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Betrayals, Reversals, Death | New Trailer for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Released

Christmas is going to be good! The new, extended, Lucasfilm trailer of Star Wars: The Last Jedi appears to be pointing in that direction.

With the film due to release on December 15, we should brace ourselves for an onslaught of new promos, but for now, let’s focus on the latest trailer of the epic space saga unleashed by Lucasfilm and Disney, Monday night.

While the new trailer opens up a good deal more than the April installment, with a ton of expert analyses and plot theories floating around, the movie remains ensconced in mystery.

It’s a clever little teaser that generates excitement and interest but maintains the suspense, leaving you with burning questions. What appears to be clues may well turn out to be red herrings. Lucasfilm and Disney have treated the viewers to an awesome trailer without giving away too much. Well, isn’t that how good trailers are supposed to be!

Replying to a question on Twitter director Rian Johnson is “torn” between watching the trailer – because “it’s gooooood…..” and not watching it if “you want to come in clean.”

Now, before we take a step by step, scene by scene look, check out the trailer below if you haven’t already.

Scene 1


Kylo Ren is standing, back to the camera, looking through a viewport at the war preparations of the First Order going on in front of him. AT-STs are seen moving around and if you look hard enough at the top left of the screen you will notice AT-ATs being hauled around.

Scene 2


The scene cuts to a surface shot of an alien planet and what you see are not the archetypal AT-ATs but the new All-Terrain MegaCaliber Six (AT-M6) or the “Gorilla Walker” – check out the knuckle-dragging gorilla-like movement.

Scene 3


Apparently, it’s Kylo marching into battle with his troops on an unidentifiable planet – could be Crait or Ahch-To, or possibly Mustafar.

Scene 4


Here Kylo is picking up his lightsaber, with what appears to be the new Elite Praetorian Guards in the background – a group of eight, entrusted with the task of protecting Snoke, the supreme commander of the First Order.

The timeline of this shot, however, is not clear – it may well turn out be a flashback sequence.

Scene 5


Finally, it’s Rey! She is seen powering up Luke’s saber, most likely the start of her training with Luke on Ahch-To. Rey has a look of apprehension on her face.

Scene 6


Rey is handing back Luke’s lightsaber to him. So, this clears the air surrounding the saber at the end of The Force Awakens.

Scene 7


Clearly, Luke is looking confused, even shocked, probably because he wasn’t expecting Rey at all.

Scene 8


Going by the rumor mills, Rey seems to be approaching Luke’s “Force tree” where the mysterious book, seen in the first trailer, is probably hidden.

Scene 9


Looks like books again in this scene. There is talk about the Journal of the Whills being among those books or, for all you know, the whole stack makes up the Journal. Let’s wait until Dec. 15.

Scene 10


In this scene and the following few shots, it’s all about Rey’s training with a lightsaber, mastering control of her Force powers. Luke clearly looks shook-up with the “raw strength” on display.

“I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.”

Luke is obviously remembering his nephew, Ben Solo, who would become Kylo Ren and destroy his new Jedi Order.

Scene 11


Though not clear, this scene is probably the flashback Luke is reliving when he refers to the “raw strength” he’s seen before.

Scene 12


Again, there is a strong likelihood of this being the flashback discussed in the previous scene.

Scene 13


Kylo is finding it difficult to fully embrace the dark side as he is seen struggling to let go of the Ben Solo within him.

The following few scenes show a space battle between the Resistance and the First Order. This could be the Resistance’s escape from D’Qar which was discovered by the First Order (The Force Awakens).

Scene 14


Kylo is approaching Resistance ship Raddus in his new TIE silencer.

Scene 15


Kylo is clearly hesitating to fire at the Raddus control center as Leia looks on unsure of what her son is going to do. The teaser, obviously, keeps the suspense.

Scene 16


The metallic strip on Kylo’s face is hiding the scar from his encounter with Rey in The Force Awakens.

Scene 17


No idea where this Millennium Falcon scene is happening but these are some really awesome shots from the movie.

Scene 18


Porgs – a seabird species native to Ahch-To

Scene 19


It’s Poe in this scene but not in his X-Wing. Has the Resistance been taken by surprise by the First Order?

Scene 20


The mother of all duels – the rematch between Captain Phasma and Finn

Scene 21


Here’s Finn dueling in a First Order uniform while fire rages all around what appears to be a First Order base – probably the one from Scene 1.

Scene 22


Awesome scene! The big one is badass Snoke’s badass Mega-class Star Destroyer Supremacy. It’s like a city!

Scene 23


Looks like BB-8 took a hit while riding on Poe’s X-Wing

Scene 24


Luke seems to have been attacked – he’s on the ground addressing his unknown-to -us assailant.

“This is not going to go the way you think!” is what he tells his attacker.

Scene 25


A new creature not seen before

Scene 26


Here’s Finn again, undercover, at the same First Order base seen all through the trailer – probably! Some say it’s the inside of Supremacy.

Scene 27


First look at Supreme Leader Snoke! He is torturing Rey!

Scene 28


Rey is screaming in pain. This room with red walls looks to be the one seen earlier where Kylo picks up his saber. Could it be Snoke’s quarters on Supremacy? YES!

Scene 29


“I need someone to show me my place in all this,” Rey says. Is it about a romantic reunion between Rey and Kylo? Don’t know!

Scene 30


Again this could be an extension of the previous seen, the shot showing Kylo offering his hand. Is it Rey he’s reaching out to? Looks like but, again, it could be a red herring.

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