Apple 10.3 iOS Upgrade will Migrate Millions Devices to a New File System

It’s this past year, a file system which was initially announced at WWDC and designed with all Apple Watch, iPad, the iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV at heart, is about to be ended.

Apple continues to be using its 31-year old Hierarchical File System (HFS) for iOS phones up to now. It was initially created for Macs with hard or floppy disks, and not for modern cellular devices with solid state storage. HFS, its successor, didn’t address the requirements of devices that are mobile enough.

Apple’s new APFS was created to scale across these brand new kinds of machinery get the most out of SSD or flash storage. It’s also engineered as the main characteristic, so restoring files on a Mac as well as a iOS phones might get a good deal simpler in the long run, as well as supports attributes like pictures. “APFS is made for Apple’s modern device.”

As APFS was created to be low latency, this should also enhance read and write speeds on Mac or iOS device.

Apple presented this using a Mac during WWDC last year, revealing how time was conserved by APFS on a file copy that was simple compared to HFS. Beta testers of iOS 10.3 reported seeing more storage accessible after the upgrade, mainly due to the manner APFS computes accessible data.

Other than the usual tiny increase to storage, it’s improbable you’ll iPhone just or see any gains. It’s going to help put a few of the foundations to change completely around to 64-bit programs just something that many believe will occur with iOS 11, on iOS.

It shouldn’t be much more, but Apple is taking on a huge job to carefully and quietly modernize an incredible number of iOS devices so that matters will take a little more than regular file systems.

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Jared Kushner Trump’s Son-In-Law to Oversee White House Office

Kushner, who wedded Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and now serves as a senior advisor, will head the newly formed White House Office of American Initiation with an eye on possibly privatizing some government functions and leveraging company thoughts, the Post said.

“The authorities ought to be run like a great American business. Our expectation is that we can attain successes and efficiencies for our clients, who are the citizens,” Kushner told the Post in an interview.

Some the areas he’ll focus on are veterans’ care, opioid dependence, technology and information infrastructure, infrastructure and workforce training, as stated by the report.

“I assured the American people I’d generate effects, and use my ‘ahead of schedule, under budget’ attitude to the authorities.”

Representatives for the White House didn’t immediately respond to a request to support the report.

The move comes only days after Trump endured his first major political drawback since taking office in January. Fellow Republicans pulled their health care strategy after years of promising to reverse the 2010 health law of former President Barack Obama.

Also, it comes one week after Ivanka Trump received her very own office in the White House together with access to classified information as well as a government-issued telephone after aides previously said she wouldn’t take on a job in her dad’s White House.

In line with the Post, aides told me she’d collaborate with the initiation office of Kushner but won’t have an official function.

Kushner has been a regular presence at his father in law’s side and was previously cleared by the Justice Department to serve as a White House senior advisor as concerns were raised by Democrats about his possible conflicts of interest.

He’s been given an extensive selection of international and national policy obligations, including working toward a Middle East peace deal. He’ll continue to serve in his many jobs as he takes up the new responsibilities, the Post reported.

The Senate Intelligence Committee may also question Jared Kushner, as an element of its investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and whether any collision happened between the Kremlin as well as the Trump effort.

A White House official told Business Insider that Kushner took the assemblies as a piece of his job as “the official primary point of contact with foreign authorities and public servants.”

“Through the effort and transition, Jared Kushner functioned as the main point of contact with international authorities and officers,” the official said. “Given this role, he’s offered to talk with Chairman Burr’s Committee, but hasn’t yet received confirmation.”

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Newsman Ted Koppel Out Lashes Sean Hannity By Saying He’s Bad for America

Information displays that use of politics on their sleeves have been railed against by expert broadcast journalist Ted Koppel and with Sean Hannity, he pulled no punches on Saturday.

In a tense trade on CBS Sunday Morning, Koppel told staunch supporter and the Fox News host of President Donald Trump that his type of view established writing was hurting the nation.

The section centered on the political split in The United States as well as the function partisan information programming performed in driving conservatives and liberals additional aside. Within a sit-down meeting, Hannity called on Koppel to “provide some credit” to individuals power to distinguish between an information display and a viewpoint display.

“You are skeptical,” Hannity said.

“I’m skeptical” Koppel replied.

“Do you believe we are bad for Us? You believe I am awful for Us?” Hannity inquired.

Koppel did not skip a beat: “Yes,” he explained, and continued over several gaps from Hannity:

After the segment had aired, Hannity reacted using some tweets contacting the present “Phony Modified Information” and accusing CBS of leaving out elements of his responses that mentioned press prejudice. He requested CBS to produce the raw record of the meeting, which he stated went about 4-5 minutes.

He’s belittled correspondents for partial coverage, especially those at Fox News on the left as well as the right leaning competition MSNBC.

Veteran journalist Ted Koppel had about showing Sean Hannity no issues this weekend he was harmful to Us.

The dialogue between the Fox News host as well as Koppel appeared in a CBS’ Sunday Morning section, where Koppel stated Hannity was causing the deepening political split in the nation.

Notably, Koppel reported the thing that was truth, and that Fox News did not clearly differentiate between the thing that was viewed.

“Do you believe we’re detrimental to U.S? You believe I’m harmful to U.S?” As documented by CBS, Hannity requested.

“Yeah,” was Koppel’s reply.

Hannity adopted that conversation up using a tweet, phoning the event “Phony Modified Information.”

All through that CBS section, when Hannity mentioned Koppel’s phrases were “unhappy,” Koppel responded:

“No, you understand why? Because you’re a genius at that which you are doing, and as you’ve brought a much more powerful individuals who have decided that political orientation is mo-Re significant than facts.”

In the same line, Koppel called then-MSNBC sponsor Keith Olbermann the “much opinionated” among the system “Left leaning, Monk-tempting, cash-creating serves. Over a million spectators flocked to his nightly plan because Olbermann was “openly and monotonously partisan,” he stated.

Koppel lumped sponsor Rachel Maddow as well as Beck, who had been a Fox News sponsor during the moment, into an identical group.

He waded to the problem of press partisanship throughout the 2016 selection at the same time. In a 20-16 look on Foxnews O’Reilly Element, Koppel sponsor Bill O’Reilly regarding the political discourse surrounding then-nominee Trump, who’d only prevailed in the Very Wednesday primaries.

Koppel questioned Trump on several events was Informed by O’Reilly. “Perhaps not a straightforward meeting,” he stated. “How might you get it done?”

“It is immaterial how I ‘d take action,” Koppel terminated right back. “And which you know who created it insignificant? You did.”

O’Reilly unfazed requested him to elaborate. And Koppel did — within an exchange perhaps not on Saturday unlike his conversation with Hannity.

“You’ve shifted the tv screen scenery in the previous two decades. You required it from being the goal and ho-hum to being summary and amusing,” Koppel informed O’Reilly. “As well as in this present environment, it will not matter what the interviewer asks him. Mr. Trump goes to state whatever he needs to say, as horrific as it might be.”

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‪‪Donald Trump‬, ‪Paul Ryan‬, ‪Jeanine Pirro‬‬ Health Care Bill Failure

Not long after Leader Donald Trump informed his Facebook fans Sunday night to see the display of Fox News sponsor Judge Pirro, the Trump and his sponsor friend required to the display to give a severe rebuke of Residence Presenter John Ryan.

“The cause? He neglected to give the ballots for his medical expenses. The one which he’d to work with. The one he concealed in the cellar of Congress under lock and key. The one who needed to be taken to avoid the humiliation of not having enough votes to move.”

“He does not attribute John Ryan,” Priebus stated. “In truth, he believed John Ryan worked very hard.

Ryan spokesperson Doug Andres told that Trump discussed with Ryan on Saturday morning and “the Leader was obvious his Charlene Keys had nothing related to the loudspeaker. They can be equally keen to reunite to work with the program.”

That dialogue adopted an hour long call Sunday, in which loudspeaker and the President mentioned about the best way to progress on their plan aims that were common, Ryan spokeswoman Powerful mentioned.

“Their relationship is more powerful than ever before right today,” Powerful, informed

The workplace of Administration and Budget Overseer Mick Mulvaney also double-D down Saturday morning on NBC’s “Fulfill the Media,” stating, “Never once have I saw (Trump) attribute, John Ryan.”

Both behind-the-scenes, Trump’s heaviest and openly irritations look like aimed maybe not the traditional associates of the Residence Liberty Caucus, whom he invested the other day wanting to negotiate with, yet although at Ryan.

The White House had provided the Flexibility Caucus an eleventh-hour offer to repeal an Obamacare condition that insurance companies cover important health treatment advantages, like prescription medicines and clinic remains, to get them up to speed.

But associates of the team claimed that that might do enough to lessen rates. A lot more was needed by the Independence Caucus, for example, fighting Obamacare conditions that were well-known, including allowing kids to remain on their parents’ insurance till they’re 26 and requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing illnesses, both that Trump had promised through the strategy which he might contact.

As the discussions progressed, the White Residence became conscious of the schisms inside the GOP positions, which light emitting diode Residence Presenter David Boehner, Ryan’s forerunner, to step down and festered for years.

Nevertheless, the White House believed points might be different today, having a real chance to present on a seven as well as a Republican Leader office campaign guarantee.

“We under-estimated the acrimony in the caucus” a senior White House established informed CNN including that they’d mistakenly presumed the Independence Caucus might behave otherwise than it had before offered Trump’s recognition in people’ areas.

“It was not about the plan,” the state mentioned. “It did not issue what coverage we created because they did not need an offer. We were prisoners within a Residence caucus combat that are an interior. The Flexibility Caucus also had much curiosity in eliminating this to deliver an email to Loudspeaker Ryan: ‘you’ve got an excessive amount of power.'”

For the present time, Trump’s connection and Ryan seems complete, which is crucial to ensuring the Residence, handed tax-reform, another legal airlift.

But on how points are heading one inform may be how significantly the White House outsources Slope the next time around and the legal procedure to Ryan.


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‪‪United Airlines‬‬ Denied Boarding of 2 Girls for inappropriate Clothing

An United Airlines gate agent barred two girls in the morning from boarding an airplane for wearing leggings.

Another girl who had been wearing gray leggings needed to transform before she was permitted to board the flight to Minneapolis from Denver, a witness said.

“She’s forcing them to change or put dresses on over leggings, or they can’t board,” Shannon Watts, who was at a gate at Denver International Airport, said on Twitter. “Since when does @united police women’s clothing?”

United, reacting to tweets in regards to the event tweeted that “United shall possess the right to deny passengers who aren’t correctly clothed via our Contract of Carriage.”

United Airlines spokesman Jonathan Guerin supported the two teenagers are not permitted on the flight.

While traveling an internal policy for workers utilizing the airline journey benefit, he explained expressly prohibits leggings.

Our frequent passengers aren’t going to be refused to board since they’re wearing yoga trousers or leggings,” Guerin said. But when flying as a pass Voyager, we require rules to be followed by passengers, which is among the rules.

Jonathan Guerin, a spokesman for the airline, told Patch that there was a party of three, all of whom were pass travelers, who were getting on a flight from Denver to Minneapolis. Guerin said of the three passengers, two teenage girls were not allowed to board because they were not in compliance with United’s dress code policy for company benefit travel.

The airlines, however, will not define “correctly clothed.”

He explained the airline reminds workers that when traveling privileges are being used by them, the dress conditions are reviewed by them. Guerin said the suit demand was causal, not proper. Nevertheless, he said leggings were expressly not permitted. Flip flops were not expressly allowed in by another garments thing.

Guerin said the rules do not apply to many travelers and a routine passenger boarding would never be denied by the airline for their dress.

Several customers have previously stated that they wouldn’t normally be flying using the airline.

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Samira Wiley & Lauren Morelli, Orange Is the New Black Couple Official Married

Orange Is the New Black author Morelli, and celebrity Wiley tied the knot on Saturday afternoon in Palm Springs.

Wiley, 29, declared the nuptials on Instagram having a spectacular snapshot as well as the hashtag, “#aboutlastnight,” while Morelli published the same picture using the language, “Wifeys for lifey.”

Wall by friends and their family, the two custom white Religious Siriano outfits that were donned and wed in an identical Hand Springs place a year ago where Morelli offered, showing an Asscher to Wiley – the diamond wedding band.


A post shared by Samira Wiley (@whododatlikedat) on

Accentuated with an intense blast of images through the newlyweds first dance and the reception that was colorful featured strings of lively floral centerpieces and lamps, garlands.

Morelli was once married, but she and her husband divorced after being released as a lesbian while composing for the comedy drama show.

“I was nervous about the first love scene I’d written for Alex and Piper,” Morelli wrote in an online essay. “I was so deep in my self-doubt that I constantly felt like a fraud. I was married to a man, but I wasn’t straight. I found a mouthpiece for my desires and a glimmer of what my future could look like.”

Thank you for your diversity, your expansive definition of female bodies, your spirit, and your talent, @csiriano.

A post shared by Lauren Morelli (@lomorelli) on

“They looked stunning!” designer Siriano said on Instagram. “It was a chic, beautiful and fabulous wedding! Congratulations to these amazing women @whododatlikedat and@lomorelli it was a pleasure creating these looks for your special day.”

Wiley and Morelli, who performed with Poussey in the show, produced their red carpet introduction through the 2014 Prizes as a few.

Orange Is the New Black may get back June 9, 2017, for Season Five on Fri.

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Travel Trends Shift In Past and Upcoming Years

It is generally said that travel not only broadens one’s vision but also enlightens and expands a person’s worldly perspective of things. A man has always been fascinated by the adventure of travel, whether out of necessity, pleasure, trade or his restless spirit to discover and explore new territories to seek out riches or spices for trade in spices was a lucrative business.

Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer, with the support of Isabella and Ferdinand, the ruling monarchs of Spain set sail with three ships, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria to discover the new worlds hoping to reach India.

Similarly, Captain James Cook of England on board the H.M.S Endeavour lay anchor in Botany Bay far way in the South which later on was colonised by the British and now called Australia. Perhaps It goes without saying that two of the greatest travellers of all time were Marco Polo and IbnBatuta .

Marco Polo., (1254-1324) a young Venetian, was 17 only when he travelled to discover new places with his father and uncle. They travelled through Central Asia, Persia, through the Silk Route to China to become the guests of the Emperor of China, Kublai Khan.

Marco Polo returned to Venice after 24 years when Venice was at war with Genoa and Marco was thrown into prison. He narrated the fantastic tales of his long odyssey to his cell mate who chronicled them into books.

Muhammad Ibn Batuta or simply Ibn-e-Batuta (1304-1369) is recognized and acclaimed as the greatest traveler of all time .

Born in Morroco, Ibn Batuta at the age of 21 set out to perform the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) which in those days took about 16 months. However, he did not return home till 24 years.

In those days travelling was very arduous and painstaking as the only mode of travel were ships, horseback, and camels

Despite the hardships and at many times at the risk of his life Ibn-Battuta travelled to almost all the countries that are now part of the Islamic world and also to many parts of non-Muslim lands.

His sojourn in different lands and his study of different cultures and customs were chronicled in a book the Rila translated journey which makes interesting and compulsory reading for aspiring world explorers.

With time, and great inventions, the mode of travel improved in a revolutionary manner and we now live in an age where supersonic travel by air, high-speed train travel, and even road travel has become easy.

With time trends and motives for travel changed also as previously say in the sixties travelling was done for professional purposes, or for permanently relocating to richer countries such as witnessed by the mass exodus to Europe and USA and Canada in the sixties and seventies when immigration laws were quite lax .

In the seventies, the oil and construction industry boomed and flourished and people from all over the subcontinent flocked to the Middle east for greener pastures.

Earlier, holiday travel was the domain of the rich and well to do especially in the developed countries of the world. and the famous destinations of the time were London, Paris, Rome New York and Tokyo to name a few.

Nowadays, everything has changed, have backpack will travel has been a mood of travel, trekking around the world or cycling for peace or motorcycling across the globe in increasing.

Now we live in the age of digital technology, where trends in almost everything have changed. The Internet mobile apps have given people a mother lode of information and people especially the young are very choosy and particular in their preferences in almost everything, eating habits, socializing, workplace or travel habits.

What will be Travel trends in present day 2016? Will it be the usually preferred destination, sightseeing, shopping and have fun and returning with a sun tan or will it go further than that?

Well according to Travel writers and experts, Travel trends will be huge in 2016.

Let us briefly review travel trends and the hottest spot preferred .

Health Resorts

Vacations are usually taken to leave back the mundane daily life and live and let live but these days a lot of people travel for health reasons also, to rejuvenate themselves, to feel younger and to feel invigorated to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Health Spas, herbal treatment, dietary needs, rest and relaxation all contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of the famous wellness resorts of the world.


Wellness at the Backstage Hotel Vernissage

health resort wellness spa therapy TimelyBuzz
Health resort wellness spa therapy – TimelyBuzz

Wellness at Backstage Hotel in Switzerland is known for its unique spa experience with seven with seven room treatments, called therapy cubes, themed after each of the days of Creation. The cubes marry viscerally and visual components, utilizing lights, images, temperatures and sensations meant to cleanse and relax the body and soul.


Jiva Grande Spa at Vivanta by Taj
Madikeri, Coorg

It sits atop the hills of a subtropical rainforest in the southern state of Karnataka, India, and a five-hour drive from the major city of Bangalore gets you there. At an altitude of 4,000 feet, with treatments inspired by the rich, local culture, Jiva Grande Spa at Vivanta by Taj in Madikeri, Coorg is the ultimate in all-natural rejuvenation.


Golden Rock Retreat

Bali has long been one of the most beautiful destinations in the world with its pristine beaches and beautiful landscapes. The Golden retreat is a detox and healing centre for health-conscious travelers. Yoga, meditation, massage, infrared and herbal steam saunas are some of the treatments available here,

Les Sources de Caudalie
Martillac, Bordeaux

Vinotherapy to decelerate the aging process. With an idyllic locale among vineyard of Bordeaux. This is the place for rejuvenation. Rich in minerals, the property’s warm underground spring water is great for soaking away what ails you. Wraps and massages use grape extracts called polyphenols, which strengthen blood vessels and enhance micro-circulation, while slimming programs combine techniques that break down cellulite with special dietary menus and varietal treatments such as a Cabernet scrub or Merlot wrap.

Pujjis Wellness Retreat
Nelson, South Island

To keep the mind and body The Pujjis Wellness Retreat located ten minutes from Nelson in New Zealand’s South Island is an ideal location for health travellers. Owned and operated by Arvind Pujji, an experienced and trained bodyworks practitioner who uses his skills to provide calm,cleansing and comfort.

For the health conscious other well-known destinations are Kamalaya Koh Samui
Na Muang, Koh Samui, Thailand, Natur-Med Thermal Springs and Health Resort,
Davutlar, Aydin, Turkey, California Health & Longevity Institute
Westlake Village, California, USA, and Canyon Ranch Miami Beach
Miami Beach, Florida, USA.


Travel dietry food festival timelybuzz
Travel food festival timelybuzz

Many people are not only health conscious but very particular about their dietary and nutritional requirements and thus wish to places where they feel they will be comfortable with their eating habits. People want to get away from junk food and go to exotic locales to give their taste buds new flavor. The famous floating vegetable and fruit markets in Thailand offer fresh papaya and mangoes.

The choice of food outlets both expensive and cheap around the world are in thousands if not in millions but more and more are preferring to be guided by their sense of taste or taste buds while travelling.


The Peace Corps in the USA in 1961 can be described as the best example of Volunteer travel that is doing something worthwhile while travelling overseas. These days many people especially the young are engaged in volunteer travelling to places like India, Thailand land other places. Whether working at an elephant sanctuary or bird or protecting turtles in the Australia’s beach this type of travel is really worthwhile.

Bleisure Travel

Roman Bath Ancient London
Roman Bath Ancient London – TimelyBuzz

In the early eighties, the term Brunch was coined with the combination of Breakfast and Lunch as one meal in the intervening time period of the two. These days another word relating to travel has cropped up and is known as leisure travel that is the combination of business and leisure travel on one ticket.

Businessmen, and top level executives travel at a very fast pace and hardly take the time to go on full vacations. Nowadays the trend is to when going on a business trip just take 2 or 3 days extra to enjoy the sights. For example, while on a trip to London, check out the historic town of Bath, just a 90-minute train ride from London and boasts ancient Roman baths with naturally soothing hot spas.

Cultural Festivals

Festival travel Timelybuzz
Festival travel – Timelybuzz

The Rio Carnival in Brazil, Mardi gras in New Orleans, Louisiana USA, Kumbh Mela in India or the Running of the bull in San Fermin. Pamplona, Spain, and other cultural festivals have attracted travellers from all over the world and millions of tourists plan their trips to see such festivals.

Traditional sightseeing is losing its appeal and people want to see something different and unique rather than visiting Big Ben in London or the Coliseum in Rome.

So there you have with changing times come changing trends and travelling trends are also changing.

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Indo-Pak Media hype Up War Hysteria

We live in an age of digital technology where T.V channels, social media, websites and newspapers flash information at a click. News travels from Morroco to Montreal in just a matter of seconds and billions of people get to know what is going on in the world.

However, the foremost question that comes to mind is how responsible and credible is the world of electronic and media. This is a very debatable point as many people are of the opinion that T.V channels are more interested in boosting their T. V. rating points (TRPs) than passing out credible information.

In times of crisis such as calamities, war or impending war, the role of the media is very important in disseminating information to the public but precise, accurate and confirmed information, not information based on hearsay or speculation.

In the united States the U.S elections are taking place and the entire media of the U.S especially the big guns C.N.N, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS are only make a through analytical view of the polls and reporting accurately and credibly as they are well aware that the people rely on them and will form and base their decision on what the media narrates. So responsible journalism is absolutely necessary for any given situation.

In the subcontinent these days there is fear of war clouds gathering over the horizons of Pakistan following a daring attack at an Indian Army base in Uri in which 17 Indians soldiers have killed and 4 or 5 militants also.

The Indian media, as well as the Pakistan media for lack of a better world, went berserk and there has been more warming between the two country’s media than actually on the ground.

As is the norm in their overblown and excessive zest to hype up the matter both conduct talk shows with hardliners, military analysts, politicians to air their views which at times give way to jingoism and not based on ground realities.

The Indians on their part have really let unleashed vitriol, hatred, and malice towards Pakistan urging the government to take direct military action against Pakistan and their proxies. Similarly, Pakistan media has also not let up at all bringing in its own experts, politicians who have played to the gallery.

In other words, War has been declared between the media of the two countries and salvo of the verbal missile are flying spewing poison and hate between the two countries.

Media losing its credibility
Media losing its credibility

This does note bode well as far as reality is concerned and as a result of the media hype, war hysteria escalates in the country so much so that even if a domestic altercation between a Hindu and a Muslim in a domestic dispute is taken in a greater context of the impending war conflict.

The media has a great responsibility but as mentioned unfortunately the channels are more concerned about their ratings and the greater the hype the better the TRPS.

Kashmir has always been a bone of contention between the two countries and while Kashmiris are themselves divided whether they want to become a part of Pakistan or be completely independent. India and Pakistan seem to have their own views on the matter and consider the troubled region their own.

Kashmir – The white valley turns red with blood
Kashmir – The white valley turns red with blood

India has over the years used brute force to suppress the Kashmir movement and thousands of people have died over the years, the latest being Burhanuddin Wani, a young freedom fighter, who was killed by Indian defense forces.

In the aftermath of Wani’s death, Occupied Kashmiris erupted into bloody violence with Young Kashmiri activist protesting over his death. Mayhem and carnage ensued with non-stop curfew and brutal repression. All this was happening when the Uri attack took place.

The Indian media did not spare a moment casting blame on Pakistani militants aided and abetted by Pakistani agencies.

The media did not hesitate to furnish proof or ask their government for facts and figures but instead immediately started Pakistan bashing, a favorite pastime of theirs. Hardliners and Indians politicians lashed out with bellicosity and belligerent war rhetoric.

Not to be outdone Pakistan media lashed back with their own rhetoric. What is the most surprising aspect of this entire charade is media on both sides of the divide does not bother to inform its people of the disastrous consequences in the event of war between the two nuclear-armed countries which is highly irresponsible and negative role of the media.

Economists, Doctors, Social Scientists and above all environmentalists should all be called in and apprise the nation about the resultant dangers of war.

In general, both India and Pakistan are playing a very negative role and are basically warmongering for their respective governments,” says Garga Chatterjee, a Kolkata-based commentator on South Asian politics.

This is a clear case of blaming and denying from both sides. Another factor affecting the media is while India has a lot of correspondents on the ground Pakistan relies on news media reports and immediately when reports come in that trouble has broken out in Indian Kashmir, Pakistan media has a field day outline human rights violations.

The media should view things from a real balanced perspective and not create hype as is their won’t.

Kashmir has remained a major area of conflict right from a partition in 1947 and the two countries have gone to war twice over the disputed land.

It is said that both the Indian and Pakistan media are an extension of the Public Relations Department of the two governments.

India does not what to show the world what is happening at different places in Kashmir. However, the Kashmiri media is doing an excellent job and in the age where social media is active word travels fast.

‘India virtually sealed all communication from Kashmir the two months the trouble has ensued, News media channels, print media, Internet, social media were all virtually shut down during this period but the word does get out.

A senior Indian journalist recently resigned from his post as his reports were fabricated and the truth distorted.

The media should be like a temperance society calming the people and not adding fuel to the fire. They should advocate peace and harmony but sadly that is not the case.

However, not everyone is part of the warmongering or war hysteria, there are many saner heads that prevail. Liberals, authors, editors, educationists think tanks all speak and wish to promote peace.

India’s famous author Arundhati Roy advocates peace with Pakistan as do many Indian authors, writers, intellectuals and forward looking people.

Rising tension between India and Pakistan
Rising tension between India and Pakistan

Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the US, Sherry Rahman in a tweet has said that there should not be a military answer to the Uri attack as war does not solve anything.

The sad fact of the matter is the media on both sides are only interested in boosting their TRPs and pleasing their media barons.

Journalism was once a profession which was treated with respect, for journalists had unquestionable integrity, principles, and character. Sadly all this has changed now. There is no integrity at all.

The question then arises that if the media can not play a role in bringing who else can. Media analysts see a lack of fact-checking on the part of Indian and Pakistani newspapers when it comes to the Kashmir issue. They call on mainstream media outlets in both nations to play an active role in minimizing the ongoing unrest.

Omar Abdullah, former Chief Minister of Kashmir believes that much of the 17 deaths occurred when soldiers were in their tents believes the death toll could have been much lower if the army had been provided with flame retardant tents.

Some diplomats are tweeting on the issue as well with a bid to calm the unrest between the neighbors. Sherry Rehman, a former Pakistani ambassador to the US, tweeted against any possible military answer to the Uri attack. She stressed that war wouldn’t solve anything.

With position comes great responsibility but it seems that in this part of the world only money and TRPs matter as the media wars are such that now channels flash some news and literally declare that they are the first to bring this news a practice unheard and unseen in the world.

The B.B.C, CNN, and other major television channels never indulge in such irresponsible behavior. The U. S channels are covering the U.S election in an unbiased, objective and with integrity and do not speculate but rather sift the facts and report accordingly.

The Pakistan and India media have to grow and many say they are at a nascent stage and will take a lot of time to get there. There are no training institutes where news anchors can learn and groom themselves. There is a lot of hype to generate TRPs.

Some major newspapers have attempted their hand in establishing English news channels but unfortunately, they failed. All one can say in the end that both mature for surely if the countries do not go to war, the media has left no stone unturned to hype up war hysteria.

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Top 5 Most Magnificent Mosques in the World

Mosque is the most sacred place for Muslims where they get together to say five times prayers a day. Masjid is also called a house of Allah.

With today’s rapid modernization of the world, we can even see more advanced forms of architectures in the latest mosques. Striking structures, with domes and minaret being main features, Mosque is the most peaceful place for Muslims.

Here are few of the most magnificent mosques in the world;

#1 Majid Al Haram, Makkah

Masjid Al Haram
Masjid Al Haram

Majid Al Haram is the largest and most magnificent mosque in the universe, situated in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This is the place where millions of Muslims around the world gather to perform Hajj. The holiest place on earth, Makkah’s capacity is now above 900000 for Muslims to worship. The place which never sleeps!

#2 Majid e Nabwi, Madinah

Masjid e Nabwi
Masjid e Nabwi

Masjid e Nabwi is the second largest Mosque in the world. Situated in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. The graves of Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) , Hazrat Abu Bakar(RA) And Hazrat Umar (RA) are present. There is no better place on earth than Madinah. One of the most noticeable feature is the beautiful and very attractive Green Dome over the center of the mosque. Holiest place on earth Masjid e Nabwi is an altogether a spiritual university for Muslims.

#3 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, inside view
Sheikh Zayed Mosque, inside view

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE. The resting place of Sheikh Zayed, it’s the largest Mosque in the United Arab Emirates. It is the key place of worship for Friday and Eid prayers for more than 40,000 people. The design of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque has been inspired by both Mughal and Moorish mosque architecture, and the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.

#4 The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Turkey

Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Sultan Ahmed Mosque also known as Blue Mosque is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Built in 1616 , it’s the main tourist attraction and a great example of ottoman architecture. The mosque is also popularly known for its fascinating structure and its six minarets. The best way to see great architecture of the Blue Mosque is from the Hippodrome. West side of the mosque.

#5 Crystal Mosque, Terangganu, Malaysia

Crystal Mosque, Terengannu
Crystal Mosque, Terengannu

Crystal Mosque in Terengganu, Malaysia. One of the world’s most beautiful mosque with stunning architecture is made of glass, steel, and crystal. Located at Islamic Heritage Park, Wan Wan Island, a major tourist attraction. At night, the mosque comes alive with a mesmerizing display of lights, which changes the color of its domes to pink, green, yellow and blue.

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How Samsung Is Affected By Recalling Note 7 Due To Battery Blast?

It has universally been a regular practice by both major companies as well as smaller corporations to either outsource a part of their work or enter into a contract with other smaller companies to provide them accessories and parts for their final product.

This not only saves time but also expenses especially if the parts are small. Of course, the maker of the accessory parts has to ensure quality and durability of what they are making for the parent company.

These days the major trend of enterprises, to save costs or undertake cost cutting measures, has been to outsource the complete production to other countries where labor is cheap, land for factories can be bought at reasonable rates, power at subsidized rates and lucrative tax benefits.

A case in point is Apple, the largest, richest, most famous computer company in the world which has set up factories in China, Being the biggest market in the world Apple not only profits from making but also selling in China.

However, Apple has been pulled up by Chinese authorities for labor violations and adverse working conditions. Foxconn, the Chinese company that operates on behalf of Apple, was investigated by the Chinese government after riots broke out over working conditions and case of suicides were reported. Apple promised to improve conditions, but problems persist.

Outsourcing does have its setbacks, and though a company like Apple which is a world reputed company would never compromise on quality, certain things happen at times resulting in a production fault for which of which sets have to be recalled.

The most recent incident of recalling sets has been by Samsung Electronics, Apple’s biggest rival and a major player in the global telecom market.

Note7 battery Blast
Note7 battery Blast

Samsung has had to recall its latest Galaxy Note 7 which has a problem with its batteries and have known to explode. A minor glitch in the battery has caused phones to explode and has brought the battery maker into focus. Samsung SDI supplies 65% of the batteries to Samsung Electronics and is now in the limelight.

This is indeed a major setback to Samsung which has declined to comment on the matter and a miraculous boost for Apple’s iPhone 7 launched on the market.

Samsung SDI refused to comment on its role or the impact of the recall on its business. Samsung, has another major supplier, a unit of the Japanese electronics parts maker TDK Corp, Amperex Technology Ltd.

Based in Hong Kong which also supplied batteries to the giant telecom company. However, Amperex only provided 35% of its cells.

China as mentioned being the biggest market in the world saw the launch of the Samsung Smartphones on Sept 1 even though additional tests were being carried out by Samsung in Seoul in view of reports that the batteries were catching fire.

Shares of the affiliate company. Samsung SDI has drastically plummeted causing massive financial losses to the enterprise.

An estimated 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices are being recalled which according to market experts and analysts will result in losses of 904 million dollars.

Samsung Electronics has not given numbers, but the impact will be felt far and wide, and sooner it rectifies the problem, the better for them as Apple their rivals are about to launch their iPhone Seven which is equally in demand. And the competition is cut throat and fierce.

It may be surprising to know that the same company Samsung SDI supplies Apple Inc its batteries also. Is there more to it than meets the eye? Apple has clarified that they do not use the same type of cells, and all its products are of exceptional quality.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics said aid it may seek a third supplier beyond the two companies it relies on for lithium-ion battery supply.

As stated earlier, outsourcing can have multiple problems and creates complications as in the case of Samsung, The company makes Smartphone battery cells in Cheonan, South Korea and Tianjin, China, but packages them in the company’s Vietnam factory and through a Chinese branch of South Korea-based ITM Semiconductor Co. Ltd.

Samsung SDI began manufacturing lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in 2000 and is currently one of the world’s biggest manufacturers by market share.

The flaw is with the battery and not the handset according to a spokesman of Samsung Electronics. The problem in its Galaxy Note 7 devices was caused by a defect in the battery cell and had nothing to do with the phone itself.

Samsung, like many other handset makers, uses lithium-ion batteries in its Smartphones as they are quite light in weight and extremely durable. Lithium-ion batteries are also commonly employed in laptops and even airplanes.

The need to surge ahead and provide better quality services is what is driving these companies to such a hectic trend. Quality control people overlooked the minor flaw in the battery.

According to an expert problems in compatibility of the phone’s battery and chip could have also played a role when charging the battery quickly.

Smartphones, with a long battery life, are very appealing to customers for no one wants to keep on charging their sets repeatedly.

The fact of the matter is that the competition in the telecom industry has become so fast and fierce that at times it ‘s hard to keep up with the market.

It goes without saying that Samsung and Apple are the leading players in the market, and their sets have no parallel in quality and design. It is chic, elegant, sleek and has immense prestigious value. The prices are quite steep for the average person, but nevertheless, sales are skyrocketing.

Oppo, a Chinese Smartphone company, has outclassed Samsung by its great Ad slogan, “Charge your phone for five minutes, talk for two hours.”

The fierce competitive market may well have contributed to Samsung’s sets burnout, so to speak.

It is indeed Samsung’s misfortune that the mishap has occurred at the time of year which is the back to school season and the Christmas season. The world over and mobile phones are best things to gift these days.

Analysts believe the financial hit to Samsung could hit the KRW 1 Trillion mark almost 904 million dollars.

Perhaps the Korean Government may help bail the company out as Samsung is the flagship of the South Korean Commercial industry.

The most ironic part is that Samsung suffered this misfortune when its rival Apple has launched I phone7 in the global market.

Many believe that Samsung has hit a new low and will take the time to recover, but they are two things that one should tend not to forget, The South Koreans are the most resilient, courageous and determined people in the world and face adversity bravely. The very fact that North Korea looms over it as a daily threat does not deter them in achieving their goals.

As for Samsung, well like Apple the very name itself has immense prestige value and will certainly bounce back within the shortest possible time.

What is commendable of this company that it will incur all losses but not compromise on quality nor disappoint their customers.

As for Samsung SDI, they have a lot to answer for as to what caused the battery to fail. Being such a major supplier to the entire the world will want to know what went wrong, and they will have a lot to answer for.

Samsung note 7
Samsung note 7

A machine is a machine and can develop a fault at any time, but the with the advanced technology available companies are trying to leave no stone unturned to ensure that the final product is foolproof, hassle-free and a joy to use.

There was a time that Sony was the leading maker of electronic products, but now it seems that Samsung has become a household name and has come to stay for a long time.

The company makes almost every product one can think ranging from of mobiles such as Galaxy Note7, S7, Smartphones, Tablets, Samsung Televisions , adorn the wall of every living room and are well known for its clarity and resolution.

Other products include camcorders, cameras, IT monitors, printers not to forget Refrigerators, microwave ovens, stoves, washing machines and Air conditioners and vacuum cleaners.

Samsung may have taken a fall for the time being, but it will get back and once gain give their competitors a run for their money.

This probably will be a wake-up call for the company and Samsung will respond positively and learn from it and further improve their products.

Apple, being the biggest company in the world will also be ethical and will not do anything to take undue advantage of the situation and will not smear Samsung. Both societies are so far reaching and expansive that playing by the rules is the norm for both of them.

Unlike competition in the underdeveloped countries where its dog eats dog. These behemoths have a code of ethics. Let the game continue and the people benefit.