorder.

Again in August 2015, speaking on health issues, O’Connor disclosed that she had been suffering from gynecological complications for over three years and would be undergoing a hysterectomy soon.

And, now, this 12-minute rambling account of her mental suffering and depression; and the loneliness, having lost custody of her 13-year-old son; and the urge to take her own life that she’s been battling with for the past two years; and how she would have ended it all, had it not been for her doctor and psychiatrist who have been instrumental in keeping her alive.

See the video here:

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