Are the E-mails Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare?

Has Trump made a comeback?

Are the E-mails Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare?

With just over a less than a week to go the Director of the FBI has opened a Pandora’s box and let it flow all the way to the Democratic camp unleashing a furor over the news that some new e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s private server which needs to be probed.

The Clinton campaign and democrats are incensed at Comey for raising unwarranted issues so close to the elections. The elections are a foregone conclusion according to the Hillary camp as they are saying the cake is baked.

Clinton has built up her campaign very meticulously, in an organized manner leaving Donald Trump trailing by 6 points and now when she is just about to clinch the presidency Comey comes calling with this startling revelation.

It was this same James Comey who earlier this year had informed and recommended to the Justice Department that the e-mails on her private server did not contain any classified material and did not warrant Justice to start criminal proceedings.

State Dept audit faults Hillary Clinton in emails |
State Dept audit faults Hillary Clinton in emails 

Now suddenly Comey has taken a somersault and made the disclosure that new e-mails have surfaced which has infuriated Democrats and Hillary supporters.

The question remains what motivated Comey to make this last minute disclosure, was he prodded or there is some sinister agenda but the fact is that Comey’s integrity as concurred by Obama himself is beyond reproach.

Many in the government including the Justice Department people are in agreement that Comey’s timing was not appropriate. The Clinton camp believes that her campaign has built a firewall and nothing can go wrong against but it seems that Comey and co have hacked through.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign further believes that she is cruising on auto pilot and nothing can go wrong and she can not be put off course. Donald Trump is on the other hand overjoyed and will do as much damage to Clinton’s credibility even at this stage.

Trump is thanking Comey to the stars and considers him a godsend but the question arises although he has got new cannon fodder will his slaves to the Clinton camp change his dwindling fortunes.

When Clinton first heard the news she was on board her campaign plane to Iowa and received with equanimity. She believes that she can do no wrong but this new disclosure is going against her as Trump is letting voter know that she can not be trusted

Trumps’ sex tape and accusations of harassment by many women have done a hell of a lot of damage to his campaign but now points are resurging for him and he is in a state of glee and elation.

 is Trump Actually Making a Comeback?
Is Trump Actually Making a Comeback?

There are now those undecided voters who have to decide which candidate deserves the White House. Clinton has a lot of celebrities on her side and has enlisted their help in the final weeks leading to election day.

High-profile celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Katy Perry and Jay-Z have added color and her campaign people are hopeful that these efforts will be crucial to driving up turnout on and before Election Day.

Clinton aides cite early voting statistics as proof that while the FBI news has drawn heavy scrutiny in recent days, it has not moved the core of her support.

Early voting data show that Hillary Clinton and democrats are leading as over 3.5 million people have already voted in Florida — making up nearly one-quarter of all registered voters in the state — with Democrats outpacing 2012 vote-by-mail numbers. Similarly, in Nevada, where nearly one-fourth of registered voters have already cast their ballot, Democrats are outpacing Republicans by nearly 30,000.

However, there are the swing states and Clinton aides say the core of their base, especially Hispanic voters, have already turned out to vote in high numbers, citing trends in Colorado, Nevada, and Florida. Some top advisers believe states with robust early voting and absentee balloting, like Nevada, could essentially be decided before election day.

However, it is the swing states like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Arizona which seem to be swayed by the Comey disclosure. Michigan is also up for grabs as it could go any one’s way. Clinton volunteers are knocking on doors and asking voter what they think about the Comey affair.

The Clinton camp is lashing out that Comey did not bother to comment on the alleged Russian meddling in the U.S election campaign while exposing Hillary Clinton about the e-mails. Many Democrats believe that it is blatant double standard on Comey’s part .

The world will know on the morning of Nov 9th, the morning after the election if Comey was Clinton’s undoing or his revelation only boosted her chances as Democrats rally around her. As for Trump, he is waiting in the shadows hoping against hope.

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