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USA in Olympics History, a Tale of Gold Medals

History traces the origin of the Olympic Games up to 776 BC in Olympia, Greece which was dedicated to the gods and was therefore staged on the land of Olympia and were celebrated until 396 AD. The ancient Olympic Games consisted of only one race on a track of about 180 to 240 meters long. Over the years the games have been altered greatly and other sports like long jump, chariot racing, boxing, wrestling, discus throwing, javelin, swimming, archery, weightlifting and much more have been added to the list.

The Olympia
The Olympia

In the archaic times only the men were allowed to participate in these games, the eligibility for the participation was that these men were to be free men who knew how to speak the Geek language.  Women were, however, not allowed to take part in these games that were closely linked to the religious festivals of the cult of Zeus, the women were not allowed to participate in these games until in 1900. However in the year 1894, the French nobleman, Baron de Coubertin managed to bring about a change in the tradition by managing to bring together representatives of different countries onto one single platform. The first modern Olympics were hence held in Athens in the year 1896.

Prior to each Game, the Olympic torch or the flame is lit in Olympia and is brought to the host city by runners carrying it in the relay. The Olympic flag consists of 5 rings of different colors symbolizing the 5 continents of the earth participating in the events. The flag was originally designed by Pierre de Coubertin in 1913. In the modern Olympic Games, the winners get Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals respectively unlike the earlier times where the winner was awarded a crown made out of olive leaves that signified hope and peace.

ancient olympics crown
Ancient Olympics crown made of olive leaves

The Unites States of America has been sending its athletes to every celebration of the modern day Olympic Games. The first athlete to participate in the Olympic Games was Thomas Burke who was an American sprinter  and the first Olympian champion in the 100 and 400-meter race in the 1896 summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.  In a total, the USA has won a total of 2404 medals in the Summer Olympics and another 281 medals at the winter Olympics.

Olympics torch
Modern day Olympics medals

The USA also holds the record for winning more Gold medals than any country in the summer games and the second most gold medal winning country in the Winter Olympics. The most medals won are by athletics (field & track) 322 medals followed by swimming 230 medals. Shooting is in the third with a total number of  53 gold medals. Michael Phelps who is an American swimmer is to be the most celebrated athlete of the USA with a total number of 19 Gold medals on his credit.

Following the tradition, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) has organized the Rio 2016 Olympics which is a 16 day event having a wide variety of sports categories to participate including, diving, swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, canoeing, slalom, sprint, cycling, BMX, Mountain Biking, Road, Track, Jumping, Fencing, Golf, Judo, wrestling, freestyle and many more.


Olympics medal history - USA
Olympics medal history – USA

It has more than 150 countries participating with the Unites States Of America having the greatest number of athletes: 554 and Tuvalu with the lowest number of athletes: only one. Up to now, China secures the first position with a total number of 10 medals, 4 of gold and bronze and 2 of silver. The USA secures the third position with a total number of 13 medals, 3 of gold, 6 of silver and 4 of bronze while the Great Britain secures the last position in the top 10 with a total number of 4 medals, 1 of gold, 1 of silver and 2 of bronze.

USA Olympics gold medal – Vancouver [Source]
Ginny Thrasher an American shooter is the first gold medalist of the Rio Olympics 2016 by pulling off an upset in the women’s 10-meter air rifle event on the 6 of August. Thrasher, despite the fact only 19 managed to defeat the silver medalist Du Li of China in the final round with a total of 208.0 setting up and Olympic World record in the finals. Thrasher is an NCCA champion and it was her first time I the Olympics when she won a gold medal and made her country proud.

The Rio 2016 medal design.
The Rio 2016 medal design.

Throughout history, there have been many of such great athletes who have been a cause of pride for their country and have brought home the gold medals. The list below mentions a few of them;

Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner as we now know her has won a gold medal in men’s decathlon at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. Jenner late on went ahead and became a reality TV star on E! cable network’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” a career turn that made the entire family a ubiquitous presence in the American pop culture from its launch in the year 2007.

USA Olympics Logo
USA Olympics Logo

Tommie Smith’s appearance at the 1969 games in Mexico won him the gold medal in the 200 meters and set a world record for the next 11 years! He later went ahead and became  an assistant professor of physical education and track coach at Oberlin College. He helped to coach the 1995 US team at the world Indoor Championships in Barcelona and in 1999 was awarded the California Black Sportsman as the Millennium Award.

Mary Lou Retton was America’s first woman ever to win w gold medal in gymnastics. She won the most medals of any athlete at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Retton then became an inspiration for American Women’s gymnastics and an 80’s cultural icon in America. She also appeared on the Wheaties box and in movies like Scrooged. Today, she is a motivational speaker, according to her website, and frequently serves as a television commentator and host for Olympics-related programming.

Carl Lewis is one of the most celebrated athletes with a total number of ten medals to his credit and nine of them being gold. He is playing an active role in helping to bring the 2024 Olympics to Los Angeles. The Birmingham, Alabama native is now an assistant track coach at his alma mater, the University of Houston, where he focuses on sprints and jumps and tries develop future Olympians.

Greg Louganis won a gold medal at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. He was also named as the “Athlete Of The Year” in 1998 by ABC’s wide world of sports. Today, Louganis mentors the US Olympic diving team and is an advocate for HIV-awareness being himself diagnosed with it during the 1988 Olympic games. He also stands up for gay rights himself being one.

“The Greatest Female Athlete of the 20th Century”, Jacqueline Joyner-Kersee has won three gold, one silver, and two bronze medals in the Summer Olympic games between the years 1984 to 1996. She later went on to play professional basketball for the Richmond Rage of the American Basketball League, but only appeared in 17 games total. Along with founding the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation, she co-founded Athletes for Hope in 2007, alongside other prominent sports figures such as Muhammad Ali, Lance Armstrong, Mia Hamm, Jeff Gordon, Tony Hawk and Cal Ripken, Jr.Joyner-Kersee is also one of the most famous athletes to have overcome severe asthma. After retiring from athletic competition, Joyner-Kersee joined the board of directors for USA Track & Field and will make an appearance in Rio de Janeiro as part of her role. She now tours the country giving speeches and mentoring athletes.

The Olympic Games motto, “Citius, Altius, Fortius” which is Latin for “Swifter, Higher, Stronger” therefore proves the fact that Sports are about teamwork, competition, victory, defeat, growth, endurance, strength, intelligence, drive, passion, inspiration, desire, motivation, and honor. They stand for all the qualities we can ever dream of having. To feel a little more, to work a little harder, to taste the blood of victory, to agonize in a moment of defeat is something you can’t effectively put into words.

Olympics games - A bigger picture
Olympics games – A bigger picture

In the big picture, our nations may be a war, or in a nuclear weapons race.  We may have human rights issues with them or think they are not good neighbors, in the big scheme of things. but during the Olympics, we can just relax and enjoy each other.  There is plenty of time to disagree and fight amongst ourselves back in the real world.  The Olympics give us a few days of peace and security and an opportunity to complete with the best athletes in the world. And as Pierre de Coubertin, has himself said, The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.”

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Clinton’s Campaign against Trump for Claiming Rigged Elections

There was a time, say almost 30 years ago that the perception of publicity was divided into two categories, good and bad or negative and positive. Any news report about a celebrity, a politician or a public figure having negative connotations would open a personal Pandora’s box and the media would probe the news in microscopic detail. If the theme subject centered around an extra-marital affair or a sex scandal , the end result would most likely be that the person’s career would be ruined.

A classic example would be the Profumo affair in 1961 involving John Profumo, the British Secretary of State for War. He was involved in a brief sexual relationship with a young 19-year old model Christine Keeler. The press picked up the story after which his career plummeted.

Initially, in 1963 he denied the tryst but later confessed. The conservative government of Prime Minister was badly shaken by the scandal which resulted in both Profumo’s and Macmillan’s resignations. Many attribute the defeat of the Conservative party in the 1964 elections to the scandal.

Profumo never held public office after that and to atone for his misadventure worked as a volunteer at Toynbee Hall, East London charitable trust.

Fast forward to 2016, in the age of digital technology, digital information, an age where attitudes and perceptions of things once considered promiscuous or immoral have now become standard fare.

Homosexuality, gay marriages, and issues before closet issues are now in the open, Gay marriage has been legalized in many states of the USA. Sex scandals though evoke interest in the media it is not looked upon with disgust and revulsion as in the yesterdays.

The media loves to pick up scoops and play it up especially the supermarket tabloids. So the million dollar question is how will the world and especially the American voters react to the racy photos of Melania Trump, the wife of the Republican nominee for the President of the United States, Donald Trump, posted in The New York Post.

The photos in question are of the time when Melanie was not married and an aspiring model in her late twenties.

Well although there will be some eyebrows raised and some shame from ultra conservative people the fact of the matter is that Trump with his foul mouth rhetoric already spewing forth venom against Muslims. Hispanics, blacks making both the USA as well as allies jittery he has had all the media attention focused on him.

So one can well ask if Donald Trump himself released or gave the go-ahead to the New York Post to publish the sleazy pictures. Was it an attempt to deflect media attention off him or simply wanted to stir the political hotpot further.

What do the American people in general think of the photos, will shock and revulsion make people change their decision who to vote for.

To state it bluntly, the voters do not care for these are trivial issues. The people are concerned with major issues such as the current San Bernadino Killings, The Orlando massacre all attributed to Muslim terrorism. The shooting of the young black youth by white police officers and the resulting killing of white police officers by black youth has simmered race relations in the United States.

The terrorist activities have spread far and wide and there is a growing sense of fear and insecurity pervading the atmosphere. Donald Trump is touching upon this psyche and touched a raw nerve on security issues.

Other issues centering along the campaign are the recent revelations of e-mail hacking that led to the resignation of the Democratic National Party (DNC) , Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schulz, The Donald’s overtures to the Russians to further hack DNC e-mails.

The latest controversy of the Presidential elections is Trump’s spat with the Muslim parents of a slain American soldier for which he has drawn a lot of flak from the Hillary camp as well as his own leading Republican leaders. This could well be Donald’s undoing for he has hurt a lot of armed forces families which will lead voters to think if He (Trump) is fit and worthy to become the Commander-in-Chief of US forces.

Donald Trump has his plate full, he is busy stoking the fires of the political cauldron to bother with what he consider a non-issue.

What about the NY Post itself, what made it publish those photos, was there a hidden conspiracy to smear the Donald. If that being the case, well the Donald does not outside help as he is doing a fine job of shooting himself in the foot.

It is surprising that The New York Post just released a story just after Hillary Clinton was nominated the DNC candidate for President.

Experts are of the opinion that The NYC Post a Republican paper which has already endorsed Donald Trump published the photos has greater and complex connotations and Donald Trump has planted a red herring in the media cycle.

Trump is well known for his blatant and consistent sexism and if the media or the public tears his wife apart he will gleefully contend the inherent hypocrisy in the media.

Melania is already uncomfortable about being exposed so much in the limelight especially after the Michelle Obama plagiarism issue.

The Donald camp is hoping that putting Melania in the crosshairs will make the liberals as retribution shame her to avenge sexist remarks against Michelle Obama .

If Donald Trump is complicit in the publication of the photos to make a political grandstand then what can one say, there seems to be no ethics, no sense of morality in the man. It seems that he will go to any lengths to win.

Donald Trump is insensitive and callous in his political campaign, he has already stirred a hornet’s nest.

Initially, when he threw the gauntlet in the ring there were conspiracy theories abound that Trump was doing it for Hillary to ensure that she wins and he personally being a businessman had no interest in winning at all.

All that seems to be a part of history and Donald trump will do anything to in an attempt to win even he has to strip his wife naked and parade her all the way to the White House.

The world is waiting and watching with bated breath the whole scenario but even a child knows that elections 2016 as it draws closer is going to be the ugliest, nastiest, most ruthless campaign.

It has been quite a political circus and the Donald and Hillary have both held their own up to now. The Hillary camp is more respectable, sensitive, and has a grip of the issues on the average voter.

All one can say in conclusion is the may the best man or in this case, most hopefully the best woman win.

Trump, speaking of photos pointed out that Melania is a beautiful woman and has done a lot of shoots in Europe long before he married.

Gary Hart, a former Senator fell from Grace and had to withdraw from the 1984 elections due to a sex scandal with a woman called Donna Rice. Similarly, Bill Clinton almost got impeached for the Monica Lewinsky affair.

But all that has now changed, social mores have now become less prim and as repeatedly said people do not care as there are greater issues at hand.

Melania Trump has already been in the spotlight for allegedly making a plagiarized speech at the GOP convention in Ohio, Cleveland and where her lines were like that of Michell’s Obama’s speech at the 2008 convention when Obama was nominated the candidate for the President.

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Technology Leadership and Women in Silicon Valley

The southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, located in California is commonly known as “The Silicon Valley” that is home to most of the world’s largest high-tech corporations and thousands of startup companies. The Valley serves as a leading hub and startup ecosystem for high-tech innovation and development.

There are high-tech businesses flourishing in the area, which is now generally used as a synecdoche for the American high-technology economic sector. The word “silicon” in the name “Silicon Valley” originally referred to a large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers in the region. While the word “Valley” refers to the Santa Clara Valley where the region has traditionally been centered, which includes the city of San Jose and the surrounding cities and towns.

silicon valley
Silicon Valley – USA

Silicon Valley today, has thousands of high-tech companies headquartered in its region, some of the Fortune 1000 include; eBay, Facebook, Cisco Systems, Apple Inc., Google, Intel, HP Inc., Netflix, Yahoo!, Telsa Motors, LSI Logic and many others. Despite their hard and commendable efforts in the success of the Silicon Valley, we can still observe that at the top of the industry and government, the faces remain stubbornly male and so is the case with the high-tech world as we see personalities like Mark Zuckerburg (born May 14, 1984, is the founder of today’s most popular social networking site Facebook), Bill Gates(born 28 October 1955 is the founder of the Microsoft software), Steve Jobs(born 24 February 1955 is the founder of the world famous Apple Incorporation) and many others as the defining faces of the Silicon Valley because of the sexism present in the society, and women even in a modern industrial society of today have a shamefully negligible recognition for the efforts that they have made.

No doubt that women are better off today, but still far from being  equal with men because of a lack of recognition and appreciation. The list below gives a short history of such “Founding Mothers Of The Silicon Valley”.



judi estrin silicon valley - TimelyBuzz
Judi Estrin – Silicon Valley

Judy Estrin was born in the year 1954 is an American business executive. Estrin is recognized for her contribution to the networking protocols that form the basic frame of the internet. She was born to a family of high-techs with both her parents, Thelma and Gerald Estrin being Computer Scientists at UCLA. She has a sister Deborah Estrin who is also a professor of Computer Science. Her son David Carrico is a tech entrepreneur is the founder of EvntLive.

Judy studied math and computer science at the University of California, Los Angeles and later in her life got a masters degree in mechanical engineering at Stanford. While at Stanford Judy worked with a research group led by Vint Craft also known as the “Father of the Internet”. The group developed the TCP/IP specification which forms the underlying technology of the internet. She is now the CEO of JLabs, a private company focused on further innovation in business, government, and non-profit organizations.

She’s been awarded amongst the 50 most powerful women in American business in the year 1998 and was also awarded a the EY entrepreneur of the year in the northern California region in the year 1987.  In 2002 she won the “Women in Technology International Hall of Fame award and in the year 2010 she was awarded GIL Award from Frost and Sullivan. It is also rather ironic that she is not given much recognition for laying down the very foundation (the internet) as compared to others who developed Google, Facebook etc which are all based upon it when even for the fact that the idea of having a search engine to search without the internet seems ludicrous.



donna dubinsky timelybuzz
Donna Dubinsky

Donna Dubinsky is an American businesswoman who played a crucial role in the development of the Personal Digital Assistants or the PDAs serving as the CEO of Palm Inc. and co-founding Handspring with Jeff Hawkins in the year 1995. She was the daughter of Alfred Dubinsky who worked as a scrap metal broker. She attended the Yale university and got her bachelor’s from Jonathan Edwards College with history as her major in the year 1977. She got her MBA from the Harvard Business School in the year 1981. She is the current acting CEO and board chair of Numenta. In the year 2007, she was also awarded the “Alumni Achievement Award” at Harvard Business School. Donna was also the founding member of the Palm Pilot which was a handheld computer manufactured by Palm Inc. In the year 2005, she along with her technical partner got to work at Numenta.



diana greene timelybuzz
Diana Greene

Diana Greene is yet another wonderful woman who is counted on the list of the “Founding Mothers of the Silicon Valley” born in the year 1955 in Rochester, New York. She is serving as the current senior vice president for Google’s cloud business. She is an American investor and has also served as the founder and CEO of VMware, the company that marked the advent of virtualization industry from 1998 till 2008.

Diana received her  bachelor’s degree in the field of mechanical engineering from the University of Vermont  in 1976 and her masters in Naval Architecture from MIT in the year 1978. She also has a second masters degree in the field of Computer Science from the University of California in the year 1988. Last year in the month of November  Google paid her an amount of $380 million for the company and gave her one of most influential jobs in tech: as the senior vice president of Google’s enterprise business, she is in charge of figuring out how to grow the company’s cloud computing business to a size that the company posts could eclipse the ad business within five years. She has also worked on enterprise startup software called Bebop.


Lynn Conway TimelyBuzz
Lynn Conway

Lynn Conway was born on 2 January 1938 and is recognized for her numerous achievements including the Mead and Conway Revolution in VLSI design which induced an emerging electronic design automation industry. She is an American computer scientist, electrical engineer, inventor and transgender activist. Conway was brought up in White Plains, New York and suffered from gender dysphoria as a child. She earned her B.S and M.S.E.E degrees in the year 1962 and 1973 from Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. She was inducted by IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, New York in the year 1964. And soon joined an architecture team that designed an advanced supercomputer, working along with other renowned personalities which include  John Cocke, Ed Sussenguth, Fran Allen and much more on the ACS project inventing multiple-issue-out-of-order dynamic scheduling while working there. She was however fired in 1968 because she revealed her intention of gender transition to a female. She has won numerous awards for her achievements throughout her life. Some of the include; the 2002 Electronic Design Hall of Fame, National Achievement Award: Society of Women Engineers 1990, Magil Lecture in Science, Technology and the Arts, Columbia University 2016.


sandy lerner timelybuzz
Sandy Lerner

Sandy Lerner was born in the year 1995 and is an American businesswoman and philanthropist. She is also the co-founder and the CEO of the Cisco Systems. She used the profit from selling this company and invested it into animal welfare and women’s writings. Her most renowned work includes the historically accurate sequel to “Pride and Prejudice”. She also founded a cosmetics company which she late sold to Moet-Hennessy Louis Vuitton. She later moved to an organic farm in Virginia.


sandy kurtzig timelybuzz
Sandy Kurtzig

Sandy Kurtzig is an American business woman and  Silicon Valley’s first  female technology entrepreneur. Kurtzig received her bachelor’s in math from the University of California, Los Angeles, and her masters in the field of aeronautical engineering at the Stanford University.Acting as the founder and the CEO of the ASK Group (a business and software manufacturing software producer) as a part time job in the year 1972, she was the first woman to take a Silicon Valley technology to the public and was the first software entrepreneur to become a multimillionaire. She also founded Kenandy, the enterprise management software company in the year 2010 where she served as the CEO up to 2015 and is now the chairman of the board.

There are many more marvelous women who have put in their efforts, Ann Bowers who was the Apple’s human resource director and den mother in the early 1980s,Ann Winblad, co-founder of the venture firm Hummer Winblad in 1989, Adele Goldberg, the PARC computer scientist, Roberta Williams who designed the video games and many more whose stories have not yet been unfolded here. Although women have made great strides in gaining access to education and employment, to this day they continue to face significant hurdles that men generally do not confront too. To envision a future having an extensive multitude of people contributing their efforts for the success and evolution of the high technology world, we must not succumb to the ease of shortening the stories of its past.


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Usain Bolt, a Living Legend on Planet

The most spectacular event is the Olympics games is indisputably the 100m sprint which is a sight to behold for it truly reflects, man’s agility, his ability to speed ahead and his determination and grit to win against all odds.

It is really fascinating to see eight of the fastest humans of the world on a single track to win the great event in the world.

Perhaps when discussing sprints one should look back in history and not fail to mention one of the greatest athletes of all times, James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens (September 12, 1913 – March 31).

Owens, as we all know is the man who broke Hitler’s misguided and mistaken notion that the Aryan race (Blue eyed, blonde people were superior to all other races).

He won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympic games which incensed Hitler so much that he while awarding the medals refused to shake hands with Owens.

Owens won the 100m, 200m, long jump and the 4 x 100m relay.

The man was a myth and a living legend and an award has been named in his honor in the USA.

The Jesse Owens Award is the highest USA Track and Field honor bestowed upon the year’s best track and field athlete. Owens has been ranked as the sixth greatest North American athlete of the twentieth century and the highest-ranked in his sport.

Usain Bolt – A legend in history of Olympics

They say history tends to repeat itself and today we have a world class sprinter, a man whom Owens would be proud of who has excelled in racing events.

That man is none another than Usain Bolt, an athlete who literally bolts like lighting leaving spectators in awe and reeling in raptures.

Usain St. Leo Bolt, was born in Jamaica on 21Aug, 1986 is presently the fastest human on earth. He has to his honor to hold both the 100m record as well as 200m record since automatic full-time became mandatory.

Bolt rose to stardom and fame at the early age competing in the 2002 World Junior Champions. At the age of 18 towering at 1.96m, he physically stood out among his peers.

The 2002 World Junior Championships before a home crowd in Kingston, Jamaica, gave Bolt a chance to prove his credentials on the world stage. Timing at 20.61 He won the 200m, only 0.03 seconds slower than his personal best of 20.58 s set in the 1st round.

Bolt’s 200m win made him the youngest world junior gold medalist ever. The expectation of the crowd made him so nervous that he put his shoes on the wrong feet. Bolt pledged later that he would not be awed by the crowd.

The adulation and fan following he has are not confined to Jamaica or the Caribbean. Usain Bolt has become a household named loved and admired by millions the world over.

He reigns supreme in the 100m and 200, as World and Olympic champion.

Another record to his name is the 4 x 100m relay which makes him the reigning World and Olympic champion in these three events.

His claim to fame and rise to glory was made at the 2008 Beijing Olympics for his double sprint victory. From there onwards the world was there for his taking and he never looked back.

He later became the first man at the Olympic Games to win six gold medals being the first to win consecutive Olympic 100m and 200m in (2008 and 2012).

Presently at the 2016 Summer Olympics, being held in Rio, Brazil he has already smashed records bagging three golds including the 100m sprint.

He is the world record holder with a time of 9.58 at the World Championships in 2009.

He has excelled in the world championship eleven times from 2009 t0 2015.

His records are very difficult to keep up with as he himself is responsible for breaking his own records.

They have of course been some other great athletes over the years but to none outclass Bolt who can only be described in superlatives, greatest, fastest, strongest, most sensational and most spectacular.

Here is a list of the world’s best sprinters

  • Usain Bolt (Jamaica) – Fastest Time: 9.58 seconds
    The 100m Olympic record (9.69) was set by Bolt at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.
  • Tyson Gay (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.69 seconds
    During the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials, Gay also ran a wind-aided 9.68 (once the fastest 100 m under any condition).
  • Asafa Powell (Jamaica) – Fastest Time: 9.72 seconds
    Asafa Powell ran his fastest time, once the world record, during heats at the 2007 IAAF Rieti Grand Prix.
  • Maurice Greene (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.79 seconds
    By the widest margin since electronic timing, Greene ran this since passed world record time in 1999.
  • Donovan Bailey (Canada) – Fastest Time: 9.84 seconds
    Bailey returned Canada to glory with his 9.84 record-breaking runs at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.
  • Bruny Surin (Canada) – Fastest Time: 9.84 seconds
    Surin’s second place finish of 9.84 at the 1999 World Championships was the fastest silver medal time ever.
  • Leroy Burrell (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.85 seconds
    Burrell had twice set the world record in the 100 metres with a 9.90 in 1991 and a 9.85 in 1994.
  • Justin Gatlin (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.85 seconds
    Gatlin’s fastest time was set at the 2004 Olympics with a gold medal winning 9.85-second run.
  • Olusoji Fasuba (Nigeria) – Fastest Time: 9.85 seconds
    Fasuba holds the African 100 metre sprinting mark with a 9.85 at the Doha Grand Prix in 2006.
  • Carl Lewis (United States) – Fastest Time: 9.86 seconds
    Track and Field star Carl Lewis has won nine Olympic gold medals and eight World Championship gold medals.
Usain Bolt wins third 100m gold
Usain Bolt wins third 100m gold – TimelyBuzz

It is being said that Bolt’s images in the Rio Olympics are making waves that it cause an Internet meltdown. Not only is image captivating, he is so self-confident that he even turns to look at his opponents while keeping his pace.

Usain Bolt now ranks with legends like Mohammad Ali and Michael Jordan.

Bolt is probably the most photographed person on the planet at the moment after winning the gold in the final on Monday.

His athletic dominance and iconic personality have provided the world with so many memorable moments that to sum up his incredible athletic dominance in one image is nigh on impossible.

But Australian photographer Cameron Spencer, of Getty Images, has come pretty close with this absolute gem taken towards the end of his semi-final race.

The Usain Bolt photo that is sending the internet crazy.

Usain Bolt Crazy Picture Olympics 2016 100m race
Picture: (Cameron Spencer/Getty) Images (Source:Getty Images)

Already sports fans and reporters from around the world are going nuts about the perfectly-timed photo.

Usain Bolt has magnetic charisma and is photogenic which is the reason all his images on camera are breathtaking.

Sports pundits have praised Bolt for what he is a great athlete and superb personality.

To dwell on his personal life it can be said that being Jamaican, Bolt has a passion for Reggae music and dancing. His friends describe him as a pretty laid back character with a relaxed disposition. His Jamaican track and field idols include Herb Mckenley and former Jamaican 100m and 200m world record holder, Don Quarrie. Michael Johnson the former 200m world and Olympic record holder is also revered by him.

His first name is pronounced YOO-sane and he has the sobriquet “Lightning Bolt” due to his name and speed.

Being a follower of the catholic faith he is known to for making the sign of the cross before racing competitively, and he wears a Miraculous medal ding his races. His middle name is St. Leo.

Bolt also loves cricket and says if he had not been a sprinter he probably would have turned to cricket. In his childhood, he supported the Pakistan cricket team and Waqar Younis was his idol.

Another idol of his is the legendary batsman, Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

He also has a passion for the video game Call of Duty video game series and stays up late playing at it.

Bolt, is also a fan Manchester United, one of the greatest teams of the English premier league. He admires Dutch striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

He was a special guest of Manchester United at the 2011 UEFA World champions League where he expressed his desire to play after retirement.

In 2013, Bolt played basketball in the NBA All-Star Weekend All-Star Weekend Celebrity game scoring two points from a slam dunk but acknowledged his other basketball skills were lacking.

Bolt is currently 30 years of age and has a year or two to go before he retires. The world has witnessed spectacular Olympic games but it can say without a shadow of the slightest doubt that when Usain Bolt enters a stadium he lights it up and captivates the crowd.

In the history of sports, Bolt’s star will shine the brightest for it will take a long time if any to equal his magnificence on the track.

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Movies Buff or Maniac. A Writer’s Obsession of Cinema

Movies are the love of my life, I eat movies , I drink movies , I walk movies and I talk movies. If movies were a religion I would be one of its leading and ardent devotees. My passion for movies is hereditary as my father was also a great fan and most of it rubbed off on my brothers and myself.

Hollywood movies of course were and are my favorite as right from an early age I was fascinated by Hollywood movies of every genre, war movies, action movies , courtroom dramas. Swashbuckling epics and last but not the least those magnificent westerns .

Movies are probably the greatest form of entertainment for movies let the viewers enter a fantasy world where they temporarily forget their worldly troubles and tensions. They are indisputably an outlet to release our frustrations and vent our troubles however short lived.

If the movie is a comedy viewers roll over with laughter and joy which is very therapeutic. If the theme subject is a tragedy then the viewer tends to relate and emphasize with the characters portrayed.

Movies move people without a shadow of a doubt, they have been many cases where movies have brought tears to the eyes of the audience leaving them teary eyed especially women. War movies arouse and instill a deep sense of patriotism in people.

In the early stages when movies were first invented , there was no sound recording so most of the subject matter was a comedy. Despite no dialogue or music being heard the silent movies featuring the legendary greats such as Buster Keaton , Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and many others.

Charlie Chaplin ‘s name is more synonymous with the silent movie era and film comedy itself than Charles Chaplin. Even those who have never seen a silent  movie in their lives relate to the man in the shabby suit and Bowler hat.

Buster Keaton-like Charlie Chaplin was a king of the silent movie comedy era although Keaton’s style was different where Chaplin appealed to the emotional and sentimental Keaton’s appeal was more cerebral.

Buster Keaton was not only a comic but a stuntman par excellence. In the movie like The General and Our Hospitality – where Keaton almost drowned. Another stunt feature was in the movie in the final scene Steamboat Bill Jnr. It features Keaton lost in a hurricane during which the front of a house falls directly for him. An open window in the roof of the house saves him.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were duos who gave both silent comedy and talking comedies entirely new dimension and perspective. The duo paired up in 1927 about the time sound was introduced and literally had audiences falling off their seats in rapturous laughter in movies like The Battle of the Century featuring probably the most over-the- top pie fight in film history. , Another Fine Mess which was Ollie’s catch phrase in all the movies was yet another hilarious blockbusters.

With the introduction of sound, the comedy greats of the silent era faded into history, however, It can be said that Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy held their own.

With the introduction of sound in 1927, the concept of movies went through revolutionary changes and movies got better, greater, and more expensive . Initially, movies were made in black and white in 35mm celluloid but later when color was introduced black and white movies started fading away.

Movie buff hollywood cinema - TimelyBuzz
Color in Cinema – TimelyBuzz

Colour was introduced in the late thirties and the first few movies in technicolor were mostly used for filming musicals such as the Wizard of Oz (1939), such as The Wizard of Oz (1939) and Down Argentine Way (1940).

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) and Gone with the Wind (1939), and animated films such as Snow and the seven dwarfs were filmed in Technicolor.

Gone with the Wind, is an epic love saga set in the South during the turbulent civil war. The story revolves around a Southern Belle brilliantly portrayed by Vivien Leigh and Rhett Butler (Clark Gable), a blockade runner.

Set against the beautiful Southern landscape the setting is beautiful, the chemistry between Gable and

Leigh palpable. Some scenes of the movie are breathtakingly captivating such as the burning of Atlanta and the scenic plantations of the South.

The movie initially received mixed reviews although it won 10 academy awards but later on, it became an epic blockbuster and one of the highest grossing film of the times.

Filmmaking is an art, a creative talent that can not be excelled or achieved and while writing on movies it would be remiss of me not to mention some of the greatest filmmakers of the times.

Here are some  great filmmakers of the times.

Cecil B Demille-TimelyBuzz

Cecil B Demille: (The Ten Commandments, Samson, and Delilah, The greatest show on Earth) was a brilliant filmmaker who carved a niche for himself in the history of filmmaking. His movies are still a delight and wonder and the parting of the Red sea in ‘ Ten Commandments was considered a movie marvel for generations.

AlFred Hitchcock: The master of mystery and mayhem is well known for movies Pyscho, vertigo and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. A maker of thrillers he was highly acclaimed. He had a fetish to appear in his own films in minor roles.

Clint Eastwood: The hero of Spaghetti  Westerns  ‘A fistful of Dollars, ‘ For a few dollars more ‘ and of course ‘ The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ‘ and the Dirty Harry thrillers  Eastwood became a  super Hero. Venturing into directing he made  ‘ The Million Dollar Baby’, ‘Invictus”, Unforgiven for which he received an Oscar,  He is in the list of top directors.

Francis Ford Coppola: Anyone who has seen the Godfather series can say without any hesitation that  Coppola is the Godfather of moviemaking . A brilliant and creative director.

Sergio Leone : The man who made Clint Eastwood an iconic gunslinger and hero, the Italian was born in 1929 in Rome, Italy to one of Italy’s cinema pioneers, Roberto Roberti. Director of the movie The Good, The Bad, The Ugly which is acknowledged as the best westerns ever made, his other masterpieces includes splendid titles like Once Upon a Time in The West and For a Few Dollars More. This fact is not very well known, but Leone actually declined the offer to direct The Godfather in favor of his dream project, One Upon a Time in America.

Steven Spielberg: Not the Godfather of filmmaking but the god of filmmaking Spielberg is a genius, the man with a Midas touch as regards moviemaking. Unarguably one of the most influential personalities in the history of Hollywood, Spielberg is probably the most popular film directors of the West. Also, his work has made him one of the wealthiest in the film industry. His work includes blockbusters like  Jurassic Park series, Indiana Jones series, Minority Report, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List and Jaws. However, there are much more to add to that list. Director par Excellence.

martin scorsese timelybuzz
Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese: He is known as one of the most innovative and creative directors of Hollywood. Scorsese’s well-known trademarks are that he usually starts his films from the middle or the end, uses slow-motions, freezes frames and does cameos. His works include films like Taxi Driver, The Departed, The Wolf of Wall Street, Hugo, Shutter Island, The Aviator, Casino and Goodfellas among numerous others.

Quentin Tarantino:  A director of the new generation his first film as a writer-director, Reservoir Dogs, was released at the Sundance Film Festival in the January of 1992. The film received high critical acclaim and popularity, instantly making Tarantino a legend in the movie industry. After that Tarantino made movies like Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Inglorious Basterds, Death Proof, Sin City, Django Unchained and Pulp Fiction, all of which were highly acclaimed.

As for actors, It would need a volume of or an encyclopedia to list  all of them,  Of the yesteryears one has to mention, Gregory Peck, James Stewart , Spencer Tracy, Gary cooper, James Cagney, and the iconic Humphrey Bogart.

Robert de Niro, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Jack Nicolson, Shahrukh Khan, Ben Kinsley, and two of the greatest Morgan freeman and Marlon Brando.

In the female category Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Meryl Streep, Bette Davis Vivian Leigh, Ingrid Bergman, Faye Dunaway, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank,  Charlize Theron, Laura Linney. Julie Christie, Tilda Swinton, Kim Novak, and  Gwyneth Paltrow.

The list is as mentioned endlessly.

We now live in the age of digital technology where computer generated imagery transforms a man into a man-eating monster in seconds and the special effects are mind boggling. All one can say that in the 100 or more years of the movie business movies have taught us human values and that good always triumphs over evil.

Movies teach us to be innovative, creative, audacious compassionate and many other virtues. Actors, directors and everyone associated with the movie business have all contributed to the betterment of society. We owe all of them a debt of gratitude.

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100 Years of Fashion

Fashion by definition is Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body, or furniture. Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behavior and the newest creations of textile designers. Throughout centuries Fashion has been altering the social, economic and political landscapes benefitting and stimulating our society and during the process has promoted creativity.

Fashion in its earliest days was quite different than what it is now mainly because of the cultural diversity; but now that owing to the modern technologies the world has become a modern village fashion trends around the world can be observed to be quite similar.

The 1910s

1910 fashion - TimelyBuzz
1910 fashion – TimelyBuzz

The 1910s were known as the Era of the Nouveau Styled figure, meaning the “new style” and fashion back then was very conservative characterized by tall, stiff collars and broad hats. Materials like silk, linen, cotton and wool were quite common. In the year 1908, the stereotypical “S” shaped figure of women pulled into place by corsets was replaced by a much straighter and a natural look and the frills and the flounces of the previous decade were replaced by the hobble skirts which were a trend until late 1915.

On the right is quite popular Hobble Skirts of the early 1910s. Later on, the Fuller Skirts took the women by storm and replaced the Hobble skirts with their cut just above the ankles which made them more appropriate for both casual and outdoor wear.

1910s Outdoor wear

In the year 1914, the first world broke out altered the fashion trends of the 1910s and the dresses were now designed more by necessity than fashion. With the war came the neutral colors of wartime and particularly black which was quite common in the dress modes highlighted the need to mourn to mourn the increasing numbers of dead.

A poster highlighting the role played by the women during the first world war.

For the men, the fashion trend in the 1910s was not much different from what it is today. The crisp shirts, high collars, and bold stripes were a typical style with short, well-groomed hair was the popular look. The fabrics were all wool with hints of striping, checks, and plaid. The sack suits worn by men in the 1910s were long, plain, loose fitting (some might say baggy) suit jackets with wide lapels and a one to three button closure, a little similar to the modern suits which are slightly fitted and a little shorter in length. It was also a trend to wear a matching waistcoat or vest along with the suit. Topping a man with a hat was the last bit of fashion a well-dressed man required. The trendy colours in the era for the men were dark navy, grey, green and brown.

The 1920s

1920 fashion TimelyBuzz
1920 Skirt Style – TimelyBuzz

After the end of the first world war in 1918, the United States Of America benefitted from its role in the war. The optimism brought along by the end of the war relaxed the social customs and morals and the economy boosted. The fabrics used during this decade were wool, silk, cotton, rayon, georgette, and knits. During the Roaring ’20s, the style was a bit looser, with sleek, clean lines. The most memorable fashion trend was “the flapper” look. The flapper dress was functional and flattened the bust line rather than accentuating it .The straight-line chemise topped by the close-fitting cloche hat became the trending dress. The women were cutting their hair into bobs and wore iconic cloche hats. In the year 1925, “shift” type dresses with no waistline emerged breaking the norms and towards the end of the decade, dresses were being worn with straight bodies and collars.

The trending Chemise Dress that hung from shoulder to just below the knee with the waist dropping to the hips.

For the first time in centuries, women’s legs were seen with hemlines rising to the knee and dresses becoming more fitted. A more masculine look became popular, including flattened breasts and hips, short hairstyles such as the bob cut, and a more boyish figure.One of the first women to break the norms and wear trousers, cut her hair and reject the corset was Coco Chanel. She is believed to be the most influential woman in a fashion of the 20th century, Coco Chanel  and is said to do much for the liberation of women’s fashion.

Chanel wearing a sailor’s jersey and trousers breaking the typical norm of women wearing dresses in the 1920s.

Chanel Sailor’s Jersey Trouser – TimelyBuzz

In the dapperness of the Roaring ’20s the men’s fashion was the start of the menswear as we all know it today. In the dapperness of the Roaring ’20s the men’s fashion was the start of the menswear as we all know it today. An essential part of the men’s wear throughout the course of time has been his suit. The distinctive qualities about the men’s suit during the 1920s were the fitting and the quality of the suit.Suits were mostly made of thick wool or a wool tweed and pants made of wool based flannel which made them heavier than today’s suit materials but lighter than the previous decades. Suit jackets were either single or double breasted and featured 3 or 4 buttons up the front. The top button came to the center of the heart giving way to notch lapels. The highness of the suit lapels is what really sets 1920’s suits apart from suits of other eras.


Double Breasted Overcoats - TimelyBuzz
The double breasted overcoats trending in the 1930s.

In the 1930s the waistline made a comeback to the fashion trends. Also, the Great depression led to fabric rations, therefore, dresses were slimmer with more movement. Fur and floral patterns were quite trending during that era and makeup was an important element in getting dressed up. Shoulder pads were the new trend until the late 1930s. Trending in the menswear was sporting fedoras and double-breasted overcoats.


The Utility Suit.
In the 1940s the women’s fashion had wide padded shoulders, nipped in high waist tops, and A-line skirts that came down to the knee trending. With the start of the second world war, there was a strict rationing on the fabric which leads to the shortening of the dresses up to the knee length. Even the pants had a similar shape and the 940s fashion was mainly about wide shoulders tiny waists and full hips. In the 40s Utility, suits became a thing so women could, therefore, mix and match different components to wear.

Utility Cloth Fashion 1943 - TimelyBuzz
Utility Cloth Fashion 1943 – TimelyBuzz

Following the war, in the 1950s the fashion trends saw a resurgence of haute couture. And the trends varied greatly, many of the old school styles from the 1920s made a comeback while there were also some new trends introduced.

In the early 1960s, the trend was more like conservative and restrained and towards the classy style while the drastic change in trend made it completely opposite in the late 1960s with the bright swirling colours, psychedelic, tie-dyed shirts and long hair and beards were trending hot.


Women were observed to be wearing short skirts while menswear included capes and tunics.

1980 Double Press Suit - TimelyBuzz
1980 Double Press Suit – TimelyBuzz

In the early 1970s, the trend of bright colours on polyester continued and men and women were seen wearing tight fitting pants and platform shoes. By 1973 some women were also wearing high cut boots and low cut pants.

Tunics, culottes, and robes were all very popular. The trending fashion included chest hair, medallions, butterfly collars, bell bottoms, skin-tight T-shirts, sandals, flower patterned dress shirts and tennis headbands. By 1979, the colour almost disappeared and shades like gray, white and black were back in full force.

1980’s was the time of double press suit. Army, officers, teachers all were seen wearing the double press suit.

Bright colored accessories like the sunglasses, bangles, and hoop earrings were a necessity of the 1980s. Teased hair, loud makeup, and neon were trending. For the men, the clothing was snug fitting and comfortable. Soft fabrics were used everywhere.

Vintage Suit Fashion
Vintage Suit Fashion – TimelyBuzz


Fashion trend in the 1990s was loose fitting and colorful. Tapered pants, big T-Shirts, and extra long shorts were a thing back then. Boys and Girls both had the trend of wearing baseball caps in different ways. Clothes worn by many hip hop singers was quite trending. Opposed to this was the grunge or the punk look which saw color as its enemy. The clothing style in the 1990s is not much different from what it is now, back then as well as now singers and designers had a major influence on what people wore.

1990s Famous Grunge Style - TimelyBuzz
1990s Famous Grunge Style – Source

The 2000s fashion is described as being a ‘mash-up’ of different styles from the previous decades, the Hip Hop fashion culture being the most famous. Now in 206, almost anything you wear works up as the fashion trend, just don’t forget to take a selfie.

The 2000s trend of selfies
The 2000s trend of selfies – TimelyBuzz
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Creating a Culture of Gender Equality

Ever since god created the universe and created Adam and Eve the question of man and woman being equal has become increasingly debatable. It is the official start of gender equality issue. Many men argue that if women were superior or equal to men then god would have made woman first.

As time progressed women took on a more subservient role first that of a daughter , then a loyal and faithful wife and then as a loving and caring mother.

Her work involved performing all domestic chores, cleaning, washing, cooking  and maintaining the house in proper condition.

Women had no say in worldly  matters, politics, government, commerce which for  centuries was the domain of the man.

Of course, there have been exceptions where women of royalty or privileged backgrounds have  dominated the world stage such as Isabella of Spain whose patronage of Christopher Columbus helped him discover the new world in what is the present-day the USA.

Queen Elizabeth, I who ruled England  at the height of England’s glory days under whose reign the Spanish Armada was defeated.

However, the average woman  always felt  restricted and confined  and never felt equal.

Throughout the ages, women have relentlessly crusaded for gender equality demanding  not to be judged on the basis of their sex.

What actually is gender equality, which is also defined as sex equality, gender egalitarianism, sexual equality, or equality of the genders.

It is a generally held view  that everyone should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against on  the basis of gender .This is one of the objectives of the United Nations  Universal Declaration of  Human Rights which seeks  to create equality in law and in social situations, such as in  democratic activities and securing equal pay for equal work.

It is perhaps in the last 100 years the terms Suffragettes, feminism, sexist or other gender-related remarks were heard.

Suffragettes were members of women’s organizations in the late-19th and early-20th centuries which advocated the extension of the “franchise”, or the right to vote in public elections, to women. It particularly refers to militants in the United Kingdom such as members of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU). Suffragist is a more general term for members of the suffrage movement.

In the western world it can be said that gender equality has made significant strides especially in the European countries, Canada and the United States of America where women have actively struggled for their rights and laws have been promulgated protecting women in their homes, at the workplace, particularly in cases of sexual harassment, granting them rights to proceed against any form of gender discrimination  In the sixties and seventies women came out in street  burning bras as a symbolic gesture to demand equality.

They even demanded that when a man is unmarried he is called Mr and even after  marriage he is called  Mr whereas in case of females they are called Miss when unmarried and Mrs when married and this should change and so now in the west  a married woman has the right to call herself  Ms or Mrs as she so chooses.

There are some countries that have achieved a high example of gender equality for example  Finland where women have been accorded very high opportunities in public and professional life but at the same time they have a very weak record on violence against women.

Women or gender issues are multifarious and even in countries where the status of women is very high many issues need to be addressed the two major ones being sexual violence and spousal abuse.

Japan has made a lot of progress with its feminist movement which has resulted in the Gender Equality Bureau where women can have their grievances redressed

However, in the lesser developed countries of the world as in Asia and Africa, It is a harsh and very sad fact that despite this day and age gender equality is virtually non-existent.

In the Middle Eastern countries and the Subcontinent, women have  the far way to go even before it can be said that they have attained the same semblance of gender quality. Firstly it is a sad fact that cultural preference in this part of the world is for a male child even in China.

In India ,Pakistan and other parts of Asia the birth of a girl child is frowned upon as families prefer males to carry on family and where patriarchal culture is predominant. Cases of  female feticide are one of the highest in India where the female fetus is aborted.

Another very disturbing feature with regard to women is honor killings where women are brutally murdered for  what male members of the family say besmirching the honor and name of the family. In Pakistan, Vani (forcible marriage of young child brides to members of another clan or tribe to atone for the sins or crimes of a male member of her tribe),  Haq Bakhshish (Marriage to the Holy Quran, the holy book of Muslims simply to prevent female members to claim their share of property if they marry outside the family.

Lack of  education, abject poverty, slave bondage and a feudal mindset contribute to the miserable circumstances women find themselves in that part of the world.

Pakistan, where there is a growing female population and Benazir Bhutto, the Oxford and Harvard educated, was elected twice as Prime Minister very little could be achieved with regard to women’s issues and their mistreatment.

Although human rights groups, NGOs,  the United  Nations, women’s are doing their best to alleviate the sufferings of the women the situation is still abysmal.

Religious and social taboos, superstitions and sheer illiteracy are also factors that play a major role in the miserable plight of women especially in the rural areas in the sub-continent.

So what exactly can be done to create a culture of gender equality where it is needed to be addressed the most.

They say that education is the panacea for  all evils but unfortunately the underdeveloped countries have not given much importance and allocated only a minuscule portion of their annual budgets to education

Respect for women and their status in society must be ingrained into the minds of people. Women can not be treated as chattel or mere child breeding machines. Society must realize and believe in the famous saying  “If you educate a man you educate an individual, You educate a woman you educate a family”.

In all religions the status of women is equal to the man and religious scholars must play an active role in preaching this vital point to the population at large. The government must promulgate anti-honour killing laws, anti-discriminatory laws,  Child marriages, spousal abuse and other despicable practices.

In Africa the issue of  Female Genital Mutilation, a barbaric practice is very common where young women who reach puberty hair circumcised to prevent them having sex.

UNICEF has estimated that 200 million women have undergone this procedure up to 2016. It is being practiced in 27 countries in Africa, as well as in Indonesia, Iraqi Kurdistan and Yemen, with a rate of 80–98 percent within the 15–49 age group in Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Guinea, Mali, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Sudan.[3] The practice is also found elsewhere in Asia, the Middle East, and among communities from these areas around the world.

It is abhorrent and deeply rooted in gender inequality and attempts to control women’s sexuality and ideas about purity, modesty, and aesthetics. It is usually initiated and carried out by women, who see it as a source of honor, and who fear that failing to have their daughters and granddaughters cut will expose the girls to isolation.

FGM has been outlawed or restricted in most of the countries in which it occurs, but the laws are poorly enforced.

The United Nations has tried to prevent the practice with partial success.

In the west, females have risen to the top as in the case of Angela Merkel, the powerful chancellor of Germany. Theresa May has become the leader of the UK and it is quite likely that a woman will be elected to the most powerful office in the world. The president of the United States of America. Women are emancipated, liberal in their views and men treat them as equals a lesson leaders of the underdeveloped countries need to understand.

Thus, promoting gender equality is seen as an encouragement to greater economic prosperity and progress and in 2008,  Arabs countries were warned that denying  women equality would jeopardize their return as ranking leaders in commerce, learning, and culture if they continue to retain their culturally accepted attitudes towards the status of women.

A lot has to be done if we really wish to promote and cultivate a worldwide culture of gender equality but the sad and harsh reality is we have a very long distance to reach our destination.

The onus lies on every individual to respect  women, give them their due status in society and treat them with equality. We all must contribute our share to gender equality.

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How Yahoo’s Sale to Verizon is a Lesson Learned in Corporate World

The corporate world is like a vast ocean infested with killer sharks which devour smaller entities that take the plunge. It is the world where the cut-throat competition is so fierce that it is  survival of the fittest, dog eats dog,  all out war, no holds barred to get to the top.

It is a world of acquisitions and mergers, where the army of lawyers representing each side try to get the best deal  with their shrewd and cunning negotiation skills  before the final deal is penned not to forget their huge fees in the bargain.

Speaking of deals and takeovers, the most sensational  news  of the week, this week has been the buyout of  Yahoo  the Net giant by  Verizon wireless communications at a staggering price of 4.83 billion dollars.

Yahoo Inc, also known simply as Yahoo, is a treasure trove, the Fort Knox of  information technology with headquarters in Sunnyvale California. It is globally known for disseminating information through its web portal, search engine, Yahoo search and related services which include Yahoo mail, Yahoo news, Yahoo finance and other services and its social media website.

Yahoo is one of the most widely read news websites of the world extremely popular in the United States and with over 7 billion views per month, being the fourth most visited website globally, It is seen worldwide in 30 languages.

So the question arises, why has Yahoo shortchanged itself, once known as the king of Internet a $125 billion behemoth which in its time was as big as facebook and google are today.

Simply put, it is being said that Yahoo could not keep up with the times, despite being ahead  letting each wave technology in search , social and  mobile pass by. It could or rather did not adapt to the times.

Yahoo also has equity stakes in Alibaba in China and Yahoo Japan which it is retaining.

Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEO – TimelyBuzz

The current CEO of Yahoo is Marissa Mayer who tried her best to turn the company around and at present it is uncertain that the Verizon will retain or she will leave the company with an agreed severance pay of 50 million dollars.

The sale of the company was in the offing since quite some time and interested buyers included Warren Buffet,  the billionaire owner of WalMart and the Daily Mail but talks  were so prolonged that the deal fell through.

In  Febuarary, 2008, Bill Gates’s Microsoft  bid for a takeover of Yahoo at ten times, the current price that is 45  billion dollars was rejected by the company. How do fortunes fluctuate?

Yahoo Rise Fall Graph - TimelyBuzz
Yahoo Rise Fall Graph – TimelyBuzz

A 21-year history as an independent company comes to a close.  Yahoo will now be integrated with Verizon-owned AOL under Marni Walden, an executive vice president at the telecom company.

Mayer’s future in Yahoo is uncertain and her failure to energise and revitalize the company goes against her. There has been no comment from the company who will take charge once the deal is completed.

Although she has expressed her desire to continue with Yahoo, Mayer who joined as CEO four years ago is quite unlikely to be retained in the post and may be offered an alternate post.

AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong, has said that presently that he and Mayer were are focusing first on getting “the strategy right, and then the structure and the roles right.

Verizon has an eye on the future to become a global titan in  Digital Media. It is interested in buying Google and Facebook  in its future ventures.

Not confined to being mere sellers of  telephones and wireless services Verizon has set its sights on becoming a formidable media company.

Verizon will essentially end up being one of the largest portfolios of consumer brands in the world for digital.”

Verizon by acquiring Yahoo, are scaling up to be a major competitor in mobile media, according to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam. Their target is to focus on mobile content which will attract young phone addicted  consumers who can turn into long term customers. It seems that the digital wars are on with every major player in the market set to capture a large portion of the digital world.

Assuaging the fear of investors, McAdam specifically pointed to the popularity of Yahoo’s mobile services, including sports, finance, and email.

“We just made an exponential leap in capabilities here,” said McAdam. He noted that people are using their phones more than ever before (Verizon sees the same amount of traffic on its networks in an hour now as it did in a week a decade ago) and that the company has an opportunity to monetize that volume as much as possible.

Verizon’s transformation has been in the works for years, but its investments have ramped up heavily in the past two years.

Verizon bought  America Online AOL for 4.5 billion, the same year it launched its own mobile video service Go90. And earlier this year, Verizon partnered with Hearst to invest in video-driven and millennial-focused media companies, Complex Media and AwesomenessTV.

Although Verizon sees Yahoo (YHOO, Tech30) as a complement to these investments, this most recent acquisition may not deliver as much as Verizon hopes.

Mayer, like Armstrong, previously worked at Google (GOOG) before taking over the top spot at Yahoo in 2012. She invested heavily in improving Yahoo’s mobile products, expanding its audience through the acquisition of Tumblr and doubling down on premium media content. She brought in TV journalist Katie Couric as Yahoo’s “global anchor.”

Yahoo over its 21 year run of the digital market made some acquisitions 10 of which are as follows:

  • com

An Internet video streaming services which it bought for 5.7 billion dollars in 1999. (more than the buyout  worth of Yahoo in 2016).

  • Geo Cities

A website creating a company for 3.6 billion dollars in 1998. Search Engines Company for 1.63 billion in 2003.

  • Tumblr

Bought  in 2013 for 1.1 billion dollars

  • Right Media

Online advertising Company in 2007 for 680 million dollars.

  • Kelkoo

Paris-based company in 2004 for 579 million

  • Hotjobs

For 439 million dollars in 2002.

  • e-groups

In 200 for 432 million dollars

  • Zimbra

Software maker in 2007 for 350 million.

  • 10.Interclick          

Bought in 2011 for 270 million It develops software for advertisers to better target customers online.

These companies initially were highly profitable in the initial stages but with time and dwindling sales they were either closed or sold off.

Advertising is the core revenue generator and sadly Mayer despite her best efforts could not control the slide in revenue. However, shares of Yahoo have plummeted and investors are not happy which is not a good omen.

What about the employees at Yahoo and how have they taken to the buyout. At this point feelings are ambivalent. Yahoo brought  on some media stars on its team like Katie Couric, Joe Zee, and David Pogue to boost its sales.

The exodus has already started  and Bobbi Brown  The Editor-in-Chief of  Yahoo beauty has already left. The beauty entrepreneur and make-up artist joined the site as editor-in-chief in April 2014 but, in a shake-up of the company, she is now leaving her position.

Beauty’s senior beauty editor Joanna Douglass and several other staffers in the beauty division have also left.

One redeeming feature for Verizon from buying Yahoo is that it has become the owner of a prime real estate in Silicon Valley. One expert valued Yahoo’s Sunnyvale, Calif., campus at about $500 million.

When the deal closes, the New York telecom giant will become one of the largest office landlords in the nation’s technology hub thanks to the roughly 1 million-square-foot campus Yahoo owns in Sunnyvale, Calif. — a desirable position amid the current tech boom.

This is a virtual goldmine and its present land value is estimated to be upwards of 500miliion dollars.

The deal of the sale will not be finalized before Jan 2017, however, Verizon is optimistic that it will turn the company around.

Pros and cons will be weighed heavily and many yahoo employees will be shown the door or leave voluntarily.

As for Marissa Mayer, She will presently be part of the team under the new bosses but the market speculation is that things do not bode well for her too,

The future may be in digital technology but it is essential to evaluate, assess, analyse the risk factors when expanding one’s base, Yahoo it seems did not do its homework properly and rushed to frantically expand and become a leading player in the Industry.

Many experts are already of the opinion that Verizon’s latest acquisition will not deliver as expected as the market has become very very competitive.

When the ship sinks everyone jumps ship and it is left for  the Captain to sink or swim.

How the tall and mighty have fallen. Will Yahoo resurge back into the behemoth it once was or is this the death knell of the biggest digital player in the industry. Time alone will tell.


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How Robo-Advisors & Fintech Will Revolutionize Asset and Wealth Management Industry

In the movie The Terminator, there is a foreboding scenario that in the not too distant future machines will take over our lives and wreak havoc and destruction on the planet and the survival of the human race will depend on how man battles his own creation, super advanced computers controlling war machines to destroy humanity.

Digital Technology has advanced to such a level in the developed countries of the world that it is simply mind boggling. Communication has become so easy and information so accessible that it is possible to glean any information at the click of a key. From ordering a Pizza to planning a vacation with ticket bookings , hotel bookings, visa information , currency requirements or any other miscellaneous information .

People are traveling on autopilot cars powered by electric, trains, planes are being run on auto mode, space travel is becoming very popular and colonizing Mars is not only being contemplated but actually on the anvil.

Japan is already into a very highly advanced stage of Robot technology with Robots replacing humans at the restaurant, supermarkets, and shops.

Robots will very soon be used as domestic help and undertake all domestic chores from serving bed tea to cleaning the house and possible even tucking in the toddler. Robots are also used in hazardous scientific experiments or moving nuclear material or even deep sea exploration . The possibilities are endless. Miniature robot technology is being used by bomb disposable squads and police are using technology to detect hidden weapons etc.

China is fast becoming the industrial and economic powerhouse of the world and with it is launching an audacious drive to fill its factories with advanced manufacturing robots.

To retain its vast manufacturing base the Chinese government hopes to generate more productivity from robot controlled factories.

The country has already made huge investments in robot technology and the province of Guandong known as the heartland of Chinese manufacturing is investing a staggering and voluminous amount of 154 billion dollars.

The  founder of Foxconn, a company that employs vast armies of workers who make devices such as Apple’s iPhone has said that his company will install more than a million robots in the next few years which will replace human workers to a great extent making it cost effective and more productive.

Robots are designed what they are programmed to do and nothing less and in most cases. Their work is repetitive , precise  but they do not exhibit any intelligence. However, things are changing at a rapid pace and robots are now being endowed with artificial intelligence thanks to new techniques and algorithms enabling them to learn more quickly and effectively .

There are various methods for enabling robot learning, and some are already producing very promising results in research labs around the world. Using large simulated neural networks which has proved indispensable in teaching robots to understand the contents of images, video, and audio. Some companies now aim to use the approach to training robots how to see, grasp, and reason.

Research and development in robotics are expanding at a rapid pace and now robots are teaching other robots accelerating the learning process. The Internet is being used to teach robots which can easily be applied to industrial settings,

The question arises that will robots be confined to factories or homes for menial work or will be upgraded for greater use in offices particularly in the business world. Perhaps Fintech has the answer

Fintech or financial technology is an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial services more efficient . Fintech refers to new applications, processes, products or business models in the financial services industry. These solutions can be differentiated in at least five areas.

  • First, the banking or insurance sector are distinguished as potential business sectors. Solutions for the insurance industry are often more specifically named “InsurTech”.
  • Second, the solution with regards to their supported business processes such as financial information, payments, investments, financing, advisory and cross-process support. An example is mobile payment solutions.
  • Third, the targeted customer segment distinguishes between retail, private and corporate banking as well as life and non-life insurance. An example is a telematics-based insurance that calculates the fees based on customer behavior in the area of non-life insurance.
  • Fourth, the interaction form can either be business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) or consumer-to-consumer (C2C). An example is a social trading solution for C2C.
  • Fifth, the solutions vary with regard to their market position. Some, for example, provide complementary services such as personal finance management systems, others focus on competitive solutions such as e.g. peer-to-peer lending.

While they are not using Robots completely the technology being used is termed as Robo-advisors. The International financial market such as corporate banking, private banking and asset and wealth management is ready to be inundated and disrupted by Fintech and blockchain related technologies.

Robo-advisors will be taking over. But what exactly is a Robo-advisor?
A Robo-advisor is a service that uses highly specialized software to do the job of wealth managers or investment advisors – people who decide what type of investments you should be making and then tinker with those investments over time. Robo-advisors typically ask their client, the investor, a few questions to determine and assess risk factor.

Through the use of  proprietary algorithms, they spread your money in sound  investments, making adjustments as your situation and the market change. They typically collect around 1% less in fees than a professional investment advisor.

Robo-advisors charge lower fees Let’s say you’ve got a nice nest egg of $50,000. A professional investment advisor who charges a 1% fee for recommending a portfolio will charge you $500 every year, whether your portfolio goes up or down. Plus, his portfolio recommendations might include pricey mutual funds (another 2% gone!) and lots of stock trading, both of which can eat into returns.

Robo-advisors invest primarily in inexpensive Exchange Traded Fund ETFs and only charge 0.50%, cutting that $500 yearly fee in half. And if you invest larger amounts of money? That 0.50% advisor fee shrinks even more with robot-advisors.

Robo-advisors also often negotiate lower yearly management fees for ETFs and offer investors free trading; those savings alone can be enough to counteract the small management fees they charge. Plus, Robo-advisors rarely demand a minimum balance, which means just about anyone over 18 can invest.

Another advantage is the 24/7 accessibility and automation of Robo-advisors. Since the companies operate entirely online, you can sign up, deposit money, check your balance, withdraw money, etc., all without getting out of your pajamas.

Some Robo-advisors also perform automatic portfolio rebalances and tax-loss harvesting for free—both of which can be tedious and pricey with professional investment advisors.

It all depends on the Robo-advisor one uses . At Wealthsimple, e the following asset classes in our portfolios- stocks (Canadian, USA, Europe, and emerging markets), fixed income and real estate. It is believed  they represent the best long-term sources of growth, income, and stability for investors.

Despite the name, not all Robo-advisors offer real advice. And you won’t get any free pens or lollipops when you visit the office. Because there is no office. Or lollipops. At Wealthsimple, we believe that personal financial questions deserve professional personal answers. That’s why every client has access to a professional Portfolio Manager who can answer questions about your investments, your personal finance goals, or any other financial matter you’d like to discuss. We call this our Wealth Concierge, and if you invest larger amounts of money? That 0.50% advisor fee shrinks even more with Robo-advisors.

Robo-advisors also often negotiate lower yearly management fees for ETFs and offer investors free trading; those savings alone can be enough to counteract the small management fees they charge. Plus, Robo-advisors rarely demand a minimum balance, which means just about anyone over 18 can invest.

Another advantage is the 24/7 accessibility and automation of Robo-advisors. Since the companies operate entirely online, you can sign up, deposit money, check your balance, withdraw money, etc., all without getting out of your pajamas.

Some Robo-advisors also perform automatic portfolio rebalances and tax-loss harvesting for free—both of which can be tedious and pricey with professional investment advisors. Some companies are using cyborgs, half human and half  machine as Robo-advisor which sounds scary.

Although in the underdeveloped countries of the world it will take a lot of time to introduce such technology  the developed countries are already using such innovative technology which is transforming the very face of asset and wealth management. Robo-advisor is the In thing in the business and finance world.

As stated earlier the pace at which technology is advancing is mind boggling and soon machines will not serve us only tea in the morning but run all our personal affairs too.

It will be difficult for many to adapt to the newer technology but it is now a part and parcel of lives. Let us try to make the most of it.

From The Editors Technology

The Elon Musk Mission to Colonize Mars

The inspirational and eloquent maxim:

To boldly go where no man has gone before

from the world famous and highly acclaimed Television series ‘Star Trek of the sixties, the brainchild of visionary producer Gene Roddenberry which was later turned into full-length feature films, drew massive inspiration and fan following which seems to be rising to this very day.

The success of the Star Trek movies and series created a sensation so much so that fans of the movies formed their own group called ‘Ttrekkies’ and every year a Star Trek convention is held in the USA.

Space, referred to as the “last frontier’ with its inherent mysteries has always fascinated man and right from the early sixties with the advancement of technology there has been a Race for Space so to speak.

The Americans competed with the Russians and it was the vision of President John. F. Kennedy that The USA would put a man on the moon before the end of the sixties.
True to his prophecy, Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20th, 1969 and Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the surface of the moon with the famous chant ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ .

Space travel and exploration are exorbitantly expensive, so much as that in the early sixties and seventies, only The USA and the former Soviet Union were engaged in this field.

Over time other countries like India, China, The European Space agency all started sending rockets into space for weather data, communication and television satellites, Topography etc.

It is only after the turn of the millennium that the private sector has become involved in space travel and exploration for although the commercial benefits may be high the cost of launching a spaceship into deep space is absolutely staggering .

It takes vision, daring, creativity , an adventurous spirit and the boldness of rising to the challenge to venture into such celestial pursuits.Two people worthy of being singled out in the context of commercial space travel space need special mention here as both are visionaries with a dynamic and charismatic disposition, true leaders in their respective enterprises.

The first is Sir Richard Branson, CEO, and Chairman of the Virgin group of companies comprising 400 company with his latest venture Virgin Galactic. As the name suggests Virgin Galactic is a commercial enterprise opening up space travel to all those interested and able to pick the price tag. Although It has not kicked off yet, intrepid travelers have already started forming a beeline to book space for travel in the future.

However, a sad aspect of the Branson’s venture has been the fatal crash of one of its prototype the VSS Enterprise, a Virgin Galactic Scaled Composite Model 339 Spaceship Two experimental spaceflight test vehicle, which suffered a catastrophic in-flight breakup and crashed in the Mojave desert in California, USA.

Investigations revealed that it was an error of the copilot who unlocked the tail of the spacecraft in mid-flight causing the crash. The co-pilot Michael Alsbury died in the crash. This was a major setback for Branson as the accident cast a shadow of doubt on space tourism. However, the British entrepreneur has not lost heart and the project has not been aborted the space ship rebuilt with a savvy new design and innovative features are attracting large bookings.

The other dynamic and visionary entrepreneur can best be described as a genius and highly successful businessman who at the relatively young age of 45 has set up billion dollar companies, Tesla Motors and SpaceX, the first mass producing electric cars, the roadster, model S and model X and the other SpaceX, a spaceship company transporting in cargo payload. The man is Elon Musk, a South African born, Canadian. American for whom it so seems that the Sky is not even the limit.

He is the man who wears many hats, CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO of Tesla Motors, Co-founder and chairman of Solar city and two or three other companies. Musk has tremendous vision and is willing to rise to the challenge for his aim is to change humanity and the world. His goal comprises reducing global warming by producing and consumption of sustainable energy.

Furthermore, he believes in making life multi-planetary by establishing a human colony on the planet Mars. His Company Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, better known as Space X, based in Hawthorne, California , is an aerospace manufacturer and space transport services already exploring and experimenting with technologies to enable them to prepare for the colonization of Mars.

It has already developed the space vehicles Falcon I and Falcon 9 which are designed to be reusable. Its Dragon spacecraft has been used to supply cargo to the International Space Station (ISS). A manned version of Dragon is in development.

Musk believes that his program to colonize Mars will be possible in the next 9 years and his company will put the first man on Mars by 2025. The missions are sure to be hard, risky, dangerous, difficult according to Musk but he seems confident that in the in the pioneer spirit of the people they will get there.

Just as with the establishment of the English colonies, there are people who love that. They want to be the pioneers. Much like some of their ancestors, these brave men and women would embark on a perilous journey to a new world for the good of mankind, a journey with implied risk that suggest they may never return.

The first phases are to involve rovers and science experiments, not men and women. The equipment would be built by SpaceX (and others) and shuttled to the planet in anticipation of the pioneers’ arrival in 2025. The early flights are a proving ground, a way to better understand interplanetary navigation and allow the company to safely land its craft on Mars, before shuttling humans.

Essentially what we’re saying is we’re establishing a cargo route to Mars. It’s a regular cargo route. You can count on it. It’s going happen every 26 months. Like a train leaving the station. And if scientists around the world know that they can count on that, and it’s going to be inexpensive, relatively speaking compared to anything in the past, then they will plan accordingly and come up with a lot of great experiments.

In decades past, these missions would have fallen on NASA and congress, which makes it even more impressive that Musk and his privately-held company are leading the charge.The move is an audacious one by a company that lacks the resources of a government agency and is receiving only minimal support. NASA, for its part, has previously said it would provide technical — but not financial — support for Musk’s 2018 mission.

Whether it is an obsession or sheer inspiration Musk seems bent on proving himself. If things go according to plan, we should be able to — we should be able to — launch people in 2024, with the arrival in 2025,” Musk is believed to have said. This is indeed a grand plan for up to now we have just seen life in Mars in movies. If musk can pull it off and Mars can be really colonized in 30 to 40 years time his company will have done a great service to humanity as the Earth’s resources are drying up especially water and with burgeoning population in billions many will aspire to become Martians.

Musk has missed some self-imposed deadlines before. But he said that he intends to send SpaceX’s Dragon Version 2 spacecraft to Mars in 2018. SpaceX has entered into an agreement with NASA for a Dragon mission to Mars, set to take place as early as 2018. Known as “Red Dragon”, the variant of the Dragon 2 spacecraft will be launched by the Falcon Heavy rocket, ahead of a soft landing on the surface of Mars. The mission is also part of an agreement with NASA to gain further data on Mars landings.

Red Dragon was always seen as the first step towards that eventual goal. SpaceX’s announcement pointed to the completion of the main phase of an agreement with NASA, likely via a Space Act Agreement (SAA), to work together on a mission to Mars.

Elon Musk, has great plans for posterity and can rightly be called a great visionary and had visionaries and academics like Gene Rodenberry, Jules Verne, Einstein, Newton and many others been alive today they would have lauded Musk for his intrepid and entrepreneurial skills.

Elon Musk has the funds, the resources, and the manpower to realize his dreams and with the support of the US government, he has everything at his disposal to invade Mars and set up colonies of earthlings.

Musk has many more years to go and with his visionary thinking and foresight and with time who knows what greater achievements he will make. Godspeed to him.