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Recently Discovered Planet Next Door Proxima b

Some 4.6 billion years ago as rock and ice particles swirling around the young sun collided and merged snowballing to produce ever larger planetary building blocks. In violent pileups, they smashed together to create planets, including the infant Earth. In the turmoil, another body, as big as Mars, struck our planet with the energy of trillions of atomic bombs, enough to melt it all the way through. 

Most of the impact was swallowed up in the bottomless magma ocean it created. But the collision also flung a small world’s worth of vaporized rock into orbit. Even so, our planet remained an alien world for the next 700 million years; scientists call this time the Hadean, after the Greek underworld. Gasses hissed from the cooling rock—carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapor, and others enveloping the planet in a scalding atmosphere devoid of oxygen. 

As the temperature dropped further, the steam condensed into rain that tells in primordial monsoons and filled the ocean basins. These first oceans may have been short-lived. Space rubble left over from the birth of the planets chunks of rock tens to hundreds of miles across bombarded Earth throughout the Hadean. The greatest impacts might have boiled the oceans away, forcing the process of cooling and condensation to begin again. By 3.8 billion years ago the impacts relented. Liquid water could persist. About that time, perhaps in the oceans, lifeless chemical reactions crossed a threshold, producing molecules involved enough to reproduce themselves and evolve toward greater complexity. 

Life was on a road that led, as early as 3.5 billion years ago, to single-celled, blue-green cyanobacteria that flourished in the sunlit parts of the oceans. By the trillions, these microscopic organisms transformed the planet. They captured the energy of the sun to make food, releasing oxygen as a waste product. Little by little they turned the atmosphere into breathable air, opening the way to the diversity of life that followed. Earth began to form over 4.6 billion years ago from the same cloud of gas (mostly hydrogen and helium) and interstellar dust that formed our sun, the rest of the solar system and even our galaxy. In fact, Earth is still forming and cooling from the galactic implosion that created the other stars and planetary systems in our galaxy. This process began about 13.6 billion years ago when the Milky Way Galaxy began to form.

Today, Earth is the only planet we know of that can support life. This is a surprising fact, considering that it is made out of the same matter as other planets in our solar system, was formed at the same time and through the same processes as every other planet, and gets its energy from the sun. Physicist Professor Stephen Hawking says that mankind could be wiped out by our own creations within the next 100 years. He predicts that as we rush to develop new technologies to improve our life, the threats to the human race will increase until some Global cataclysm is virtually inevitable. Thus, the need and the search for life outside our solar system has been brought to our cosmic doorstep with the discovery of an apparently rocky planet orbiting the nearest star to our sun. 

Artist's impression of the planet orbiting Proxima Centauri
This artist’s impression shows a view of the surface of the planet Proxima b orbiting the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Solar System. The double star Alpha Centauri AB also appears in the image to the upper-right of Proxima itself. Proxima b is a little more massive than the Earth and orbits in the habitable zone around Proxima Centauri, where the temperature is suitable for liquid water to exist on its surface.

The planet is 4.2 light-years ( that is about 25 trillion miles) away from Earth and is named as Proxima b the new world has sparked a flurry of excitement among astrophysicists with the idea that it might be similar in crucial respects to Earth The planet has other characteristics that could affect its potential to host life. The planet is still within the potentially habitable zone (the place where temperatures are just right for liquid water to exist) of its star because Proxima Centauri is a type of red dwarf known as an M dwarf – a smaller, cooler, dimmer type of star than our yellow dwarf sun. The planet orbits an (M-type) red dwarf star named Proxima Centauri. The star has a mass of 0.12 M and a radius of 0.14 R It has a surface temperature of 3042 K  and is 4.85 billion years old. 

In comparison, the Sun is 4.6 billion years old and has a surface temperature of 5778 K. Proxima Centauri rotates once roughly every 83 days and has a luminosity about 0.0015 L. The star is rich in metals, something not commonly found in low-mass stars like Proxima. Its metallicity ([Fe/H]) is 0.21, or 1.62 times the amount found in the Sun’s atmosphere. 

Proxima b, despite its closeness to the star, receives less warmth than Earth, but enough that water could flow on the surface. Whether the planet has liquid water or an atmosphere is “pure speculation at this point,” Dr. Anglada-Escudé said in a news conference. However, “potentially habitable” doesn’t mean “habitable,” and it doesn’t mean “inhabited.” It’s possible that this world is a barren wasteland similar to Mars or a toxic planet like Venus. But life on Proxima b isn’t completely out of the question just yet. “Finding out that the nearest star to the sun hosts not just a planet, not just an Earth-sized planet, but one which is in the right location that it could support life, and there are a lot of caveats there really underscores that not only are planets very common in our galaxy but potentially habitable planets are common,” says Eamonn Kerins who is an astrophysicist. 

While its mass is thought to be at least 1.3 times that of the Earth, its size, and hence density, is unknown, meaning that scientists can only make an educated guess that it is likely to be rocky based on the types of exoplanets that have previously been detected around other small stars. It orbits its star in just 11.2 days, and its gravitational pull and the close orbit suggests that the rotation of the planet would probably be gravitationally locked by the sun’s pull. Just as the same side of the moon always faces Earth, one side of Proxima b is likely to be eternally bright, always facing the star, while the other is ever dark.

The astronomers don’t know if Proxima b transits yet. They found this planet using the technique called the radial velocity method which involves studying the very tiny movements in the world’s host star, Proxima Centauri. When Proxima b orbits around Proxima Centauri, the planet’s gravity tugs on the star and causes it to wobble slightly. Astronomers confirmed Proxima B’s existence by studying these wobbles. The first indications of the exoplanet were found in 2013 by Mikko Tuomi from archival observation data. 

To confirm the possible discovery, the European Southern Observatory launched the Pale Red Do project in January 2016. Proxima Centauri is a fickle star. It’s a type of red dwarf known as a flare star. That means every so often, Proxima Centauri flares and increases in brightness. This flaring is going to make it very hard to figure out where Proxima b is, even if it does transit.

Lead author Guillem Anglada-Escude, an astronomer at the Queen Mary University of London, described the finding as the “experience of a lifetime. “It is not unlikely that this planet is quite similar to Earth. The striking finding of this, of course, is that this system is so close to our Earth and solar system,” said Ansgar Reiners, a German scientist who is among the research’s co-authors. However, it is not clear if the planet has an atmosphere or if it contains water, but “the existence is plausible”, he added. There are hints of perhaps another planet, maybe more, but those hints are still ambiguous, the scientists said.The discovery could provide the impetus for planet-finding telescopes. Ruslan Belikov of the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., has proposed a small space telescope costing less than $175 million dedicated to the search for planets in Alpha Centauri.

While it would not be powerful enough to spot Proxima b, its existence would give more confidence that terrestrial planets also orbit the two sun-like stars there.“It just raises the public awareness there’s a new world just next door,” Dr. Belikov said. “It’s a paradigm shift in people’s minds.” Earth being the only planet that provides oxygen from trees, water, food, and environment and a place to stay and live is crucial. It is unique and therefore for the Humans to survive, it is imperative for us all to look after it and to protect it in every possible way.

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History of Copy Speeches and Melania Trump’s Speech Plagiarism

It is but natural to ape, copy, imitate things so that one can make an impression with people. Children are prone to copy their classmates on one thing or another. Boys as well as girls copy each other in fashion, hairstyle and even personal habits. Girls dress their dolls in similar dresses which often leads to jealousy and bitterness.

In school, at exam times, weak students try to cheat by copying notes from brilliant students owing to peer pressure. In adult life, people resort to all means of copying or plagiarizing material to get ahead in the office.

We have all engaged in cheating, imitating or copying in some stage of our lives but it all becomes history as we move along in life. For ordinary people it does not affect them as mentioned it is a part and parcel of life. In underdeveloped countries where copyright laws are not so stringent and where the government is also weak people tend to take a very lax attitude and brush it off easily. It is often seen that parts of books are plagiarized and used in other books which are not only unethical but illegal. Medical books are photocopied and sold to students at a nominal price as these books are at times very expensive.

However, in the west and most particularly in the USA, copyright laws are very strict and violators can be imposed with heavy fines and even a jail sentence if found guilty.

Perhaps as a case in point of one of the most well-known cases of plagiarism is the blockbuster and best-selling book By Alex Haley ROOTS which was made into a mini television series by ABC television.

It was later discovered that the Pulitzer-winning author had plagiarized major extracts of his book from another novel “The African“ by white author Harold Courlander.

Haley contended that the protagonist of the novel Kunta Kinte was his ancestor a fact which was later disproved by historians.

There have been other famous instances of plagiarism of some well-known personalities such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the world famous US civil rights leader who it is alleged plagiarized his dissertation for his doctorate degree.

However, King was an established iconic leader who changed the course of black and white relations in the USA. It is said that his famous speech “I have a dream was also taken from another pastor“.

Dr. Martin Luther King TimelyBuzz
Dr. Martin Luther King – TimelyBuzz

Dr. Martin Luther King’s greatness needs no explanation or introduction and the plagiarism stories pales before his iconic stature.

Dr. Jane Goodall, an eminent scientist working with chimpanzees for more than 50 years and author of several books and research papers was also accused of plagiarism.

In Dr. King’s case allegations of wrongdoings surfaced at the start of his career but Goodall’s plagiarism was as recent as 2013 when she was planning to launch her book “Seeds of Hope” where it was discovered that some of the sources were taken from none other than Wikipedia, astrology sites and so forth.

Johnny Cash, an icon of his times was a famous country music singer in the fifties and sixties with such famous songs such as I Walk the Line, Ring of Fire, A Boy Named Sue and Jackson, a duet with his wife June Carter Cash.

His name has been inducted into the Country Music, Rock, and Roll and Gospel Music Halls of fame.

Johnny Cash TimelyBuzz
Johnny Cash – TimelyBuzz

However, Cash was also branded a plagiarist in 1955 as his song ‘Folsom Prison Blues ‘ about the tale of a convicted murder being tortured by the sound of a passing train while stuck in prison, was actually the work of another person Cash, settled the plagiarism suit by paying $75,000 to put the issue to rest. That amount is worth about $660,000 today. His career was not affected by the suit at all.

Another two famous personalities, accused of plagiarism were Helen Keller, who at the age of 19 months became deaf and blind but went on to a be a prolific author, public speaker and political activist. She was awarded the presidential medal of freedom in 1964 and inducted into the national women’s hall of fame in 1965.

Her dark patch concerning plagiarism surfaced when she wrote her first book Frost King at the age of 11. The story appeared bore similarities to another book by another author. Although Keller denied any wrongdoing, the matter received a lot of publicity the case was finally attributed and cited as a case Cryptomnesia.

The other famous person mentioned was T.S. Eliot, the famous English Poet and Playwright who won a Nobel prize for literature in 1948.

In 1922 Eliot published the popular poem The Waste Land. Decades later it was discovered that the poem was largely a hodgepodge of text from lesser-known poets, one of them named Madison Casein and his poem entitled Waste Land.

However, Eliot’s reputation was not besmirched although he was criticized throughout his life. Plagiarism becomes very important when the concerned person involved is very famous and has mass fan following but what happens when the plagiarist just happens to be the wife of the nominee for the president of the United States of America.

This is the latest sensational news doing the rounds or as it is the age of digital technology, going viral. Donald Trump, the real estate billionaire is the Republican party candidate for the President of the United States duly endorsed at the convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 21st, 2016.

Trump, a foul-mouthed, racist preaching hate against Hispanics and advocating the complete ban on Muslims due to terrorist related incidents in US cities recently has already stirred a hornet’s nest and is a love-hate relationship with the media.

Now Melania Trump, his beautiful and charming wife has further spiced up the political hotspot by giving an opening speech at the convention which the media has picked up as being plagiarized from the speech of Michelle Obama, President Obama’s wife at the Democratic Party Convention in 2008 when Obama was running for his first term in office.

Similarities have been found in several place of the speech, as a case in point Melania’s claim that that she would pass these values on to future generations “because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them” also closely matched Obama’s wish to share those values “because we want our children – and all children in this nation – to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them”.

The speech is indeed a setback for the Trump camp as he is formally crowned the party’s candidate for the President of the United States as many critics are saying the-the Republican party image needs to be spruced up its image before the elections in November.

Will this affect Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House? Many detractors, especially in the Hillary team, will say that the husband and wife can not be trusted to handle affairs of the state as they have a tendency to cheat.

Proponents will counter argue that Melania was talking about family values and care and respect and if similar words were used it is no big deal. Still, others may say there is no originality in the Trump camp.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s head honcho, is partly to blame for the fiasco as he signed off the speech and edited it.

Manafort is of the view that common language used in Melania’s speech should not lessen the impact of her words.

Neither Michelle Obama nor the White has commented on the speech yet but the American media will not easily let go.

When one runs for public office, one is the in the limelight at all times and in this case, the prize is the coveted and most powerful office on the planet.

For the next three months both the camps will be under the intense glare not only of the American media but that of the world and the social media. Every stride, every hairstyle, dressing, body language, eating and sleeping habits will be under the eye of the camera and hiccups will be microscopically examined and scrutinized.

Any deviation from the norm will be damning for both the camps and it will be no surprise that Donald Trump hires a team of plagiarism experts to ensure that this time round nothing is compromised, As for the Hillary camp plagiarism may be the least of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s worries as the former first lady is beset with her own problems such, the State department e-mails on her private server, Libya not to mention her husband’s trysts.

One thing is certain, the US elections 2016 will be the ugliest,nastiest and most interesting elections for a very long time as the gloves are off and no holds barred.

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How Uber Is Disrupting Transportation, Ride Sharing and Leasing Industry

Invented by the ancient Sumerians, man’s greatest invention, the wheel brought a modulation to the field of transportation and has indeed given it a new perspective. Uber Technologies Inc. is one such transportation company that has revolutionized the idea of traveling.

With its headquarters in San Francisco, California the Uber Technologies Inc. commenced the Uber application that allows its users to place a request for a cab from their smartphones while at their home. The request is further routed to the Uber drivers who use their own Uber transportation to provide a comfortable journey to their users.

Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp in the year 2009 as the “UBER CAB”. Since then Uber has been a total success for the two gentlemen and by 2014 it was ranked as the world’s 48th most powerful company and by the year 2015, it is estimated to be of $62.5 billion.

Living in the twenty-first century where our lives are mainly dominated by the modern day technology Uber brings along the comfort of having a cab waiting for you just a tap away. Uber has numerous pros but the major one being the reduced rate of road accidents because of careless and drunk driving.

Not having to wait for taxis for long hours Uber reduces the number of drunk drivers on the road by providing them a safe and a comfortable journey to their destination. Be it a luxurious or an accessible ride for wheelchairs Uber has a wide range of rides to choose from. It also brings along the unique feature of car-pooling never offered by any other. The feature enables the user to share the ride and the fare with anyone else heading the same destination.

Another reason which I believe has contributed to the increasing popularity of Uber is that it is comparatively much cheaper, friendlier and efficient than getting a taxi this means that people no longer have to wait for a cab in the dark streets during late hours with the fear of perhaps being robbed, it also eases the customer with the trouble of waiting for long extensive hours that can be very tiring and exhausting.

The reason why Uber is disrupting the car, ride-system, and taxi industry is because it somehow contributed to the reduction in the rate of pollution. With Uber, people can have any car that they wish to ride in waiting for them at their doorstep within a few minutes away from just a single tap on their cell phone. This means that people now having the facility of having a car just when they need it are encouraged to not carry the heavy burden of car loans or bank loans etc on their backs for years now.

Because of the fare that is within their limits of the range, they are convinced and satisfied by the service provided by Uber and thus the people do not feel the need of buying a car and bearing the heavy expenses of the insurance and taxes that come along with it. The Uber application also ensures a safe journey. The customers no longer have to worry about the mysterious behavior of the cab driver while traveling late in the night. It also means that girls traveling alone in the night no longer have to worry.

Uber ensures a safe and a comfortable ride to its customers. People being content with Uber and its services means that people are convinced to buy fewer cars which mean less emission of harmful gasses into the environment and it, therefore, contributes to decreasing the rate of global warming in the environment.

However, Uber does has a darker side and contributes to the concept of “sharing economy” which has put a burden on the traditional suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. People buying fewer cars and other means of transportation puts a great burden on the manufacturers of big car industries and provides a tough competition for them. Uber and its growing business have caused the business for the taxi drivers to fall down drastically. For private taxi owners and drivers, it has become very difficult to find someone willing to ride in their vehicle, this has caused them many problems such as unemployment.


With the growing popularity of Uber and other such franchises, it has become increasingly difficult for the taxi drivers to support their families and bear the normal day to day expense. Thus, the traditional yellow cabs are disappearing from the streets of the world and are replaced by the new more advanced Uber cabs.

Uber has therefore disrupted the system in which “things were normally done”. Offering rides in much lower prices people usually prefer to ride in Uber cabs and this creates a tough competition for the taxi and other car sharing industries. These apps have undoubtedly increased the size of the market for taxi and car services.

Taxi apps have become a rising topic in the tech industry, not only among users but among investors and entrepreneurs also. Companies have come up with taxi apps like Hailo, Careem, Lyft, etc. that have yet again created a tough competition for the taxi drivers.

“Uber’s entry into the market was a wake-up call for an industry that was not meeting consumer expectations.” – the spokesperson told

The Taxi drivers, however, view Uber’s new policies as rather unsafe and comment, “Ride-Sharing is a for-profit enterprise that provides illegal taxi services. It places the public at risk through the lack of proper government-backed checks and compliance measures for drivers and vehicles, and it directly undermines the efforts of hardworking and law-abiding taxi drivers, operators and owners.” The council said in response to the IPART report.

“Operating under the guise of the ‘shared economy’, ride-sharing, and specifically UberX, are exposing both drivers and customers to increased risk through (but not limited to) noncompliance with the law, including the non-adherence to the government required checks for authorities and licenses; inadequate or no insurance; no workers.’ Compensation insurance; no industrial relations arrangements; and the insidious practice of surge piercing.”

However, there has been much of a positive response from the Uber drivers who are quite content with its service and packages. At Uber, the drivers are paid for the hours they work in whereas in a yellow cab the driver gets to keep what he earns and it mainly depends on a chance of luck. The drivers are offered good amount of pay and apart from that another advantage which they have at hand is that they can easily choose the time slots for which they wish to work for, this means that it creates a source of employment for the part-time, workers, too and also attracts many yellow cab taxi drivers into the Uber because of the stable salary which they wouldn’t have received if they worked as a yellow cab driver. This yet again contributes to the reason why Uber is disrupting the car, ride-sharing, and the taxi industry.

Uber is “changing car ownership for drivers, with flexible options that allow people to get access to a car when they want to earn extra income,” says Andrew Chapin, a former Goldman Sachs banker who now runs Uber’s vehicle solutions group. But of course, as with anything related to Uber, there’s controversy. Drivers approved for the program pay around $120 to $160 a week, and the money is deducted automatically from their earnings. At $600 a month or so for many drivers, that’s a hefty lease, leading critics to claim that the terms are predatory. Uber also continues to drop its ride prices, making it harder for some drivers to keep up.

Another main concern that comes up with Uber is that of the economy. With the yellow cab taxi drivers and other industries setting up new vehicles running in the streets of the country, the government did manage to get some of the money to the country by having some government owned taxis and hired taxi drivers. However, with Uber, the money goes into private hands which are yet again a major loss to the government, the country, and its economy.

Thus, it can be concluded that Uber has disrupted the car, Ride-Sharing, and taxi industry in many ways. Uber and its increasing popularity have attracted many investors who have added it to its successful reputation that it bears today.

Uber and its charm have somehow repulsed the loan and leasing industry providing it a tough competition in the market. Uber, where lifestyle meets logistics has truly taken into account the atoms and bits of the world and has brought in a way like no one other and has left no bit or atom unturned to create industries that serve people.


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A Historical Insight on Tesla Motors & Its Impact on the Auto Industry

Ever since times immemorial, it has been man’s consistent endeavor to improve his lot in life, to provide material comfort and succor to himself and his family. Right from the medieval ages or even before that when people lived in caves, discovery and invention have been a major priority to enhance and improve the quality of life.

Over the years scientists, inventors, discoverers, doctors, manufacturers, writers, academics political leaders, religious scholars have all contributed their share to the path of progress and prosperity.

The two of the greatest areas where man has made monumental strides over time has been in the field of communications and transportation. With the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, it became possible to speak across the globe in a very short time. And with the advent of digital technology, well, all one can say, wonders will never cease to exist.

However, it is an indisputable fact that man’s greatest invention The WHEEL has transformed and revolutionized the world of transportation and given an entirely new impact and dimension to the auto industry.

It is in human nature to aspire for better, more comfortable and above all faster means of transport with foolproof security features and ever since the introduction of Henry Ford’s Model T and its mass production the need for bigger, better and faster has been the criteria of the automakers.

Ever since the Model T, The world’s auto industry has entered into a frenzied and cut throat competition each vying to produce the world’s best automobile to grab a share of the international market.

The Americans needed quantity as well as quality not to forget exacting safety standards and initially were in the forefront of the auto industry.

After the second World War, things changed and today Japan has emerged as the largest automaker with Toyota, the leading car manufacturer in the world General motors, Nissan. Suzuki, Volkswagen, are some of other the leading automakers of the world today.
However, in the early seventies, the world witnessed an oil embargo which soared the prices of petrol globally and the auto industry felt its impact as sales slumped drastically. Moreover, industrial pollution, car fuel emission, and chemical and toxic waste were playing havoc with the ecosystem and the demand for fuel efficient cars was the need of the hour.

Automakers spent millions on research and development and started producing better models of their car version which were both Eco-friendly and fuel efficient.Innovation has always been the hallmark of all major companies, to explore new technology, apply them in and produce better and greater quality products in their related field.

Every major automaker realizes that cost and unmatched efficiency are what draws the customer to its models and they leave no stone unturned to meet the expectations of the market.

One such company is Tesla Motors based in Fremont, California which has been making electric cars since 2012 and which appears to become the greatest automaker in the world. The question obviously springs to mind that what exactly is an electric car and how it compares to an ordinary car?

An electric car is propelled by one or more electric motors powered by rechargeable batteries.These electric motors give instant torque resulting in immediate acceleration.
Tesla motors introduced its Model S which has to date been very successful. The first Tesla electric car was the Roadster made in 2008. It is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) sports car that was produced between 2008 to 2012. Tesla plans a replacement for the roadster in 2019.

The second model introduced by the company has been the Model S which has to date been very successful.The Tesla Model S is a state-of- the art super luxury sedan which operates entirely on electrically powered by rechargeable batteries. A 5-door liftback Tesla first introduced in June 2012 and ever since sales have been soaring in the USA, Canada, and Europe. It has been duly approved and certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The greatest feature of the Model S is that it is 100 percent emission free which is nothing short of a godsend as the world struggles to keep industrial emissions down as much as possible. Although Tesla motors are in fierce competition with General motors to capture the electric car market the demand for the model S will give Tesla an edge in the near future .

The Model S is the second highest-selling electric car in the global market after Nissan Leaf. At present, the model has been very successful with touchscreen digital technology to operate its interior systems with eight airbags etc.

The most innovative feature of the Model S is its auto- pilot system, a system whereby the car drives by itself guided by its computer and built-in sensors. In other words, drivers are free to engage in other activities as the car drives itself. It is said that it is also possible for the auto-pilot to accurately park itself.

The car has bagged many prestigious awards the since its inception such as 2013 World Green Car of the Year, Motor Trend Car of the Year and Time magazine’s best 25 inventions of the year 2012. It has been very successful in Scandinavia and in the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.

To gauge the success of any product or in this case a car model the US market is the best yardstick or barometer and the Tesla model S has already captured 60% of the U.S market.

Tesla Motors is owned by Elon Musk, a dynamic and charismatic entrepreneur who like Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin group can best be described as creative visionaries who not only are engaged in earthly business ventures but have set their sights in celestial and inter-galactic pursuits.

Tesla is launching its Model X, an SUV which has advanced features of that of the Model S. Tesla motors in 2016, Tesla upgraded the design of the Model S, which now looks more like the Model X. Further additional upgrades can be done on the S model with the introduction of a software update .

It can be unequivocally said that Tesla Model S is a marvelous engineering feat in automobile technology and electric cars being the need of the hour Tesla motors are a thing of the future and it seems that within a very short span of time Tesla will be the leading automaker in the world.

The company is making monumental strides in auto technology and it would be no surprise that Tesla will soon become a household name and set up a plant in every major country in the world. There are of course negative aspects in any venture and recently Tesla had its share of woes when a Tesla car crashed and the driver was killed despite the fact that the autopilot system was functional.

The matter although being investigated by the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) has not dampened the enthusiasm of potential car buyers. Tesla, however, contends that the auto-pilot system was not to be blamed for the fatal crash. Tesla, which had to face the brunt of the political damage and public relations nightmare went into damage control and immediately started working on modifications to its Autopilot system.

Autopilot works by using cameras, radar and computers to detect objects and brake automatically in case of the possible risk of hitting anything. Although this has been a major setback for the car company Tesla engineers are working at a frantic pace to rectify the anomaly if any.

Meanwhile, Tesla is all set to launch its latest model Model X which will be another feather in its illustrious cap. Tesla is an extremely customer-oriented company and does not make its models until orders are placed in which case delivery dates are given to customers.

Another noteworthy point is that although the price of cars is quite high the government with an aim to reduce emissions is providing tax incentives to companies as well as customers, for example, a Tesla Model X 60 D is priced at 74000 US but with a tax credit of 6500, it comes to 66,500 US dollars.

Moreover, the cost of using electricity is much cheaper than using gasoline so in the long run, it goes without saying that an electric car will prove to be very beneficial.

In anticipation of the introduction of a more affordable model by 2017, Tesla automakers have started collecting a $1000 dollars deposit from potential buyers and so far over half a million people have made the deposit. The potential of this car is incredible as Governments are giving tax breaks to people in Canada and the U.S who want to purchase an environmentally friendly car with no emissions.

In conclusion, it can be said as far as Electric cars are concerned Tesla will prove to be a major player in the global auto industry.