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Apple Teases with New Emojis – Will Unleash Full Range Later This Year

On Monday, Apple Inc celebrated World Emoji Day by teasing with 12 new Emojis – a part of a whole new range to be unleashed on texters later this year with updates for Apple’s iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

Most Emojis have been generally accepted while a couple may have been taken with a pinch of salt and one particular Emoji generating considerable interest – evident from the comments flooding the social media – yes, it is the puking Emoji – no prizes for guessing this one!

Let’s take a look at the responses some of these Emojis have attracted – starting with the Vomiting Emoji – but of course!

The initial decision on new Emojis comes under the ambit of the Unicode Consortium – “a non-profit corporation devoted to developing, maintaining, and promoting software internationalization standards and data.”

The consortium’s members include Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Adobe, IBM, Netflix, Microsoft, and Huawei.

While Unicode determines the characters and what they represent the members are at liberty to design according to their choice and operating systems.

Apple last updated its range of Emojis last year with 100 new Emojis such as female athletes, single-parent families, police officers, and a rainbow flag – to name a few.

It had to change one of its Emojis, though, under building pressure from a group called “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence” who launched a site named “Disarm the iPhone” to campaign against Apple’s gun Emoji. Apple may have had the last laugh by replacing the gun Emoji with another gun – this time a water pistol, but a gun nevertheless.

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