11 Of The Weirdest And Most Frequent Things Lost In Dubai Nightclub

11 Of The Weirdest And Most Frequent Things Lost In Dubai Nightclub

Everyone loses things on a good night out. From phones and laptops to bracelets and glass eyes, it is a strange world we live in and people lose some very strange things indeed. From the team that brought you the craziest things people say in nightclubs, Societe Dubai brings us a list of some of the weirdest and most frequent things lost in the club over the last 12 months.

Societe Dubai Nightclub
Societe Dubai Nightclub

Alcohol is a cruel mistress. It fuels great conversations, pointless arguments, and in some cases- elevated stupidity. You end up losing things that you should not lose. From walking sticks, monocles, and a single glass eyeball, people have lost anything from their most prized possessions to the weirdest things they own, inside a nightclub. The owner of Societe Dubai, Gary Holliday spills the beans on the top most bizarre things people have left behind at the club over the past 12 months.

#1 One glass eyeball – This one left us really flabbergasted. We found the single glass eyeball stuffed down the side of one of the sofas at Societe.

#2 One walking stick – We saw this guy coming in with his walking stick, but leave without it. Clearly, a night of cutting shapes to his favorite retro tunes loosened him up enough to walk home without it.

#3 One rather risqué corset – This was found in the middle of the night, stuck down the women’s toilet!

#4 One monocle – maybe this belonged to the guy who left his glass eye behind?

#5 16 pairs of shoes

#6 25 odd shoes – Plenty of “Cinderella’s” seem to leave behind a shoe and it begs the question, how are they walking home in only one stiletto?

#7 30 laptops!

#8 147 bags full of presents and gifts – We find small bags filled with chocolates, flowers, and more expensive items like bracelets and watches.

#9 230 mobile phones – From iPhone’s and galaxies to old school Nokia’s, we have had every kind of mobile phone that’s been left behind in the club.

#10 322 earrings – These earrings are never found in pairs, so we have ended up with this big bowl of odd earrings and no one ever seems to claim them!

#11 A whopping 541 credit cards!

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