Canine-Centric Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs – The First of Its Kind

Dogs can now travel in luxury – Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs seems to be the solution for dog owners and comfort for the traveling dog

Canine-Centric Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs - The First of Its Kind

Yes, it’s true! Nissan has come up with a crossover vehicle that is seemingly ideal for our four-legged family members.

While to some it may seem silly and over the top, the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs is the near-perfect solution for dog owners who frequently travel with their canine friends and have been seeking a friendlier mode of transport for them.

The decision to develop such a model was taken on the premise of a survey of more than 1300 dog owners. While 88.7 % of the people surveyed take their dog/s in their car at least once a week, as high as 90 % of them were in favor of canine-centric features in a vehicle.


This led Nissan to design a 445-litre luggage area to make comfortable space for a maximum of two dogs with all the dog amenities one can imagine. The bespoke doggie space is large enough to accommodate two bow-wows quite comfortably with all the necessary trimmings. Man’s best friend now has something specifically designed to cater to its needs.

Here are some of the features that can make the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs a worthy buy for dog owners:

Clean and dry – As lovely and cuddly as they are dogs can be real messy most times, if not all the time. Nissan has given this area of concern a good bit of thought and seems to have addressed the issue bang on with the bespoke model.

A 360° shower and a dog dryer with warm and cool air options housed in a pull-out compartment can prove to be real handy when your dog is muddy and dirty from an outing and you would like to get back in the car clean and dry.

There is an integrated drying system, as well, which can be turned on to supply warm air into the doggie cabin.

Walk-up ramp – If your furry pal is hurt or just downright lazy to jump in and out of the customized boot space, a ramp that can be slid out and down to ground level is the perfect answer.


Dog food dispenser – It’s not just a food dispenser but a game as well to keep your dog entertained.

Spill-free water bowl – Another neat inclusion that not only quenches your dog’s thirst but also keeps the space dry.

Doggie bed – The dog can sleep or just chill out in the dog bed which is just about the perfect size and made of the right material to ensure comfort for the dog.

Video /Audio contact – Driver and pet can keep an eye on each other with the help of the integrated cam technology. While the driver can view the dog on his seven-inch dashboard display, the dog can see its master on a ten-inch LCD screen integrated into the bespoke boot – dead center on the back of the rear seating configuration.

It doesn’t end here; an audio option is also available to the owner to talk to the dog in case the dog is stressed out – well, that is stretching it a bit too far or maybe not – depends.

Leather Interior – The interior of the dog space is lined with fine leather with enough padding to ensure safety and comfort. A clip-on harness hook provides additional safety when on the move. The wipe-clean leather certainly puts an end to dog hair and muddy footprint problems.

Segregation – The dog guard meshing above the rear seats keeps the dog from coming into the human passenger area of the vehicle.

Storage – In addition to the sliding compartment for the shower and dryer attachments at the front of the boot, extra storage compartments on the sides have been added for keeping treats and other doggie stuff so that the space remains clutter free.
Now, how cool is all that!

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