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China Ready For Retaliation if Trump Starts Trade War

On Wednesday, a U.S. business group acknowledged that they had information that China was ready with retaliatory measures to be adopted should Donald Trump start a trade war with the Asian giant.

Lester Ross, head of the American Chamber of Commerce in China’s policy committee, said, “To our knowledge, China is already preparing measures in the event of actions by the new administration … should [they] impose restrictions on trade and investment with respect to China.”

These comments from Ross came during the unveiling of the outcome of a business survey conducted by the group. The survey results are rather bleak in that the report talks about the growing protectionism, limited market access and vague regulations in China.

Notably, China has been relatively quiet to Trump’s anti-China rhetoric continuing since his campaigning days.

However, on January 17, speaking at the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, expressed that a trade war would be an exercise in futility – there would be no clear-cut winner.

His speech was cleverly worded and is believed to be a subtle retaliatory threat to President-elect Donald Trump if he were to adopt his anti-China policies.

President Xi Jinping, in his address, warned against protectionism appealing to the 3000 attendants, mostly entrepreneurs and the political crème de la crème to stand up against protectionism and also said that the blame game ought to stop.

“Those who push for protectionism are shutting themselves inside a dark house. They have escaped the rain and clouds outside, but also missed the light and air,” the Chinese premier philosophised. “A trade war will only lead to suffering on both sides.”

China’s President Supports Free Trade at World Economic Meeting
China’s President Supports Free Trade at World Economic Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, January 17

China claims to be ready for a trade war if Trump were to implement any of the anti-China policies he’s been babbling about since his campaigning days.

Aside from its, apparently, rigid stance on a trade war with the United States, China is even more serious about its “One China” policy which is “non-negotiable” and “no one can change it” the Chinese media reported on Monday.

The two countries came apart in 1949 as an apparent, consequence of a civil war, and ever since Taiwan has considered itself an independent nation with its own constitution, an electoral presidency, and its very own armed forces.

China, on the other hand, is stubborn about unifying the island nation with the Chinese mainland, as it considers the island nation of Taiwan, referred to as the “Taiwan Authority”, illegitimate – China may even consider taking over the island nation by force if it ever came to that.

Donald Trump’s telephonic interaction with the Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing-wen, was seen as a major deviation from the One-China policy America has supported since 1979 – read more about Trumps controversial calls on our earlier article Decades of Diplomacy in the Dumps Due to Trump’s Calls to World Leaders

The call between Trump and the Tsai Ing-wen in early December last year was kept under wraps by Taiwan but Donald Trump brought it out in the open surprising the American diplomatic circle no end.

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