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Apple Park Ready to Open in April as Scheduled

Apple Campus 2, under construction since 2013 in Cupertino, California, will be called Apple Park and is ready for employees to begin the moving-in process in April this year, Apple announced today. Moving 12000 employees to the new campus is estimated to take around six months during which landscaping and construction work on some smaller buildings will continue.

The theater at the Apple Park, due to open later in the year, will be called the Steve Jobs Theatre in memory and honor of the late Steve Jobs who would have turned 62 on the 24th of this month.

Situated on top of a hill, the theater is one of the highest points in the campus with a view of the main building and the surrounding greenery. The entrance to the theater is 20 feet tall and is shaped like a cylinder, 165 feet in diameter, with a metallic carbon fiber roof.

“Steve’s vision for Apple stretched far beyond his time with us. He intended Apple Park to be the home of innovation for generations to come,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The workspaces and parklands are designed to inspire our team as well as benefit the environment. We’ve achieved the most energy-efficient building of its kind in the world and the campus will run entirely on renewable energy.”

In addition to the Steve Jobs theater, other amenities in the park will include a 100,000 square-foot fitness center for employees and a visitors’ center with an Apple store and cafe open to the public, plus two research and development facilities. The landscaping will include walking and running tracks for employees including an orchard, meadow, and pond.

Although, designed by the celebrated architect Lord Norman Foster, the building, in reality, is the brainchild of Steve Jobs who stayed on the project for almost two years until his death in 2011.

The design of the new buildings is circular in shape often referred to as the spaceship campus. Apple Park is spread over 176 acres of suburban land and is planned to accommodate 13000 employees in a single four-storied circular building.

“Steve was exhilarated, and inspired, by the California landscape, by its light and its expansiveness. It was his favorite setting for thought. Apple Park captures his spirit uncannily well,” said Laurene Powell Jobs. “He would have flourished, as the people of Apple surely will, on this luminously designed campus.”

Five million square feet of asphalt and concrete is being replaced by greenery and 9000 native trees that are drought-resistant. Apple Park will have the largest naturally ventilated buildings in the world and will be powered entirely by renewable energy having one of the largest on-site solar facilities in the world.

The campus is befitting for a company like Apple which was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976 with the purpose of manufacturing and selling personal computers. In 1977, it was incorporated as Apple Computer Inc. and changed to Apple Inc. in January 2007.

Apple’s vast range of hardware and software products over the years include the iPhone, iPad tablet, Mac PC, iPod portable media player, Apple smartwatch, and the Apple TV digital media player in addition to Mac OS, iOS, iTunes, the Safari web browser, iLife and iWork, iTunes Store, the iOS App Store, Apple Music, Mac App Store, and iCloud.

In terms of revenue, Apple is the world’s largest IT Company, also the largest by total assets and it is the second largest mobile manufacturer in the world earning it the distinction of being the first American company, in 2014, to be valued at over $700 billion.

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