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We create deep insights on trending topics & stories

Last updated on September 18th, 2016 at 11:04 am

About TimelyBuzz - Insights on Trending Stories


TimelyBuzz mission is to give valuable insights on the trending topics and digital stories that people care about. Stories that are relevant to people. In the end, It’s all about people.


Our vision is to create the biggest library of digital stories aimed at bringing avid readers from all around the world.

Our Story

TimelyBuzz is a news & digital media startup that provides the distinct perspective on the trending stories. Our writers produce long, meaningful content to the trending topics that people care about.

There are 1000’s of viral and trending sites out there. What is missing in most of the sites is the deep analysis of the stories. We believe each story must present an insight and meaning to the people who show the particular interest.

TimelyBuzz platform helps publishers and bloggers create stories on trending topics and viral posts in a variety of formats that are ideal for social media engagement and sharing.

We provide intuitive and easy to use publishing tools for digital storytelling. Publishers can create a variety of content on different categories in well-defined formats.


Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

Zulfiqar Ali Soomro
Zulfiqar A. is the Editor-in-Chief for TimelyBuzz. Currently based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, he is a software engineer by profession and loves to write about trending stories. His passion for machine learning and digital storytelling has led to forming TimelyBuzz. He believes technology can elevate digital media and storytelling.

Timelybuzz news reporter - Sania

Sania Soomro
Social Media Strategist
Sania Soomro is the Head of Digital Marketing at TimelyBuzz and looks after the social media strategy. She has been actively managing social media campaigns of celebrities and film stars.  Other than social media marketing, she creates trending content and digital stories.

Asif Ali Soomro - Head of Business Development

Asif Ali Soomro
Head of Business & Development (United States)
Asif is the head of business & development at TimelyBuzz and is looking after the United States region. He is currently enrolled in an MBA program in Virginia and has sound experience in marketing and sales. Previously served many international airlines including Pakistan International.