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Top 5 Best Clubs In The World

Are you a party lover? Wondering about the coolest clubs where you can party until you drop. That’s why we are here! Those who like music, movement and emotions! Those who enjoy being energetic and feeling the taste of luxury! Those who prefer the hottest atmosphere.

These clubs have awesome parties, with some of the best DJs and the wildest crowds. Partying in one of them would be an incredible experience. Some nightclubs have even become tourist destinations themselves. However, there are a few clubs in the world that are truly a cut above the rest.

So get your dancing shoes and be prepared to party, because we are going on a ride to see the 5 best clubs in the world:

#1 Space Ibiza, Ibiza

Space Ibiza, Ibiza
Space Ibiza, Ibiza

Space, Ibiza, is officially the best club in the world! “Space” is famous for its unadulterated daytime clubbing featuring sets that last for hours, Capacity of 7000 people. Space comprises of five multi-genre clubbing zones – La Discoteca is the main room, Terraza is the beautiful steel & glass sunset terrace, Caja Roja is for intense underground music, El Salon lounge & Premier Etage are the VIP booths available on prior requests. If you are planning to visit Ibiza then save all your energy because you would be needing real stamina to party hard with the crazy folks in here.

#2 Green Valley, Camboriu, Brazil

Green Valley, Camboriu, Brazil
Green Valley, Camboriu, Brazil

Green Valley club, located in Cambouriu, Brazil. Gone are days when Brazil was famous for music genres like samba or bossa nova, today it has become a hotspot for the electronic music professionals like Armin, Fatboy Slim, Erick Morello. Hidden in the tropical hills of Santa Caterina, this giant party place has some explosive electronics through a hail of confetti and a lot of people eager to party the wild way. This open air nightclub has a capacity of 6000 guests and when the party begins you can be sure as hell that what you see then would be an insane scene to describe. Green Valley ain’t a club, it’s a mother freak’ jungle.

#3 Pacha Ibiza, Ibiza

 Pacha Ibiza, Ibiza
Pacha Ibiza, Ibiza

Ibiza is the most famous party place for all the crazy party animals around the world and “Pacha” is the most happening club in this party capital. DjMag claims that “it’s a brand synonymous with glamor and sun-kissed hedonism”. What is Pacha? Pacha is 5 different rooms, a huge dance floor, different music styles, best international DJs, brilliant shows and performances, and the most amazing cocktails. In the clubbing world and it’s the ideal spot to sweat and sway until noon the next day. This 3000 capacity club embodies five different multi-genre rooms to make sure that the music suits everyone’s palate. If you can afford, Pacha has a VIP area and even a Mediterranean/Japanese fusion restaurant to calm your hunger after pulling an all-nighter.

#4 Fabric, London

Fabric, London
Fabric, London

If electronic music was a realm, Fabric would have been the King. No other club in the world is at par with Fabric, its one of its last kind. The club has an underground dance music vision and is based in an old cavernous meat-packing factory in Farringdon, near central London. The fabric is the only club on Earth that hosts the craziest 30-hour disco session on Saturday nights, with different rooms to choose from, Fabric is one of the best and diverse places to party in and always experimenting with new artists. The club is very well known for their security, so be careful not to show up drunk at their party, or you will not get in!

#5 Zouk, Singapore

 Zouk, Singapore
Zouk, Singapore

Zouk is the oldest and most popular nightclub in Asia, It has been an icon in the global music industry and has undoubtedly pumped in some zeal and enthusiasm in Singapore’s nightlife. The club has been open since 1991 and is a complex made out of 4 clubs: Zouk, Phuture, Velvet Underground -Dance and Velvet Underground – Lounge and a wine bar. The innovative and progressive clubbing atmosphere at Zouk is an experience to die for. Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo of the Bloody Beetroots once told Complex that this Singapore club “has given me the richest cultural sensations ever. It’s a magical place—part of my extra-sensory experiences.”

From The Editors Politics

Clinton – Trump In Sensational First Debate

Well, Folks, the long awaited, sensation causing first Presidential Live T.V. Debate is done and over with no clear winner as such but many are already whispering that Hillary Clinton has made a foothold on the White House threshold.

Hillary Vs Trump
Hillary Vs Trump

The politician in Hillary Clinton came out best and with her diplomatic skills, she responded to the question calm, poise and with confidence.

As for Trump, he goofed and was caught off guard in 5 fact-finding checks when the moderator asked him a few questions.

Clinton, provoked the Donald goading him and Trump fell for it, getting angry and evading questions particularly relating to his taxes.

Trump chided Clinton saying she had left her campaign to prepare for the debate and Clinton responded saying that yes she had but not only for the debate but to become president of the United States of America.

There are six aspects of the debate that have to be reviewed to assess who was the clear winner.


Trump is the self-proclaimed counterpuncher, but it was Clinton whose restraint was on display: She waited for Trump to create an opening before she pounced.

She let moderator Lester Holt grill Trump about his refusal to release tax returns before delivering her own withering assessment of his insistence that a “routine audit” be completed first.

Trump: I’ll release taxes if Clinton releases emails.

It is a well know fact that Americans hate tax cheaters and evaders and Hillary really played int to the audience.

Hillary Clinton, Presidential Debate
Hillary Clinton, Presidential Debate

“Maybe he is not as rich as he says he is,” Clinton said. “Maybe he is not as charitable as he claims to be, Maybe he doesn’t want the American people to know that he has paid nothing in federal taxes.”

“There is something he is hiding,” she said.

Trump lost his cool — at a cost. He came close to admitting that he didn’t pay federal taxes, saying that “makes me smart” and that the money “would be squandered” anyway.

At another point, he insisted his refusal to pay contractors who’d done work for his businesses was smart.

Despite opportunities to do so, he never hit Clinton on the 2012 Benghazi attacks or Clinton Foundation donors’ access to the State Department, and he only briefly mentioned her use of a private email server. All three attacks — elevated by Trump himself at his rallies — are at the core of the GOP case that Clinton is untrustworthy.

Blue Collars Voters

Trump’s brightest spot came early in the debate, when spoke about Clinton’s 2012 praise of the Trans-Pacific Partnership as the “gold standard” of trade deals.

Clinton later retracted about the matter to which Trump said she did it because she knew that that is one debate she could not handle.

“You were totally in favor of it,” Trump said. “Then you heard what I was saying, how bad it is, and you said, ‘I can’t win that debate.”

Another strong point made by Trump was that he contended that Clinton had been in Washington for 30 years now and did not do anything for the American worker, a message that could resonate in manufacturing-heavy states like Ohio and Pennsylvania that are crucial to Trump’s electoral math.

Climate Change

In 2012 , Trump had implied that climate change was a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, which was brought up the moderator Lester Holt.

“Trump shot back: “I do not say that. I do not say that.”

He lied through his teeth as verified by fact finders. Similarly, Trump had endorsed the Iraq war which he denied again to be snubbed by the fact finders again.

He falsely blamed Clinton for birtherism. He said murder rates in New York City are climbing when they are on the decline. And he said Clinton had been fighting ISIS “her entire adult life.” Clinton was born in 1947; ISIS only formed in the mid-2000s.

“I hope the fact-checkers are turning up the volume,” Clinton said at one point.

Trump’s behavior racist

Trump said he knew he’d face questions about his five-year history of birtherism.

Yet he had no new answers to offer. When Holt asked why Trump decided to finally acknowledge that President Barack Obama was born in the US, Trump said it was because he wanted to change the topic.

Donald Trump: We have to bring back law and order.

Clinton attacked Trump on his racist behavior, pointing to the 1970s Justice Department lawsuits that Trump faced over accusations of racial discrimination in housing properties he owned.

“He has a long record of engaging in the racist behavior,” Clinton said. “And the birther lie was a very hurtful one.”

Gender issues

Trump has long polled better with men than women — and that gap could grow after Monday night’s debate. Despite interjections by Holt, Trump went after Clinton talking about her Stamina and when Clinton attacked Trump over his remarks about women, Trump proved her point by digging in against an old foe.

Donald Trump speaking at 1st Presidential debate
Donald Trump speaking at 1st Presidential debate

“Rosie O’Donnell, I said very tough things to her, and I think everybody would agree that she deserves it and nobody feels sorry for her,” Trump said.

He zealously defended himself but didn’t attack Clinton with the same gusto. And because of it, Clinton was able to easily move past potential problem areas.

Trump did bring up the e-mail server to which Clinton agreed it was a mistake an excuse not accepted by Trump saying it was deliberate.

Trump got his moment when he said he’d release his tax returns against his lawyers’ wishes, under one condition: “I will release them as soon as she releases her 33,000 emails.” To which the crowd cheered.


As has been predicted the month of October, the last before the elections on November 8 will see the ugliest, nastiest and mot vitriolic filled exchange of words although Clinton will not stoop to Trump;s level.

The next two debates are going to be tough. Clinton will take go on the offensive slamming and portray Trump as a racist and sexist who has referred to women as pigs, slobs and dogs.

It may be worthy to mention that in 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado of Venezuela, told The New York Times and “Inside Edition” this year that Trump repeatedly mocked her weight, calling her miss piggy.

After the debate, Trump went on the spin and credited himself for not taking a shot at Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs.

He told Fox News conservative host and Trump supporter, Sean Hannity, afterward that it seemed inappropriate with Bill and Chelsea Clinton in the front row but implied he might in the future.

Clinton has taken the lead and it only remains to be seen if she kept it. Two more grueling debates and November 8th may well see her past the post but will it happen remains to be seen.

What is the most surprising feature of this debate is that it was the most talked about event globally and the focus should have been on the two candidates? However, Lester Holt, the moderator finds himself in the limelight.

Top of Form

Donald Trump, started the following day with criticism of the veteran journalist as he was of the opinion that Hot was not impartial and favored Clinton. His hesitation to shake hands with Holt gave speculation and Social Media was set abuzz.

Trump added to suggestions he was unhappy with the moderator when he tweeted after the debate, slamming the choice of questions.

Confusion abounds with Trump as later he praised Holt for doing a good job and then told Fox news he (Holt) was unfair.”

Trump also his claimed his microphone was faulty and crackling and its volume was low.

Holt did, in fact, correct Donald Trump on his support for Iraq – telling him “the record shows otherwise” – but most media commentators felt he stayed out of the way for much of the debate.

The media did not approve of Holt’s handling of the debate. The biggest critique of Holt one could make ― and some did on social media ― was that he was too hands-off, “Holt was almost invisible,” said Fortune magazine.

But not everyone saw it that way. The New York Post thought “he didn’t know the meaning of impartial.”

And former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Republican, took issue with a policy which Holt pressured Trump on – one called stop-and-frisk.

“I think it’s outrageous that Lester Holt interfered in a legal discussion he knows nothing about on the side of Hillary Clinton, and I didn’t see him once interfere on the side of Donald Trump,” Giuliani said.

“He should be ashamed of himself,” he added and suggested Trump should think about the two other debates.

Lester Holt has an impressive career in the media despite the scathing attack on him mostly from the GOP camp.

His CV includes major network shows such as Dateline NBC, Today, and his current role as anchor of NBC Nightly News, which attracts millions of viewers every night.

That makes him a national celebrity, and well used to high-stakes TV.
Martha Raddatz at ABC News and Anderson Cooper from CNN will jointly moderate the next debate on 9 October, and can expect to have their records scrutinized by both campaigns.

Raddatz, ABC’s Global News Correspondent, and has almost 20 years of experience reporting on foreign policy, the Pentagon, and the White House.

Cooper, meanwhile, is a major news anchor at CNN, having fronted a number of mainstream news shows – including one bearing his own name – with over 20 years’ experience.